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Some parents have ducklings. This podcast is for those of you who have wolf pups instead.

Some parents have ducklings. This podcast is for those of you who have wolf pups instead.


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Some parents have ducklings. This podcast is for those of you who have wolf pups instead.




Before & After: Co-Creating with my 14-Year-Old Through his Teenage Years

This week I speak with my oldest son who is now almost fifteen. We explore his journey through teenagerhood: how he navigates his social anxiety, his love of video games, and also his strong will.


The Before & After Series: My 12-Year-Old on Learning to Manage Anger

This week I speak with my youngest son who is now twelve. We explore his journey through anger: how it used to control him, and how he learned to control IT instead.


The Before & After Series: From Overwhelm to Confidence

This week I speak with Prema, a mom who felt like her softer personality was no match for her eldest child's strong will. Together we talk about what it's like to raise these intense, highly-sensitive kids, and we explore what is possible for us as parents when we learn how to truly rise to the challenge.


The Before and After Series: From Anxiety to Ease, featuring Karen

This week Abigail speaks with Karen, a mom who was deeply worried about her son's lack of emotional regulation. She had tried everything she could but nothing was working. Her experience of parenting and his experience of childhood were both feeling heavy until luckily she found support in building her own personal way of parenting. Now her whole family feels light and easy - most of the time anyway!


From Walking on Eggshells to Floating on Air, featuring Jayne

This week Abigail speaks with Jayne, a mom who used to feel afraid of her daughter's big feelings until she learned the secret to defusing her little one's volatility. Today, there is nothing but what she calls a "torrent of love" between them. Listen in and learn more about how this transformation happened.


From Depletion to Abundance featuring Tara

This week Abigail speaks with Tara, a mother she interviewed back in Season 1, episode 2 of the Mother Flipping Awesome Podcast. The first episode was recorded at the very beginning of Tara's mentorship program with Abigail, and this one 18 months later, post-graduation. The time between them may be small, but the difference in Tara is immense. For any mother feeling overwhelmed and depleted, this episode will illuminate what it can look like to change the trajectory of your life and aim...


Mother to Mother to Mother with Guest Debra Page

This week Abigail speaks with lactation consultant Debra Page about the emotional wisdom we mothers pass down to each other through the generations. We also discuss the rather incredible fact that we can pass this gift of motherhood to one another even if we don't get it from our own moms. *Trigger warning* This episode contains some intense and personal details regarding medical issues and breastfeeding.


Meet Abigail's Husband on a Special Father’s Day episode with Guest Eric Wald

This week Abigail speaks with her very own husband, Eric Wald, and asks him what it has felt like for him to be the father of their kids all these years. Eric gets behind the mic for this tell-all episode that pulls back the curtain on what fatherhood is like at the Wald house!


Modern Manners for Moms & Dads with Guests Evie Granville and Sarah Davis

This week Abigail speaks with Dr. Sarah Davis and Evie Granville, M.Ed. of Modern Manners for Moms & Dads. We all share personal stories about some of the sticky social situations we have found ourselves in, and Sarah and Evie share the framework they've created for how we can better handle them next time!


What Martial Arts Can Do For Kids, with Guest Paul Monje

This week Abigail speaks with Master Paul Monje about the ways in which martial arts can help a child learn respect and resilience, uplevel their academics, and gain positive social skills. Whether you are looking to help your child prevent bullying, or make it to the Olympics, this is the episode for you.


We Aren't Only Raising Kids; We're Raising Adults Too with Guest Julie Lythcott-Haims

This week Abigail speaks with Julie Lythcott-Haims, about her latest book "Your Turn: How to Be an Adult." This funny, heartbreaking, and deeply inspirational talk between two new friends examines the skill-sets today's kids must learn in order to become tomorrow's thriving grown-ups. A must-listen, no matter how old you are!


On Dying to Be a Good Mother, with Guest Heather Chauvin

This week Abigail and leadership coach Heather Chauvin, author of “Dying to Be a Good Mother,” have a frank and personal discussion about the ways mothers sometimes don’t care for ourselves until it’s too late. We talk about why this deep-rooted problem needs to change, and how we can each personally begin to shift it.


On Respecting Our Babies, with Guest Junnifa Uzodike

This week Abigail speaks with Junnifa Uzodike about her new book with Simone Davies: "The Montessori Baby". We talk about the importance of learning to listen to and co-create with our children now while they are young, and how this helps lay the groundwork for them to listen to and co-create with US when they are older.


Building Back After Betrayal, with Guest Debi Silber

This week I speak with Dr. Debi Silber about why betrayal is different from other kinds of trauma, and how we can build our lives back after a betrayal has shaken our foundations. She also shares with us her own personal story of divorcing and later remarrying the same man, and how she and her kids made it through better than ever.


Chic & Sustainable Style with Guest Jen Mielke

This week I speak with Jen Mielke from all about clothing sustainability. Whether you're already fashion-forward, or you haven't updated your clothes since your babies spat up on them, listen in to learn how sustainable reuse and/or vintage style can help our planet and make you look chic while you're doing it. The earth and your pocket book will thank you.


A Rock Star Mom’s Guide to a Badass Life with Lindsay Manfredi

This week Abigail speaks with Lindsay Manfredi, a mom and a rock star, about how she transformed her difficult times and created her own "happy normal." She shares with us her life and parenting philosophy, as she lays it out in her new book "Unfuckwithable: A Guide to Inspired Badassery." Um, warning: this episode is EXPLICIT.


Does Homework HAVE to Be a Battle? with Kelsey Komorowski

This week Abigail speaks with Kelsey Komorowski of Komo Consulting about how we can finally put an end to the Parent/Child homework battles. The answer: get our kids in touch with their own thinking processes and their own goals, so they can stop "dreading to study" and start "loving to learn."


Teaching Our Kids Through Dares, with Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague

This week Abigail speaks with Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague about their new manual for young boys called The Book of Dares: 100 WAYS FOR BOYS TO BE KIND, BOLD, AND BRAVE. We discuss how they are using the playful idea of "dares" to help boys expand their worldview, develop deep respect toward girls and non-binary kids, and generally hold a healthier idea of manhood.


Joyful Rituals for a Clean Home

We've been in our homes more than ever this year. In this episode Abigail speaks with Becky Rapinchuk from Clean Mama about how we can use a simple ten minute habit to transform our homes into clean, organized, and comfortable spaces that inspire us more than they stress us.


Let's Uncomplicate Our Relationship to Money, with Merel Kriegsman

In this episode Abigail speaks with Merel Kriegsman, Women's Wealth Advocate and Business Mentor. We discuss what it is like to be mothers and CEOs of our businesses and our families. We talk about how we women can - and must - transform our relationship to wanting, and making money, in order to create the emotional and financial lineage we wish for our families. Listen in and learn how to make money a force for good in your life and hopefully in the lives of others as well.