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A window into the Standard MTG format. Join Brandon, Charla, and Kevin on a fun and insightful tour of what's new and what's next in Magic: the Gathering.

A window into the Standard MTG format. Join Brandon, Charla, and Kevin on a fun and insightful tour of what's new and what's next in Magic: the Gathering.
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A window into the Standard MTG format. Join Brandon, Charla, and Kevin on a fun and insightful tour of what's new and what's next in Magic: the Gathering.




8: 2020 Predictions, Resolutions, And Wishes

2019 is banned. Join Brandon, Charla, and Gabe to find out what the MP team wants to get out of the next twelve months of Magic: the Gathering—sure, what we WANT to happen and what we think WILL happen might be different, but we can dream, after all. Will we get something spicy for Standard in Theros, Ikoria, or Zendikar? What will the next Secret Lairs look like? Will the next Core Set have seventeen Teferi cards? Is 2020 the year we will finally see clearly (the pun needed to happen,...


7: So Shines A Control Player In A Weary World

[A note about this episode’s audio: No need to adjust your headphones, you’re hearing everything right. There was an unfortunate wobble in the base of our microphone that got out of hand at parts of this episode, but the conversation with our guest was quite excellent and we didn’t want to lose that (and miss our release window) doing a re-record. Hang in there with us, we’re looking to fix that for future episodes!] Ho, ho, ho! The gang is joined by a guest this week to talk about what a...


6: Brew-a-Bear Workshop: Eldraine Artifacts Edition

The Cat took home a Mythic Championship, and we’re over the Blood Moon about it. This week, we’re in a brewing mood and whipped up some decks that center around the underutilized legendary artifacts from Throne of Eldraine (no Cats or Fires allowed!). Then, just like scientists do with the subjects in any good experiment, we smacked them together to see which one didn’t break. Which is to say, we played them against each other, and we bet you won’t guess which artifact won! The MP crew also...


MP Minisode: How To Get Your Friends Into Magic: The Gathering

In this week’s special episode, Brandon and Charla discuss how to teach your friends to share your love of Magic: the Gathering! Listen for tips on what to do (get a welcome deck and watch YouTube tutorials!) and what not to do (play without sleeves or throw the literal printed book of MTG rules at them from the onset). So give this one a listen if you have friends or family who seem interested in MTG but are maybe a little daunted by it; or share this episode with them to check out, as we...


5: Teferi Walked So Oko Could Run

What has ten guilds, a bunch of cats being placed in ovens, and no more Elk? Standard, thanks to the recent round of bannings! Brandon, Charla, and Kevin discuss the ban’s implications on what feels like a Wild West of decks raring to take the mantle now that Simic Food has been abolished—but not before they eulogize Oko, Once Upon a Time, and Veil of Summer...and talk about Charla’s burial plans. Uh, this one got weird. In our Stories from the Left Field Bleachers segment, we talk about...


4: All's Well That Ends Elk

Kevin was prepping for MagicFest Richmond, so we had to talk about the 3/3 Elephant in the room. Er, the 3/3 Elk, really. We’re joined by special guest, Matt Baetzhold (@TrainMTG), in our inaugural “Standard for Haters” segment where we look at Standard in the context of what’s going on in other formats. Prepare yourself for lots of Elk puns. Come for the Cervidae jokes, stay for another round of Kevin’s Serious Magic: the Gathering Professional Corner of Mythic Advice, and a look at a fun...


MP Minisode: Live from the SCG Atlanta Standard Classic

Charla and Brandon take on the Standard format (or at least a small portion of it), competing in Star City's Standard Classic in Atlanta on October 27, 2019. Listen to their experience *as* it happened! Episode 4 coming soon! In the meantime enjoy this in-the-moment look at a tournament and like, subscribe, rate and share Mountain, Pass with others!


3: What's In A Ban?

Well, that was fast. Bye, Field. Brandon, Charla, and Kevin discuss the recent Standard ban’s implications on the format and what decks stand poised to benefit from the hydra-made-of-2/2 zombies deck that was Golos getting put on the bench. Also featured is a lightning round discussing if the bans didn’t go far enough; should Oko have been banned? Nissa? Teferi or Krasis? Ban everything, see if we care. Plus the introduction of our future Pulitzer-winning segment, Kevin’s Serious Magic: the...


2: When They Golos, We Go High

It’s Golos’s world, we’re just living in it. Join Brandon, Charla, and Kevin as they discuss how Golos decks have taken over the Standard metagame early in the Throne of Eldraine season, and what you can do to combat the tireless, faceless menace and his accompanying zombie hordes. Come for the Magic: the Gathering strategy and analysis, stay for the primer on early counterculture webcomics. Intro music: Day Trips by Ketsa Don’t forget to rate and subscribe to us wherever you enjoy MTG...


1: Insane In The Eldraine

Welcome to Mountain, Pass: your window into the Standard Magic: the Gathering Format! Join Brandon, Charla, and Kevin every other week as we discuss what’s new, exciting, and upcoming in Magic—just in time for your local FNM. We’re on the precipice of a bold new Standard format, so this week our hosts discuss what cards from Throne of Eldraine have them most excited, counting their lucky Broodstars and thanking their Fairy Guidemothers. Intro music: Day Trips by Ketsa Don’t forget to rate...