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EP-140 | What It Means to Be Here Now | George Briones III

You don't want to miss this episode that chalked full of awesomeness. George Briones III is a former USMC Recon Instructor, a current leader at SOFlete where the motto is "Die Living", and a frequent host on the Mentors for Military Podcast. In this episode he joins Robert and Scott J. and the team talks about ultra running and the mindset it takes to achieve success, the importance of living in the moment and being present, and what the saying "Be. Here. Now" means. Robert is a retired US...


EP-139 | A Green Beret Helps You Find Your True North

People often make excuses for why they have found the right group to connect with, or the right person in their life, or why their military transition wasn't successful. Chris Schmitt discusses the reasons why people struggle and identifies ways for you to connect. Chris Schmitt recently retired from 30 years of service as a United States Army Special Forces “Green Beret.” During the past three decades, Chris has gained extensive experience commanding, planning and executing special...


EP-138 | Becoming a Learning Leader | Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk runs the Leadership Advisory team at Brixey & Meyer. Ryan has been a student, teacher, and practitioner of leadership and performance excellence most of his life. First as a collegiate and professional quarterback, and now in the business world. He joined Robert Gowin and Scott Johnson and shares what he’s learned from his own experience as well as from interviewing more than 250 of the most thoughtful leaders in the world. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and...


EP-137 | You Control Your Destiny | Alejandra

You are the master of your own destiny. There are coaches and mentors who can help guide you toward developing a plan, but you must be the one who determines what you will do, the timing, and be responsible for the execution. Alejandra is an active duty Security Forces non-commissioned officer (NCO) with over seven years of service. On this episode she joins Robert, Erich Martin, and Scott Johnson to discuss this topic. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned...


EP-136 | Learn How to Recognize Stress and Identify Its Source

People deal with stress and life's difficulties in different ways. Coping skills are methods a person uses to deal with stressful situations. Obtaining and maintaining good coping skills does take practice. However utilizing these skills becomes easier over time. Most importantly, good coping skills make for good mental health wellness. In this episode Robert and Erich tackle the topic of how to recognize when someone close to you is dealing with a hard time and how to help them through...


EP-135 | A U.S. Army Ranger Conquers Naked and Afraid | Chance Davis

Listen to this episode and hear from a U.S. Army Ranger as he talks about teamwork, the importance of teams as Rangers, and how he is now using the traits and knowledge the earned from being an Army Ranger to help him in his current role in the private sector. Chance Davis is a former U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment medic with two deployments who shares how teamwork was critical to his role as an Army Ranger and in helping him conquer the popular television show "Naked and Afraid" where he...


EP-134 | Two is One, One is None | A Green Beret's Contingency Plan

EP-134: Erich Martin - Two is One, One is None Without a contingency plan, you may never reach the mission. Erich shares what he learned in Special Forces and the saying of "Two is One, One is None" to focus on contingencies in life, work, and in combat. You can apply those same steps to your everyday life. Erich Martin is a current Special Forces NCO (Green Beret) as an engineer. He often shares his knowledge via a video blog through his LinkedIn account. Robert is a retired US Army Armor...


EP-133 | You Gotta Know Yourself | From the Weapons Range To The Boardroom

Excellence and success are dependent upon the individuals willingness to put in the hard work to achieve it. A person has to know their strengths and their weaknesses before they can move forward. Even when on the firing range, every person has different ability levels and it's important that the right level of guidance is given before a person can make an improvement. Drew Estell is the owner of, and as a former Green Beret and current weapons instructor. He has said...


EP-132 | A Danish Army Medic Makes History | Sabina Hogh

Sabina Hogh accomplished something that no international female medic had done 53 years prior. Spend time with a Danish Army medic as Sabina shares her story firsthand of learning to speak English so that she could become the first international female to ever earn a U.S. Army award. She takes you inside the Danish Army and in the struggles of returning from a combat deployment. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive; Scott Johnson is a...


EP-131 | From Green Beret... to Wanting to Change the World | Bryan Myers

Bryan Myers talks about how he came into the U.S. Army under a Ranger contract and was recruited while at Airborne School to go to Special Forces Assessment Selection (SFAS). He boldly went to a promotion board in ranger panties and flip flops! After earning 5 Purple Hearts from serving many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan training the Iraqi Special Operations Forces, he now works toward changing the world. Visit to learn more about what Bryan is doing and to help....


EP-129 | Four Veterans - 2400 Miles With A Ruck | MOAR

Four veterans decided to pick up a ruck and hump from San Diego to Washington D.C.. Why? Listen in to find out. Donate and Learn more at the MOAR Foundation: Support them on their journey: MOAR Team: Paul "Anvil" O'Keefe JR "Goat" Conkright Victor "V" Vincelette Ralph "No-Show" Cook Discover what's going on at Mentors for Military (aka Mentors4mil). Join the movement. It's spreading to the UK, Australia, and the U.S....


What's Going on at Mentors for Military? | The Movement

Discover what's going on at Mentors for Military (aka Mentors4mil). Join the movement. It's spreading to the UK, Australia, and the U.S. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive and Scott Johnson is a former British Army EOD and SAPPER. Follow Mentors for Military: iTunes: SoundCloud: Instagram: Twitter:...


EP-128 | Making of a Night Stalker | 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment | David Burnett

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a member of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)? David Burnett is a former US Army Chinook Crew Chief that served with the 160th SOAR for four years with four combat deployments with them and one previous deployment with the 101st Airborne Division. Robert and Scott J. talk about his journey from the 101st Airborne Division to the 160th SOAR and the triumph and near tragedy of a special operations aviator. Robert is...


EP-128 | Pressure & Time | Former Navy SEALs Approach to Life | Eli Crane and Remi Adelake

Two former Navy SEALs talk about their approach to life and business. They know what it means to say "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday". Former frogman Remi Adelake returns as a guest host along with Robert, Mike Pritts, and Scott Johnson as we welcome Remi's former SEAL brother, Eli Crane of Bottle Breacher. Eli and his wife Jen were on Shark Tank and turned a $500,000 business into over $3.5 million today. He shares with you his secrets to success. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and...


EP-127 | WEEKLY SOUND OFF | How to Find Success

A new episode format that we'll call the WSO (Weekly Sound Off). Robert shares his own experience and tips on how to find your own personal success. If you enjoyed this episode, please let us know. We want to hear from you. Robert is a retired US Army Armor and Recruiter/Retention MSG turned Fortune 50 executive. He is the author of "Master the Transition", a book on how to have a successful military transition, and the host/founder of the Mentors for Military Podcast. Follow Mentors for...


EP-126 | Otis McGregor | Retired Green Beret | 7 Levels of Consciousness

It's not often that you get a personal one-on-one coaching opportunity with a former door kicker and resident badass. LTO’s founder, Otis McGregor, is a retired Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel who served over 25 years in the Army and Special Forces and went from tank driver to engineer to Green Beret. He has formed and led teams all over the world identifying opportunities, implementing plans and succeeding. In this episode, he joins Robert, Scott Kinder, Brian Cole, and Mike Pritts to...


EP-124 | Mark Ormrod | Royal Marines Commando | Triple Amputee | From Adversity Comes Opportunity

In the early hours of Christmas Eve 2007, Royal Marines Commando Mark Ormrod was out on a routine foot patrol in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan when he stepped on and triggered an Improvised Explosive Device. Thanks to the swift action of the men around him and the intervention of the Medical Emergency Response Team he was airlifted via helicopter to an emergency field hospital in a desperate attempt to try and save his life. An innovative and dangerous procedure carried out onboard a...


EP-123 | Boyd Renner, Former SEAL - DEVGRU | Bob Snee, Royal Marines | Everence.Life DNA

Boyd Renner is a USN retired CW04 with 28 years as a Navy SEAL and 23 of that was with NSWDG (aka DEVGRU). He was part of the second extraction team to search for Marcus Luttrell after the first attempt failed known as Operation Red Wings. Bob Snee is a former Royal Marine who spent 16 years on active duty before being medically separated. They join Robert, Mike Pritts, and Scott Johnson on this episode to talk about their service, the struggle of military transition, and their company -...


EP-122 | Applying Lessons Learned From Combat | Damian Jungermann | Navy EOD

Former Navy EOD tech and EOD instructor, Damian Jungermann back when he was in the fight. Damian joins Robert, Scott Kinder, Scott Johnson, and Kat Kaelin to talk about how to share the lessons learned from combat to help train and mentor others. Damian and the team share stories from several combat experiences. “I’ve rarely been in combat situations and seen what people would consider fail, everyone is trying to do their best. [Know that]...not every way of learning is the best way for...


EP-121 | Remi Adeleke | Former SEAL | Actor | Author

Remi Adeleke joined Robert, Brian, Scott Kinder, and Scott Johnson on this episode. He shared his journey from Nigeria to the Bronx, to the elite SEAL teams, and to the movie screen. His determination, never quit attitude, and his faith has helped him be successful. Remi’s passion is to share his story to others. “Work hard. I mean, Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If you grind. If you don’t quit. Life is hard. Life is very hard, you guys can all attest to that. But, you...