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Welcome to The Monetize Your Mindset Podcast where we talk about turning the things you are already doing into a stream of income whether you like doing those things are not. We ask these three questions: What do you like to do? What do you need to do? What are you already doing? Let's monetize it.

Welcome to The Monetize Your Mindset Podcast where we talk about turning the things you are already doing into a stream of income whether you like doing those things are not. We ask these three questions: What do you like to do? What do you need to do? What are you already doing? Let's monetize it.
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Welcome to The Monetize Your Mindset Podcast where we talk about turning the things you are already doing into a stream of income whether you like doing those things are not. We ask these three questions: What do you like to do? What do you need to do? What are you already doing? Let's monetize it.








MYM #21 Kris Barney - Dealing with Tragity and Stress during the Holidays through Service and Gratitude.

It is Christmas time and sometimes that can cause a little stress. Financial stress or maybe the stress of bad news or even tragic news while everyone is happy and joyful. How do you deal with that? On this episode of the Monetize Your Mindset podcast we talk with Kris Barney about some ideas that may help with exactly that, if implemented. And it doesn't have to be Christmas stress that this works on. I hope you enjoy this episode.


MYM #20 Tiffany Peterson - It is Thanksgiving! Time for Gratitude and Generosity!

Happy Thanksgiving! For Thanksgiving we will be talking with Tiffany Peterson about gratitude and the spirit of giving and how it can help us even during the rough times. The holiday season is meant for enjoying time with friends and family. Is that what we do or are the holidays filled with stress for what ever the reason. Tiffany gives ideas to help us deal with stress. Not just holiday stress but stress through out the year as well. Tiffany is one that practices what she preaches...


MYM #19 Julie MacNeil - The 50 Year Secret.

In this episode it sit down with Julie MacNeil, she is a Financial Planner, Speaker, Trainer and the Author of "The 50 Year Secret". Julie and I have been friends about four years now. We were actually writing our books at the same time. Her book has won a couple of awards and is in the running for American Book Fest - Best Book Award for Narrative Non-Fiction. She was already an amazing financial planner and It has been amazing to watch her turn into a great speaker and trainer. We talk...


MYM #18 Josh Brecheisen - Realize what is Most Important!

Josh works with athletes both in the career coaching and game ready coaching. He is great at what he does. Josh shares great business tips and life tips. Know what you value most! Realize what is most important. He talks mentors and advisory boards. Resumes and what it takes to get a job. Great info and I am excited to take the Gallup BP10 assessment to see where I stand! I will share my results and what I learn from the test on a future podcast.


MYM #17 Wesley Anderson - Major Success to Living in his Truck and Now Back on Top!

I first met Wesley in a Network Marking company that we were both a part of, we really connected because we both like dogs. We have been friends ever since. He was a huge success in the that company then he found himself living out of his truck. After his struggle he has managed he came out on top again. Wesley is a great friend and a great example of a Monetized Mindset.


MYM #16 Sam Knicherbocker - Legacy and Wealth

This is a fun and very informative podcast with Legacy and Wealth Strategist Samuel Knickerbocker from Fuel Your Legacy. We talk events, taxes, habits, retirement etc. Sam's want to help people avoid divorce, depression, anxiety, suicide and domestic violence that is caused by financial issues. Money helps you take care of issues and gives you time. Do you plan for life's issues that require money? What about those that require a decision, have you planned for them?


MYM #15 Sydney Jackson - Living Through theTragedy, Coming out on Top in Triumph!

This is my favorite interview thus far! Not to play favorites but Sydney's attitude and grit are just unbelievable. The tragedies that she has gone though and come out fighting and on top and she is only twenty five years old. I will let her tell her story but if you are looking to be inspired, learn coping skills and how to follow your dreams in the eyes of adversity, you will not want to miss this episode. You will definitely come out on the other a better person. I did! You will love...


MYM #14 Richard Smith Surround Yourself with People that are Smarter than You.

I interview Richard Smith he the CEO and Co-Founder of rNetwork. An up and coming Direct Sales company. We discuss the things he has learned about doing your own thing because that what he has done all of his life. He is always trying to think outside of the box. He shared his experiences and some great points to help you along your journey as an entrepreneur!


MYM #13 Carolyn Blosil - From Mom of Eight to Buying Real Estate!

Today Carolyn Blosil joins us and talks about why as a mom of eight she decided to get into real estate investing. She take us through the trials that she went through getting into what she thought was a man dominated game and how she got over those limiting beliefs. She tells us why it was important to her and her kids.


MYM #12 What I am all about?

In this episode I turn things around. My speech coach, editor and friend is interviewing my about what makes me Tic. Why I am the way I am, Why I do what I do and how it could help you. I share how my dad created an environment that Monetized My Mindset. Enjoy.


MYM #11 Clint Pulver - What do you do when plans derail?

In this episode I sat down with Clint Pulver! This young man is unbelievable! He is so talented in so many ways! He shared so much great information. He was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disorder that derailed his DREAMS - his plans of becoming a helicopter pilot, here what he did to change his direction - TWICE. One of his favorite quotations that helped change his life, "To live is the rarest things in the world, for most people exist and that all. ~ Oscar Wilde


MYM #10 How to battle Negative Self-Talk.

Today we discuss negative self-talk and how we can significantly reduce it or eliminate it all together. I know I have not mastered this to the point of total elimination but I do share some good ideas that have helped me reduce it significantly. Tune in and I hope you are able to get some great value.


MYM #9 Tiffany Barns - On her own with 3 jobs at age 15 Real Estate Millionaire by age 27!

Tiffany Barnes, what an amazing woman! Her story is of how she overcame her trials as a kid but ended up in triumph is inspiring! This episode is not just about that though. She talks about how she got started in real estate and where her bread and butter is today. She talks about about business and giving back. And receiving the hand off of the Olympic Torch in 2002 from Steve Young! If you have every thought about owning an AirBnB, this is the episode for you! She shares some great info....


MYM #8 David Hunter - The Epitome of a Side Hustlepreneur!

So excited for this episode. Today we talk with David Hunter. David started as a framer working for the man and then he decided that he could be the man and started his own development company. His story is the epitome of Side Hustlepreneurship. Now besides being a developer, he owns a movie production company and is working on projects with Will Smith, Jack Black and Will Ferrell just to name a few. His story is amazing and he shares lots of value for the would be Entrepreneur. Have a...


MYM #7 From Depression to The Queen of Manifesting Kelly Kaye Walker

On this podcast we sit down with "The Queen of Manifesting" Kelly Walker. We talk with her about how she overcame her bout with depression, started helping others reach their goals and now has monetized her mindset and turned her talents for helping people into a stream of income to help create financial security for her and her family


MYM #7 The Queen of Manifesting Kelly Kaye Walker

Today we sit down with The Queen of Manifesting Kelly Walker. We talk about how she was able to overcome her depression and then use that experience to help others. And now she has monetized her mindset and that gift has become a stream of income for her and her family!


MYM #6 Money isn't Everything?

Money isn't everything, unless you don't have any - or you don't have enough. In this podcast we discuss the power of money. At what point is there a diminishing return for happiness when it comes to the amount of money you make? What is residual and passive income. Why should you have multiple streams of income.


MYM #5 Caveman Theory of Motivation - Let your fears push you until your dreams pull you.

In this episode we discuss how to get motivated when you are just not motivated. I call it the Caveman Theory to Motivation. Some of our best motivations come when our backs are against the wall. But who wants to have their backs against the wall. Not me. If you wait until your backs are against the wall it might be too late. I share what I use to get me unstuck when I just don't feel motivated. Hope it helps!


MYM #4 JP Slamming Poetry to get through College

This kid is just amazing! I met JP when he was 16 years old and I was already so good at slam poetry. Then he just kept getting better! In his senior year in high school he earned over $3000 doing something he loves to do. In this podcast he performs three of his works. Stay tuned in and I know you won't be disappointed! Enjoy!


MYM #3 From sales to leadership speaker with Eric Aroka!

In this episode I talk with Eric Aroka. Eric is a leadership Speaker and a corporate trainer. Eric shares his story of going from a sales rep to the World of public speaking. We discuss the ups and downs and he share some of his key strategies that helped him through his transition.