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Discussion based around an entrepreneurial mindset for musicians, band interviews, resources and more!

Discussion based around an entrepreneurial mindset for musicians, band interviews, resources and more!


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Discussion based around an entrepreneurial mindset for musicians, band interviews, resources and more!






Music On Your Own Terms 040 “Marbin”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 40 - Marbin For episode 40 I caught up with the incredible jazz-fusion band Marbin at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Texas before their show. We hear from Danny and Dani about the difficulty of being a fusion band in today's jazz climate, the importance of sacrifice in order not only to be the best musician you can, but also to work on building an audience through constant touring. We hear how the guys operate the business side of the band, an important...


Music On Your Own Terms 039 “Chase The Comet”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 39 - Chase The Comet Episode 39 features Nika Comet, one half of Chase The Comet, an LA-based rock/metal duo that made a brave jump to move from their home of Moscow, Russia, to follow the American dream of hustle and entrepreneurship to bring their music to the world. Nika talks us through growing up in a theatrical family, being in bands in high school, and working as session musicians. She tells us the challenges of finding band members with the same goals...


Music On Your Own Terms 038 “POEM”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 38 - POEM Kicking off February's interviews is Greek prog-metal band POEM. I talked to guitarist Laurence, and drummer Stavros, about their musical history, touring with Amorphis, and a special insight into what it's like to party on the bus with the band Textures. We dig into the state of the industry, explore the challenges of going on the road, and hear how the guys are able to make a living, while building the band to a viable financially stable position....


Music On Your Own Terms 037 “Chris "Peapod" Daher/On The Radar Podcast”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 37 - Chris "Peapod" Daher/On The Radar Podcast Joining me for episode 37 from darkest Toledo Ohio, is Chris "Peapod" Daher, a radio personality for 100.7 The Zone, who has a killer podcast called "On The Radar" that promotes musical acts coming through to and from the greater Midwest area. Our discussion meanders through his passion for music that pushes him to find out each musician's story much like my own, his journey from being bullied in school to...


Music On Your Own Terms 036 “Anna Wagenhauser/Chloe & The Steel Strings”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 36 - Anna Wagenhauser/Chloe & The Steel Strings Recently I connected with Anna on Instagram, but realized later that I had not only heard an interview with her, but actually referenced her opinion on social media in previous episodes of the podcast! During this chat, we dig into the history of the band she both manages, and performs in with her twin sister and the namesake of the group Chloe; what led them to follow music as a career; and her daytime job in...


Music On Your Own Terms 035 “Chris Birkett & Shari Tallon/The Free Spirits”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 35 - Chris Birkett & Shari Tallon/The Free Spirits Joining me this episode is award winning producer, guitarist and fellow Brit, Chris Birkett whose album credits have collectively sold over 100 million copies, including Sinead O'Conner's "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got" featuring the massive Prince cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U". Chris is joined by Shari Tallon, a pianist, flutist, composer, and music educator, who together with Chris form The Free...


Music On Your Own Terms 034 "Joe Leach/Riff City Guitar"

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 34 - Joe Leach/Riff City Guitar Right before the holiday I talked to Joe Leach, owner of Riff City Guitar, a Minnesota based guitar store that was the first US retailer to bring the Chapman guitars brand to America, and unfortunately has recently closed its doors. We discuss Joe's background in both sales and music; his journey in entrepreneurship and the different businesses he's been a part of and look at the the retail industry at large. We talk about how...


Music On Your Own Terms 033 "End Of Year Review/Goals"

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 33 – End Of Year Review/Goals For the last episode of the year, I review my stats, introduce myself and my background for new listeners, and I break down my goals for the coming year. Thanks for listening! Music in this episode by Killbot Zero --- This episode is sponsored by The Skinny Armadillo Print Company Specializing in screen printing, embroidery, design, on demand digital printing, web stores, fulfillment and more. Visit...


Music On Your Own Terms 032 "Bryan Beller"

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 32 - Bryan Beller I recently had the pleasure of talk with bassist Bryan Beller, who talks about his time working for SWR amps, where he learnt some valuable lessons in business management, and why he left after the company was sold to Fender. We also talk about various strategies of how to build a fulfilling career in music, how he overcame having his custom basses stolen, and we talk in depth about the creation process of his stellar new album "Scenes From...


Music On Your Own Terms 031 "Johanna Hagarty/JPH Creative"

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 31 - Johanna Hagarty/JPH Creative In one of the most lighthearted and fun, yet dichotomously deep and explorative interviews I have conducted, I talk to Johanna Hagarty of JPH Creative. She discusses her work as an artists' economic development consultant and coach; generating six figures in festival revenue that went to the local arts community in her home town of Asheville, North Carolina; her previous work as a mental health professional; living in New...


Music On Your Own Terms 030 “Diego Vargas”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 30 - Diego Vargas This episode I talk to Diego Vargas, a young guitarist from Southern California that has not only insane chops, but also a mature mindset about the modern music industry and also his developing musical identity. Diego Vargas on Facebook – Diego Vargas on Instagram – Diego Vargas on the web - Music in this episode by...


Music On Your Own Terms 029 “Cruel Miracle Part Deux”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 29 - Cruel Miracle Part Deux It's been a year and a half since I interviewed the guys in Cruel Miracle (episode 4), so I decided to catch up with them and find out what they have been up to, and what their plans are going forward. Cruel Miracle on Facebook – Cruel Miracle on Instagram – Cruel Miracle on the web - Music in this episode by Cruel...


Music On Your Own Terms 028 “Dirty Metal Lefty”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 28 - Dirty Metal Lefty After meeting at the CD Baby conference this August, I catch up with Dirty Metal Lefty on her way through Fort Worth at Thanksgiving. We discuss Doc's music, her influences, jamming with Alice in Chains, and get the lowdown on Whisky Rat. Dirty Metal Lefty on Facebook – Dirty Metal Lefty on Instagram – Dirty Metal Lefty on the web -...


Music On Your Own Terms 027 “Sean Seybold”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 27 - Sean Seybold In this installment, we delve into the esoteric with Sean Seybold, and audio/visual engineer, multi-instrumentalist and creator of the popular Dallas/Fort Worth Musician's Facebook group. We take a transcendental journey through Sean's history, his music, and some deep psychological explorations of the power of music on the human psyche. Sean Seybold on Facebook – Sean Seybold on Instagram –...


Music On Your Own Terms 026 “Mike Abdow - Fates Warning/Ray Alder”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 26 - Mike Abdow - Fates Warning/Ray Alder This episode I have pleasure of talking with Mike Abdow, touring guitarist for Fates Warning, songwriter/producer for Ray Alder solo, guitarist for Aquanett, and of course, Mike's own amazing solo material! We talk about what led to his love of music, how he got the Fates Warning gig, killer memorization strategies, touring tips, philosophy, and writing with Ray Alder. I also couldn't resist the urge to nerd out a...


Music On Your Own Terms 025 “White Collar Sideshow”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 25 - White Collar Sideshow Joining me for a chat from a Walmart parking lot is TD Benton (with wife Veronica cooking in the background!) of the husband and wife "shock n' roll" duo that is White Collar Sideshow! TD tells us about the history of the band, living on the road, dealing with mental health and a lot lot more. White Collar Sideshow on the web - White Collar Sideshow on Facebook –...


Music On Your Own Terms 024 “Ruthie Wilde”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 24 - Ruthie Wilde Please welcome cellist Ruthie Wilde to the podcast. Ruthie and I met in line, waiting to meet Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC after hearing his emotional presentation about his struggle with depression and suicidal ideations. We discovered we have a shared interest in psychological and physical limitations and benefits of being a musician. In this episode we talk about Ruthie's history in music, human development, teaching and more! Ruthie on...


Music On Your Own Terms 023 "Latoya Cooper, The Songstress!"

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 23 - Latoya Cooper, The Songstress! After meeting at the CD Baby DIY musician conference in Austin recently and hearing how great her voice is, I just had to get Latoya on the podcast. Not only is her music eclectic stylistically, which is right up my alley, but she just happens to run Music Meets the Boardroom, an organization that provides training for musicians and other creatives, helping them gain skills to manage the business side of their music career....


Music On Your Own Terms 022 "Mark Summerlin/Honeyjack"

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 22 - Mark Summerlin/Honeyjack In this episode I talk to Mark Summerlin from the amazing Arkansas based country/rock band Honeyjack. He shares his experiences growing up in a musical family, his time as Seal's musical director and touring with some of the Disney singers, along with balancing a music career with a successful real estate career and building both local communities simultaneously. Honeyjack on the web – Honeyjack on...


Music On Your Own Terms 021 “Cau Porta”

Music On Your Own Terms Episode 21 - Cau Porta This episode I talk to Giovanni and Valentina (Guitarist and Social Media Promoter respectively) from the Italian jazz/world beat group Cau Porta. We discuss the challenges of writing music remotely, the importance of keeping art central to your focus, and ways to promote a niche in today's crowded landscape of art and music. You also get not one but two amazing tracks to listen to from the band! Cau Porta on the web -...