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EP-168 | Inside Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) Indoc

Selection and indoctrination. Underwater Egress Training. Combat Diver Course. Advanced Paramedic Training. Airborne Training. Military Free Fall. Survival and Rescue. Rope Climbing. Pararescuemen (also known as PJs) are United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and Air Combat Command (ACC) operators tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments. The pipeline to become a PJ is long and arduous. The maroon beret worn by...


EP-167 | War is Hell: Facing an Ethical Dilemma in Combat

War is hell and those who've seen combat can attest to it. In every situation, a person must make the right decision. In this episode, a former CAG/Delta Force operator, Army Ranger Sniper, Air Force Special Operations Pararescueman (PJ), Cavalryman, and British Sapper share stories and talk about ethics in combat. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive; Tom Satterly is a former CAG/Delta Force CSM; Paul Martinez is a retired US Army Ranger...


EP-166 | From Sr. NCO Ranger Instructor to Officer

In this episode, Robert is joined by long time friend, Don Fox. Don is a former U.S. Army E-7/SFC Ranger Instructor who decided to become an officer. He takes us down a journey through his career as an enlisted and as an officer in 4th Ranger Training Brigade and his other units while sharing lessons and stories along the way. Don began his U.S. Army career as an enlisted Infantryman. He is a Panama, an OIF, and OEF combat veteran. After attending Airborne School and Ranger School as...


EP-165 | The Legacy of U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty - Benghazi

“Greg, Greg, we are under attack,” were the last words from Ambassador John Christopher Stevens to his deputy Greg Hicks over the phone from Benghazi office shortly after the attack began around 9:30 p.m. “If you don’t get here we are going to die,” the radio operator at the tactical operations center in Benghazi pronounced on the radio from the improvised consulate. Glen ”Bub” Doherty was part of the quick reaction force consisting of eight U.S. military or former military that left Tripoli...


EP-164 | Light The Fuse - The Journey of a U.S. Army Ranger

Vincent 'Rocco" Vargas is not your typical actor on set. That's because he is one of a new brand of heroes among soldiers, wounded warriors and veterans. He’s known for his gritty and humorous insider’s take on going to war, losing your buddies, survivor’s guilt and working to get it right once you’re out of uniform. A veteran of three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Regiment’s 2nd Battalion, based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, and current Army...


EP-163 | A USMC Combat Instructor - The Importance of Vision Intention

Aaron Guyett is a husband, father, Onnit Master Coach, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, and founder of Innovative Results (sold 2017), Battle Ropes Education, and Leaders of Leaders organizations. Aaron is a world-class trainer and coach with a wide array of skills that he brings to both mental and physical fitness. As a Battle Ropes Master Coach he teaches force through frequency for power, strength, and endurance to athletes and fellow-trainers of all levels. He delivers uncompromising results...


EP-162 | USN BUD/S Instructor - Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

In every day life, we excel more as we begin to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Rick Alexander is familiar with the uncomfortable and has spent much of his life living on the edge. He is a former BUD/S instructor training future USN SEALs, competed in Ultra Marathons, a Strongman and Crossfit competitor, and is an ultra-endurance athlete. In this episode he joins Robert and Scott to talk about living a content life in the uncomfortable and how you can learn from it. Topics Included...


EP-161 | Women in SOF - Part 2: Females in Ranger School & Ranger Regiment

Women have been serving alongside special operations units for nearly two decades. Several years ago the military allowed women the opportunity to join units and schools that were at one time only open to males. In this episode, we are joined by Jenny M. who graduated from Ranger School earlier this year (Apr 2018). Jenny is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and she discusses why she attended Ranger School and what she gained from it after graduating. Paul and Don join the show as...


EP-160 | Women in SOF - Part 1: First Female Completes Special Forces Assessment & Selection (SFAS)

For the first time, a female soldier has passed the U.S. Army's Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) course. This is one step of many ahead before completing the pipeline to becoming a Special Forces soldier, aka "Green Beret". In this first part of a two part series, we discuss women in Special Operations Forces (SOF) and specifically in the U.S. Army Special Forces. Mike Pritts and Andrea Goldstein join Robert on this episode. Mike is a former 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)...


EP-159 | That Others May Live – Air Force Pararescueman (PJ)

When an Airman needs saving, it’s the PJs duty to do everything they can to bring them home. As members of Air Force Special Operations, Pararescue (PJ) specialists rescue and recover downed aircrews from hostile or otherwise unreachable areas. These highly trained experts perform rescues in every type of terrain and partake in every part of the mission, from search and rescue, to combat support to providing emergency medical treatment, in order to ensure that every mission is a successful...


EP-158 | Warfighter Fitness & Endurance - Creating the Ultimate Warrior

The military strives to create the elite warrior. Excellent physical fitness, stamina, and endurance are at the foundation of building the ultimate fighting machine. In this episode we talk about some of what former U.S. Army Captain and Fitness Instructor Stephanie Lincoln has learned in how to create good health and fitness. Stephanie Walker is the founder and CEO of Fire Team Whiskey. She has been featured in NBC News, myfitnesspal, SparkPeople, BestLife, and Women Fitness Magazine. She...


EP-157 | Former British Special Forces Operator - The Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence

Tune in to this episode to hear a total badass operator who never lets anything stand in his way of his Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence. Dean Stott is a former British Special Forces Soldier who left the military after suffering a severe knee injury in a parachuting accident in 2011. He then established a distinguished career in the private security sector; he was renowned for his willing to take on any job, no matter how dangerous. However, in 2016 Dean was ready for a new project and...


EP-156 | Just Make A Damn Decision

Some leaders just can't seem to get out of their own way. Robert, Tom Satterly, and Scott Johnson talk about indecisive leadership. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive; Tom Satterly is a former CAG/Delta Force (The Unit) CSM/E9; Scott Johnson is a former Engineer/Sapper and EOD NCO with the British Army. Visit to become a patron of our podcast. Join our new closed Facebook Team Room at...


EP-155 | A Warfighters Guide To Managing Anger On The Homefront

Anger was a tool used in combat and it kept us alive, it was needed for survival. It's a natural response. How does a warfighter deal with it when at the homefront? Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive; Tom Satterly is a former CAG/Delta Force (The Unit) CSM/E9; Scott Johnson is a former Engineer/Sapper and EOD NCO with the British Army. Visit to become a patron of our podcast. Join our new closed...


EP-154 | Former CAG (Delta Force) Operator/18D

Jay is the COO of Fusion Tactical, but before that he separated from the U.S. Army as a Special Forces Senior Sergeant (18Z) and Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) with the elite Tier 1 Combat Applications Group (CAG), aka Delta Force, aka "The Unit". Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive; Erich Martin is an active duty Special Forces NCO. Visit to support our podcast. Join our new closed Facebook Team...


EP-153 | Lets Get Honest

Shooting the shit around being honest with ourselves. Cool guy/gal or not, we are just keeping it real in this episode. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive; Erich Martin is an active duty Special Forces NCO; Scott Johnson is a former British Army EOD/Sapper NCO. Visit to support our podcast. Join our new closed Facebook Team Room at Follow Mentors for Military:...


EP-152 | From USMC Recon to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Drone Contractor

The crew has some good laughs with our old friend Kristian Ritter. Kristian was originally on with us as a guest on EP-55 where he kept us laughing at his stories of how he joined the USMC and later became a member of Recon. In this episode he joins Robert, Tom Satterly, and Scott Johnson and he shares what he's been doing for the last 10 months leading intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan as a drone contractor. Buy Seastate coffee at...


EP-151 | Four Behaviors That Transform Ordinary People Into World-Class Leaders

If you are a new or mid-level leader that wants to know the secrets of how to be transformed and achieve your full potential, then this episode will provide you the tips to success. Elena Botelho is a senior partner at ghSMART and has supported first-time CEOs and CEO transitions for over 15 years, ranging from Fortune 50 to middle market companies across a wide range of industry sectors. In this episode Elena sits down with Robert Gowin and Scott Johnson to share scientific research and...


EP-150 | Former U.S. Army Delta Force Operator | The Greatest Failure is The Failure to Try

Tom Satterly is a highly decorated combat veteran, who along with his teammates, was portrayed in the Oscar Winning 2001 film: Black Hawk Down. Tom served in the Army 25 years, 20 in the US Military’s most elite Tier One unit, Delta Force, and has been involved in and led some of our nations most important campaigns. As a member of Delta Force, Tom has been deployed countless times, and led hundreds of missions. Beyond Tom's proven experience of leadership and critical decision making in...


EP-149 | When The Killer Man Comes - The story of a U.S. Army Ranger Sniper

SSG (RET) PAUL MARTINEZ spent seven years in Special Operations and was a Sniper assigned to the 3rd Ranger Battalion, where he fought alongside and was trained by "The Reaper" Nicholas Irving. He was the second-Place Finisher at the 2010 USASOC Sniper Competition, was deployed six times to Afghanistan, and has faced off against Chechen Snipers, Uzbek Militants, and Taliban insurgents. Martinez was the first Ranger to be selected as a liaison instructor to the Special Forces Sniper Course....