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M2M Episode 42- Your Top 5 Oncoming Apocalypse Playlist

After a week off, Amos, Ashwin, and Randolph regroup and talk about the Ocasio-Cortez win and the reason for the collective White People freakout fueling the inhuman ICE child separation policy. More importantly though: Is the Upcoming Apocalypse getting you Down? Amos has put together the playlist to get you through the long wait until our collective demise... 5) Radiohead: 2+2=5 4) Black Sabbath: War Pigs...


M2M Episode 41- Happy Birthday M2M!

It's been a whole year for the dudes of M2M! We celebrate by looking back at how good our predictions were, what we got wrong, and what remains to be seen! Plus: Ashwin does a little story time about the local gun club.... ****Editor's Note: Recorded on Sunday June 24 before all the news of the crazy week with Ocasio-Cortez winning, Germany being eliminated in the World Cup, and Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring... We'll get it another week. Enjoy! Email:


M2M Episode 40- Fallout Boys

The Fallout Boys (our new nickname) get together to talk about how we've temporarily avoided nuclear war. Then we figure out what WV will look like after nuclear Armageddon because the next Fallout Game is going to be based in West By God Virginia! We shamelessly plug our talents and our WV roots to improve the upcoming Fallout76 game. Bethesda, have your people contact our people! Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube:...


M2M Episode 39- M2M's Guide to Summer 2018 Movies

The M2M takes a look at what's coming out for movie audiences in Summer 2018. And guess what? It's just the same 'ol shit! Don't worry, we take the time to wax the philosophical about what it all means and how the country will go to shit. But make sure to tune in to hear what you can look forward to wasting $10 tickets on! Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


Why Do White People Gotta Keep Callin the Cops?

Three white dudes try to figure out what the fuck is wrong with white people and why they gotta keep callin' the cops. What the fuck is wrong with them? Oh it could be that the people they keep callin' on are a different race? In any case, there's only one thing worse in the world than a snitch: A racist snitch. White woman who has a problem with Black people grilling: Yale Woman Has a problem with black people sleeping:...


M2M Episode 37- Iran So Far Away and the Dems are JarJar

Amos, Ashwin, and Nasty geek out on some Star Wars. Be forewarned: voting for establishment Dems will only get you the Prequels and JarJar! We also talk about the looming disaster that is our upcoming war with Iran. Be forewarned: If Iraq was going to be bad, Iran will be worse for everyone. Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


M2M Epsiode 36- It's Primary Day!

It's Primary Day in West By God Virginia! Mountain2Mountain analyzes the WV Senate Race- the Marquee matchup on both the Democratic and Republican races. AND We make some bold predictions about who is going to win the nominations and who will win the senate seat from WV this Nov!


M2M Episode 35- Gotta Smear 'Em All

Progressives, like Friend of the Show Anoa Changa, are getting smeared as Russian stooges because of the neo-McCarthyism sweeping liberal media. EVEN NPR is getting in on the act. We also revisit the state of the teachers' strikes sweeping the nation! #55Strong is still going strong in CO and AZ this past week. We wonder- will it go international? Finally- we look at the prospects for success with the Korea denuclearization and peace. Who should get credit? M2M is divide on this issue!...


M2M Episode 34- A Syrias Conversation

M2M is back from a brief hiatus! We get into the mess that U.S. Syria policy is. Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


M2M Episode 33- 'How Democrats Can Wipe Out the GOP and Fix America'

This we examine an article by journalist Ryan Cooper from over at The Week. He says he has a plan to smack down the GOP and fix this damn country. We look at the how the fuck we're supposed to do that. Ryan Cooper's article: Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


M2M Episode 32- The Kids Are Alright w. Anoa Changa

We bring back Anoa for a second week! The future looks bright for progressives if these Parkland teens or Bernie's fans are any indication. Check in for part 2 of our conversation. Check it out! Twitter: @thewaywithanoa Podcast: YouTube: Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


M2M Episode 31- The Core Values To Organize Around w. Anoa Changa

M2M welcomes Anoa Changa, activist, writer, podcaster, and WV Mountaineer to talk about bridging the rural-urban political divide and finding the common issues that unite both communities. We take some time to chat a little about Georgia politics, too! It's a two-part interview, so make sure to tune in next week for the second part! Twitter: @thewaywithanoa Podcast: YouTube:


M2M Episode 30- NRA TV

Nasty shows up late, so Ashwin & Amos take in some high quality NRA TV. Dom Brasso making sure Gun manufacturers profit off Orlando night club shooting: Socilaist Tears Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


M2M Episode 29- Shitty Mao, Shitty Nixon

WV Teachers win and Mountain2Mountain takes some time to appreciate what the victory means for West Virginia. Randolph GOT Jim Justice's number so we give him a call! Finally, Donald Trump's announcement that he'll meet Kim Jong-Un is one step closer to M2M's prediction that he is going to get honey-dicked by Kim and his best bud. Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: @Mountain2Mtn YouTube: Mountain2MountainPodcast


Strike! Strike! Strike! w/ Heather Deluca-Nestor, WV Teacher

We bring on WV teacher and WVEA leader Heather Deluca-Nestor to talk about the ongoing strike in West Virginia, what it represents for the people of the state and the stakes for teachers. It's a great interview for anyone who cares about West Virginia or supporting change in this country. The #revolt is engaged! Teachers in West Virginia have inspired more strikes across the country- in Oklahoma or the Communication Workers of America in West Virginia and Virginia. All demanding better...


M2M Episode 27- #55Strong with Alex Wiederspiel Pt. 2

What Impact will #55Strong have on the future of politics in West Virginia? Will a progressive blue wave crash against the politics of West Virginia? With the governor's announcement that the teachers get their demanded pay-raise, the struggle will move on to the next stage. We get WV journalist, Alex Wiederspiel, to share his thoughts on the meaning of this historic moment in WV politics for Pt. 2 of our special edition of M2M to discuss what this moment in WV politics means for the state...


M2M Episode 26- From #Resist to #Revolt

#Resist is soooooooo 2017. It's passe! Ditch it, dudes! 2018 is the year of the #Revolt. Come. Let's get started. Look over at the Mountain State of West Virginia where a new generation of progressive change-makers are standing up. The teacher unions are edging towards a state-wide strike and bringing with the public employees and many other unions in solidarity. In Florida, we suffer another tragedy but the dangerous balance is upset when the students, the future of the country, start...


M2M Episode 25- Montani Semper Liberi w. Lissa Lucas

If you haven't heard about Lissa Lucas in the past couple of days, your head must be in a box. She is one of a growing number of smart, progressive candidates emerging in "Trump" country. But really, she just wants to garden and homebrew. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is, share her ideas for WV, and tell her story. Enjoy! Check out her video of her defiant "naming of names" of campaign contributors to WV Legislators: Follow Lissa and support her...


M2M Episode 23- Govt Shitdown

Well, the Democrats already caved... but we already worked so hard to rant and rave about the Government Shitdown. So tune in so you can laugh, cry, or make sweet love to our latest episode of Mountain2Mountain. We hope you enjoy! Email: Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: Mountain2Mountain The Dramatic Rise and Fall of Louise Mensch:


M2M Episode 22- 'The Three Evils of Society'

Hope you all had a great MLK Day! M2M is back with a vengeance. We slam Joe Biden's lack of Empathy for Millennials. We take a hard look at Oprah's chances to become the next president and why she shouldn't try... Best of all, we're breaking down one of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most radical speeches: 'The Three Evils of Society'. An awesome speech given late in his career at the National Conference for New Politics on Aug. 31, 1967. It's a moving and prophetic speech. Enjoy! Email:...