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Listen in as popular parenting podcaster Abigail Wald coaches real mothers grappling with parenthood just like you, and walk away with simple yet profound #mindflips that will completely redefine how you see motherhood, and what you are capable of.

Listen in as popular parenting podcaster Abigail Wald coaches real mothers grappling with parenthood just like you, and walk away with simple yet profound #mindflips that will completely redefine how you see motherhood, and what you are capable of.


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Listen in as popular parenting podcaster Abigail Wald coaches real mothers grappling with parenthood just like you, and walk away with simple yet profound #mindflips that will completely redefine how you see motherhood, and what you are capable of.




Myth #3: Parenting is Personal, Not Political

In part 3 of the 4 Top Myths of Motherhood, we debunk Myth #3, that parenting is personal, not political. Abigail explains that parenting is indeed "doubly political" - not only is our parenting deeply affected by politics, but our parenting can also affect politics in turn. Together, we will look at some of the gender-based, economic, racial, cultural, and other ways politics affects parenting. And then we will shift our lens to look at the power we parents have in creating the world we...


Myth #2: It’s Our Job to Give Our Kids Consequences

In this episode, Abigail takes on the holy grail of parenting: the idea that kids need consequences and that we have to be the ones to give it to them. She shares with you the story of a daddy and some Sunday morning pancakes and through that, she introduces you to her concept of pre-work, which helps you turn the inevitable moments of discipline into connective moments of learning.


Myth #1: Does Having Rage Make Me a Bad Mom?

The first in a 4- part series examining the myths of motherhood. This week we’re looking at rage and what it means if we have it. So many of us good mothers (me included) have found ourselves in moments of explosion, shocked that we have a dark side to our love. In this episode, Abigail explores 3 core sources for this rage and shares how rage is actually a gift as long as we know how to use it. Listen in if you dare.


How to Take the Break You Deserve

Parenting can feel relentless, so we get used to over-riding our own needs. We think "who else is going to do it if I don't" but perhaps the better question is "if I don't take care of myself, who will?" I give you my "tap out strategy" so you can take the break you need even if you're single parenting. Because we both know you can't give to others (including your kiddos) if you don't give to yourself.


A MindFlip to Help Your Marriage

There's a sneaky little thing we often do to our partners that really sucks. We think it will help or make us feel better, but all it really does is create a divide. Listen in as Abigail reveals what this one thing is and what habit we can put in place instead.


Making the Best of a Covid-19 Mother's Day

While brunch at your favorite restaurant, or a day at the spa may not be in the cards for you this particular Mother's Day, you can take plenty of heart in the fact that one thing Covid-19 has not cancelled is motherhood. Turns out we are indeed among the most essential workers of all. So while your crew will most certainly pour some love on you, there are a few gifts ONLY YOU can give yourself. Listen in as Abigail shares a three-part framework on how you can do just that.


What to Do When Parenting Feels Hard and Lonely

Sometimes parenting can feel darn lonely. And that's hard, because the stakes are pretty high, and to feel all alone in it can be tough. So whether you are feeling overwhelmed because of single parenting, illness, trauma, unreconciled parenting styles, or any other reason, listen in and find strength as Abigail shares this MindFlip that can help you stem the tide of difficulty, and write a whole new story.


When Parents Don't Agree About How to Parent

Whether we are living with the person we co-parent with, or quarantining with them, or divorced from them, we still have to find a way to parent together in concert. Listen in as Abigail shares a #MindFlip that can help you align your values, even when it feels like you can't see eye to eye.


The Week Our World Fell Apart...And How We Put It Back Together.

Boy, oh boy. We mamas thought we were tired before (and guess what, we weren't wrong!). And now, in the blink of an eye we've gone from planning Spring Break to preparing Quarantine Snacks. But Even in the midst of all the chaos, we mamas still have power: the power to mind the darkness for the bits of gold, and to tell this story in the best we can for our families.


I Know They Hear Me, So When Will They Listen?

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to teach your kid something and have them actually learn it? Let's be honest, we parents think that the second we say it, our kids should do it. But how realistic is that timing? Listen in as Abigail helps you see that your kids may be learning a whole lot more than you think, even when it looks like they may not be listening.


Does Your Kid’s Bedtime Push You Over The Edge?

By nighttime, we parents are toast. Our kids, however, are just getting warmed up. This clash of rhythms often turns into a clash of wills, but what if our basic understanding of bedtime is what’s really causing the problem? Join Abigail for this week’s #MindFlip.


Get There On Time. With Kids.

If we had all the time in the world, and schedules didn't matter, parenting would be a lot easier. But baby wakes up at 6:30, school starts at 8:15, soccer is at 3:45, and bedtime is 7:30 sharp. How can we get our little ones working with us instead of against us? Listen in as Abigail continues her month long exploration on time and how it affects the parenting universe.


Can We Move Through This Already?

Tell the truth. Isn't there one thing that your kid is doing right now that drives you nuts? And you're pretty sure if you could move past this phase, then everything would be better. Guess what? It's a lie. Tune in to find out why.


Let’s Master This Motherhood Gig

Last week Abigail invited the podcast community to join her for a Q & A on everything from siblings to anxiety. This week she shares the recording of that call, along with an invitation to finally master this motherhood gig. Because none of us are about to get fired anytime soon...


Five Different Mamas Share How They TRANSFORMED Their Families

Abigail's mission is to help every mother reach her full potential and become the most powerful person she can be. Listen in as she shares the before and after stories of five mamas who joined her in the 2019 Transformation Team Project. These stories serve as an invitation to take YOUR first step towards transformation.


When Should I Give My Kid What They Want?

Char's got two teens and also a six year old. She'd like to make some different choices with her youngest child, but is finding herself in the same power struggles she has with her teens. Listen in as Abigail offers this mama a #MindFlip that will help her approach things differently.


Hey Siblings! Stop Fighting and Start Playing

Tamara knows that her boys love each other, so she can’t understand why they keep trying to hurt each other. Listen in as Abigail offers her a #boymamaexpansion that will help flip this rivalry into harmony.


What Does It Take to Be a Confident Mom?

Millie is looking for less doubt and more confidence in her parenting. Listen in as Abigail gives this mama the #mindflip she needs, to realize she already has what she's looking for.


How Can I Get My Kid To Make Better Apologies?

Anna has a beautiful, sensitive daughter who can't seem to apologize even when it might be called for. What’s up with that? Listen in as Abigail offers her a #MindFlip to better understand what might be standing in between her daughter and an apology.


Why Won't My Kid Just LISTEN TO ME!?

Jenny needs better cooperation from her daughter at bathtime, but she’s not getting it. Listen in, as Abigail offers this mama the #MindFlip she needs to be able to see the moment from a new perspective, making her 1000 times more likely to get the behavior she is looking for!