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Episode 7 Neighborhood of Bernard Street

Killer Kilian saves the day, chases down a hit and run in his Eldorado cadillac...Playing baseball in playground with 16 inch clincher ball..The Candy store called the Hollywood bowl...The neighborhood barber shop. The thunderstorm that destroyed the side of gills drug store. Gills girlfriend...Magie rosen helps the girl hit by the car. Music: One fine day, sidewalk, solo acoustic guitar, rock top, wheels, All by Jason Shaw; Sweet dreams, by Scott Holmes; Kiss and tell breezy boss nova by...


Episode 6 The neighborhood of Bernard street

Episode 6: Gills drug store and soda fountain, talking about baseball and the game, meeting the players and kids shagging balls out in the field during batting practice the meaning of what big league baseball meant to people in the community and the beauty of a major league baseball park. the friendship of arty and Jas. colorful ground keepers. poetry and summer days at the baseball park as kids. Thanks for music coffe shop, photo album, and waiting all by David szesztay found at free...


Episode 5 The neighborhood of bernard street

The advent , the start of rock and roll and the formation of a band in 1957. how the music effected the teenagers of the time. the wholesale hardware store and how i found out rudi was a prisoner at a concentration camp. Dannys mom and how she helped us and was our biggest fan of the band. Thank you for the music Pure cane Sugar by John Paul Keith and the one four fives. you can find the music at


Episode 4; The neighborhood of Bernard Street

Arty and his family is introduced . the teachers in grammar school and what kids remember about there teachers. kids games in the school yard. Danny bringing his bullfrog to 2nd grade. Where does Arty belong. being new kid in schoolthank you for the music Hachiko (the faithful dog) by Kyoto Connection, Jupiter the blue by Gillicudy, Mountain sun, Landras Dream, South of the Border, One fine day , all these four songs by Jason Shaw; all the above songs can be found on


Episode 3 The neighborhood of Bernard Street

My brother invents games with destructive results in our home... using yard sticks as swords and football in the living room with disastrous results. Party line telephone. Our pantry kitchen, a real ice box. Mice in the house.being a latch key kid. My fathers store. Buses in the city. Father son time. Spooky basement . Traditions. Thanks for the music Jenny's Theme by Jason Shaw, Green Leaves by Jason Shaw, Solo acoustic by Jason Shaw and Welcome Home by David Szesztay all these songs can...


Episode 2 Neighborhood of Bernard Street

Mom takes a stance to drive a car. kids formed clubs with their own jackets, they were social clubs. The inside of our home was eclectic. with my moms taste. she assimilated to american life. life in the playground and the park. Fights and sports. freedom as kids in this era. you were able to get muddy and rode your bike anywhere. the first tv on the block. thanks to Davis Szesztay for Serinity, Take Care, Joy Full Meeting, Smiling Flowers and Welcome Home...Thanks to Jason Shaw for Oldie...


episode 1 Neighborhood of Bernard Street

stories of drama, comedy and tall tales told in narrative form, sound effets and music included in narration. The neighborhood on Bernard street; everyone knows everybody.The didn't just say hello they interacted with each other in their homes, . Everybody's doors were open They were a tight nit group and you didn't stray outside that zone of comfort and protection. If there was one tv on the block the door was open on sunday night with chairs lined up in the tv room for kids and adults to...