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#070 - How Corrupt is Academic Psychology? (Dr. Tomasz Witkowski)

How corrupt is academic psychology? In today's episode Tomasz Witkowski joins me to discuss why the results of almost half of all psychological studies are false or misleading, why 7% of academics in the field admit to fabricating data, why psychology journals are unwilling to publish negative study results and the effect this has on subsequent research, why the increase in mental health professionals results in worsening mental health statistics, and ultimately why the field of...


#069 - A First-Rate Madness (Dr. Nassir Ghaemi)

Psychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Nassir Ghaemi joins us to explore the link between leadership and mental illness. We discuss the subject of Psychobiography and the methods involved in learning to understand the psychology of historical figures, we explore the link between manic depressive illness and leadership through examples such as Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, why mentally normal politicians make for good peacetime leaders but poor crisis leaders, and...


#068 - The Anxiety Epidemic (Prof. Graham Davey)

Anxiety expert Prof. Graham Davey joins us to discuss his forthcoming book "The Anxiety Epidemic". In this episode we discuss the difference between anxiety disorder and plain old worry, the evolutionary origins and advantages of anxiety, how the nature of our anxiety has changed across the generations, why anxiety tends to manifest in different ways in different people, common causes of anxiety in the modern world and whether or not there really is an anxiety epidemic, and of course some...


#067 - The Art of Madness (Mark Hunter, Lead Singer of Chimaira)

Musician and photographer Mark Hunter joins us to discuss his journey from a heavy metal fan to a heavy metal icon as lead singer of the heavy metal band Chimaira, his experience with a specific form of bipolar know as "hypomania", the relationship between art and mental illness, the power of music to both represent and relieve emotional distress, the evolution of Mark's artistic expression from music to photography, and whether of not creativity inspired by personal darkness is worth the...


#066 - Dealing With Death (Julia Samuel MBE)

Julia Samuel MBE joins us to discuss her work as a grief counsellor and how encountering death so frequently affects her own mental health, why death is such a taboo subject and the price we pay for this, whether it’s justified to classify prolonged grief as a mental illness, and we also explore some of the most and least helpful ways to deal with the death of a loved one. *** PATREON *** *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "Grief Works" by Julia Samuel...


#065 - Science and Snake Oil (Prof. Scott Lilienfeld)

World renowned psychological skeptic and evidence-based treatment advocate Scott Lilienfeld joins us to explore the topic of pseudoscience and misleading claims in the field of mental health. *** PATREON *** *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology" by Scott Lilienfeld (co-author) "Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience" by Scott Lilienfeld (co-author) "Facts and...


#064 - Understanding School Shooters (Dr. Peter Langman)

Dr. Peter Langman joins us to discuss myths and misconceptions about school shooters, some of the common traits, histories and motivations of the perpetrators, the influence of trauma and mental illness in shaping their personalities, and what can be done at the social and psychological level to prevent such incidents. *** PATREON *** *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "School Shooters: Understanding High School, College, and Adult Perpetrators" by Peter Langman...


#063 - Who Knew Shrinks Were Human Too? (Prof. Linda Gask)

Prof. Linda Gask shares her experience of walking the tightrope between both sides of the therapeutic process; as a practising psychiatrist helping clients through their darkest days whilst simultaneously engaged in a lifelong battle with her own recurrent bouts severe of depression. *** PATREON *** *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "The Other Side of Silence" by Linda Gask "A Short Introduction to Psychiatry" by Linda Gask...


#062 - Psychiatry's Very Own Delusion (Dr. Joanna Moncrieff)

Critical psychiatrist joins us to explore the history and development of psychiatric medication, why there is little, if any, evidence to support the idea that psychiatric medication is correcting a “chemical imbalance” or any other underlying cause of mental illness, why the disease-centred model of mental health issues is both misleading and disempowering to service users, and ultimately, why much of the “science” supporting psychiatric medication is based more on ideology than evidence....


#061 - Preventing Child Abuse (Juliet Grayson, StopSO)

In today’s episode we're joined by Juliet Grayson, the director of StopSO (Specialist Treatment Organisation for Perpetrators and Survivors of Sexual Offences) to discuss the causes and treatment of pedophilia. We explore the origins of sexual attraction to minors in adults, what causes a pedophile to move from a sexual attraction to minors to actually committing an offence, how and why we should change public perception towards non-offending pedophiles. We discuss the importance of...


#060 - The Curse of Existence (Prof. David Benatar)

Prof. David Benatar joins us to explore the concept of antinatalism, the philosophical idea that procreation is morally bad because of the inevitable suffering that beings will experience as a result of their being brought into existence. We examine David's assertion that "even the best lives, contrary to popular opinion, ultimately contain more bad than good", why the negative aspects of life tend to go unrecognized, whether the scale of immorality for bringing life into the world is...


#059 - The Day My Superhero Died

On the June 23rd 2018, my father, David Whittaker, passed away. He was my best friend, my idol, and it was an genuine honor to call him my father. This episode is just me sharing my experience of losing a parent, and some of the many confusing and conflicting thoughts and emotions it's conjured up. As well as being somewhat cathartic for me, I hope this episode manages to be of some use to you guys as well.


#058 - Antidepressants: A Debate (Prof. Carmine Pariante & Dr. Joanna Moncrieff)

The first in a brand new series of live YouTube debates with audience Q&A for the MOWE podcast. The topic up for debate today... Is antidepressant medication ever useful? Featuring two of the UK's most eminent psychiatrists, Dr. Joanna Moncrieff and Prof. Carmine Pariante, for the MOWE podcast! Submit your questions or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #PsychLiveQandA *** CREDITS *** Theme Music: Falling Down by Ryan Little Podcast Image:...


#057 - The Psychology of Rape (Dr. Anna Salter)

Clinical Psychologist and sexual predation expert Dr. Anna Salter joins us to explore the psychology of sexual assault from the perspective of both the victims and the perpetrators. What causes somebody become a sex offender? Are they born that way, or are they the products of culture? Do sex offenders share any characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd? How do perpetrators choose their victims? And is there any hope of redemption for these people? From the victims perspective...


#056 - Why Psychotherapy is Bullsh*t (Dr. William Epstein)

In today's episode Dr. William Epstein joins us to explain why he believes psychotherapy is not only ineffective and possibly even harmful, but why it is little more than a civil religion reflecting the principles of radical self-invention and self-reliance deeply embedded in the modern psyche. *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "The Illusion of Psychotherapy" by William Epstein "Psychotherapy as Religion" by William Epstein "The Denial of Death" by...


#055 - The Anatomy of Humor (Dr. Brian King)

Comedian and psychologist Dr. Brian King joins us to discuss the evolutionary origins of humor, whether being funny is a natural ability or a skill that anyone can learn, the mental and physical benefits of laughter, and why humor can be the perfect antidote to some of life's darkest moments. This episode has 22 minutes of bonus content available exclusively for subscribers: *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "The Laughing Cure" by Brian King: "A Field...


#054 - Ask Me Anything (3) Teaser

In this months AMA episode – available exclusive to subscribers – I cover the following topics as requested by my listeners: • I tell the story of my pathetic attempt to sell a screenplay in Hollywood. • How do I win back my wife of 9 years after being caught having an emotional affair? • Why is sleep so important to mental health and what is your sleep routine? • Any tips or techniques for getting started with meditation? • And I also have a crack at answering a bunch of “Truth or Dare”...


#053 - The Myth of Meaningless Depression (Johann Hari)

Johann Hari is a two-time New York Times best-selling author, award winning journalist, and one of the most viewed TED speakers of all time. In today's episode we discuss some of the topics raised in his most recent best-selling book, "Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions". *** BOOKS MENTIONED *** "Lost Connections" by Johann Hari "Chasing the Scream" by Johann Hari "Strangers to Ourselves"...


#052 - Going Apeshit: The Philosophy of Anger (Greg Sadler, PhD)

Greg Sadler is a philosopher, academic entrepreneur, founder of ReasonIO and editor of Stoicism Today. In today’s episode we explore the various causes and manifestations of anger, the difference between chronic and acute anger, and the relationship between anger and vengeance. We discuss why some people’s anger becomes directed inwards, towards the self, while other people’s anger is directed towards other people and the outside world, why anger can sometimes be a productive or even an...


#051- Interview with a Pedophile (Tom O'Carroll)

Tom O'Carroll is a self-confessed pedophile, pro-pedophilia advocate, and writer. In today's episode we delve in to Tom's early life, the experience of first realizing his sexual attraction to children, his failed attempts to lead a normal life, and his pro-pedophile advocacy efforts. We debate the nature of consent, whether or not adult-child sexual relationships are always harmful, if childhood sexual trauma is caused by the sexual acts themselves or subsequent societal judgement, and the...