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Episode 45: Isaiah Thomas

Is it time to stop sub-categorizing Isaiah Thomas' performances? Did the Cincinnati Bengals make inexcusable mistakes early in the draft? Do the Chicago Bears have a quarterback issue? What's the move that can immediately fix the Clippers roster? Is Aaron Judge the next great New York Yankee?


Episode 44: 2017 NFL Draft

Moe addresses all Russell Westbrook fans after the Oklahoma City Thunder fall 4-1 to the Houston Rockets in the 2017 NBA Playoffs. What's next for Paul George? Which running back signing will have more impact? Adrian Peterson to the Minnesota Vikings or Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders? Mike and Moe tell you what to buy and sell out of the NFL draft rumor mill.


Episode 43: 2016-17 NBA Playoffs

Mike and Moe break down the first round of the NBA playoffs with their projected winners. Will we see a third sequel to the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors? What's the bottom line on the New York Knicks' disappointing season? How should the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets approach the draft?


Episode 42: MLB Winter Meetings

Should the Cleveland Browns pursue Jimmy Garoppolo? Does Earl Thomas' absence hurt the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl chances? Did the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees shift the balance of power in the American League with their acquisitions? Who's going to open the checkbook for Bryce Harper's potential hefty price tag? Will Carmelo Anthony leave the New York Knicks? Mike and Moe make their Week 14 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 41: The Oakland Raiders' Bandwagon

Can the Oakland Raiders beat the New England Patriots in a potential playoff matchup without Rob Gronkowski? What does the future hold for Jay Cutler and Darrelle Revis? How can the New York Knicks learn from Joakim Noah's contract? Is re-signing Yoenis Cespedes a good deal for the Mets? Are we one step closer to Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather? Mike and Moe make their Week 13 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 40: Goodbye, Tony Romo

What did Tony Romo really say in an announcement to reporters about his situation with the Dallas Cowboys? Who's the current favorite to win the NFC North? Moe has advice for Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller's sex tape extortion case. Kate Upton provides the blueprint on how to defend your significant other in sports. Mike and Moe give their NFL Week 11 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 39: Politics and Sports

How did prominent athletes and coaches react to the presidential election outcome? Was Richard Sherman's play smart or dirty? Could the Denver Broncos fall to the bottom of the AFC West? Could Phil Jackson's triangle offense sabotage the New York Knicks season? Mike and Moe make their NFL Week 10 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 38: Chicago Cubs

Mike and Moe give their takeaways on an extraordinary Game 7 of the MLB World Series. Did Bill Belichick make a mistake in trading linebacker Jamie Collins? Did Russell Wilson throw subtle shade at Cam Newton for his stance against illegal hits? Should Tom Coughlin return to Jacksonville? What should we expect from Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook Round 1? Mike and Moe make their NFL Week 9 game picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 37: 2016-17 NBA Season

What should we make of the post-Kobe Bryant era with the Los Angeles Lakers? Who's the odd man out with the Golden State Warriors? Is it too early to worry about the New York Knicks? What should we expect from Kyle Schwarber in the World Series? Where does Yoenis Cespedes sign in the offseason? Is Geno Smith finally done with the New York Jets? Mike and Moe make their NFL Week 8 picks.


Episode 36: Hypocrisy In the NFL

Mike and Moe go in-depth on the NFL and the New York Giants failure to properly handle Josh Brown's domestic violence case. What should we expect from Geno Smith's under center? Will the Pittsburgh Steelers collapse without Ben Roethlisberger? Will Brock Osweiler make the Denver Broncos regret not re-signing him? Who's more annoying LaMarcus Aldridge or Draymond Green? The hosts give their NFL Week 7 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 35: 2016 MLB Division Series

Is it finally time to jump off the Ryan Tannehill train? Will Colin Kaepernick revert to Super Bowl form as a starter under Chip Kelly? What's the price tag on Jimmy Garoppolo? What should we expect in the ALCS between the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians? What's Draymond Green's true role on the Golden State Warriors roster? Mike and Moe make their NFL Week 6 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 34: Odell Beckham Jr.

How can the New York Giants fix their Odell Beckham problem? Is it time for the New York Jets to start Geno Smith? Is it time for the San Diego Chargers to trade Philip Rivers? Should the Dallas Cowboys enact law and order to keep Dez Bryant in line for meetings? Are we expecting too much too soon from the New York Knicks? The hosts give their 2016 MLB playoff predictions and NFL Week 5 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 33: Jose Fernandez

Can anyone stop Ryan Tannehill's free-fall? Are the Houston Texans destined for failure without J.J. Watt? Will the Dallas Cowboys overcome more off-field distractions? Where will New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels coach in 2017? What's the next step for ex-LSU head coach Les Miles and Chris Bosh? The hosts pay homage to Jose Fernandez. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 32: NFL Locker Rooms Divided

Will offensive frustrations at wide receiver derail the Denver Broncos? Will criticisms aimed at Kirk Cousins fester into a full-scale mutiny within the Washington Redskins locker room? Is Adrian Peterson's injury too much for the Minnesota Vikings to overcome? Is it time to worry about Ezekiel Elliott's production? Will the New York Knicks win more than 38 games? Mike and Moe share their Week 3 NFL picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 31: Sports and Social Messages

Is it time for the Buffalo Bills to end the Ryan experiment? Will Robert Griffin's tenure with his second team end with a season-ending injury? Should we view Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins as a fraud? Why has dissension extended the Colin Kaepernick's cause more than unity? Who are the frontrunners for the American League and National League MVPs? Mike and Moe make their Week 2 picks. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 30: 2016 NFL Kickoff

Mike and Moe go through all the juicy storylines heading into the 2016 NFL Season. Which quarterback is in the best situation to succeed, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz or Trevor Siemian? Why is Hall of Famer Jerry Rice on the wrong side of the Colin Kaepernick commentary? What's the biggest game on the NCAA Football schedule this weekend? Who should you take in each in NFL Week 1 matchup? Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 29: 2016 NFL Preview

Mike and Moe address Colin Kaepernick's action, the reaction, and his underlying cause. Are the Dallas Cowboys doomed without Tony Romo? Will the Minnesota Vikings earn a playoff spot without Teddy Bridgewater? Should the Paxton Lynch era begin with the Denver Broncos? Should the NFL eradicate preseason games? The hosts make their Super Bowl 51 picks. How did the Mike vs. Moe vs. The World Fantasy League draft unfold? Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 28: Loyalty In Sports

Mike and Moe discuss the ongoing San Diego Chargers vs. Joey Bosa saga. Is John Elway fumbling the quarterback situation with the Denver Broncos? How can a collegiate athlete spot a catfish? Will Yoenis Cespedes remain loyal to the New York Mets? Should we worry about Dwight Gooden's life? Did Ryan Lochte get rewarded for bad publicity? Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson angling for the main event at Wrestlemania 33? Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 27: Team USA

Mike and Moe discuss the best moments of the Olympic games through two weeks. What's more impressive, an NBA Championship ring or a gold medal? What's the latest on the Ryan Lochte story? Is the NFL pushing too far with suspension threats for players in the Al Jazeera report? Is the dual-threat quarterback label for Deshaun Watson underserved? Robert Griffin III embarks on a fresh start in Cleveland. Stream Via Stitcher


Episode 26: 2016 Summer Olympics

Mike and Moe discuss Alex Rodriguez's not-so-farewell tour. Will Tim Tebow successfully transition from the NFL to MLB? Will the New York Mets reunite with Carlos Gomez? What's holding up Joey Bosa's contract negotiations with the San Diego Chargers? Is Michael Phelps the best U.S Olympian, ever? Are Carmelo Anthony's record-breaking Olympic statistics impressive? The hosts pay homage to ESPN personality, John Saunders. Download on iTunes