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Our goal is to create must listen content for fans of Professional, College, High School, and Youth Football.

Our goal is to create must listen content for fans of Professional, College, High School, and Youth Football.
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Our goal is to create must listen content for fans of Professional, College, High School, and Youth Football.






Ep. 007 - Nemo Squire - RB, Dillon High School, SC

With aspirations to excel both on and off the field, Nemo dedicates a lot of time and effort to being successful. You'll hear about how much work he puts in to prepare for games today and see how he is working hard to get both an academic and athletic scholarship after high school. The young man already has colleges looking at him and he doesn't graduate until 2022. He has high expectations for his Dillon HS Football Team in South Carolina, and we can see that he's a true leader by...


Ep. 006 - Zach Soskin - Voltage Management

Today we get to speak with Co-Founder of Voltage Management about his experience helping Athletes build their brands across different platforms and how he is helping them get more and more exposure. Listen in and find out more about Voltage Management and what types of athletes these guys are helping out. Why do these Instagram "influencers" have hundreds of thousands of followers but some of the athletes don't? And how do you go about getting these athletes to gain a higher following...


Ep. 005 - Joey Firestone - Beyond Your Limit Training Sports Drink

All athletes are aware of the different sports drinks available to you out there. Athletes across the world will drink them to help with hydration and recovery, but are those drinks doing what they "say they do?" Joey Firestone, the Founder and CEO of BYLT (Beyond Your Limit Training) Sports Drink will talk to us today about their product and how they are changing the sports hydration game! Trust me when I say this, their product is GOOD! Athletes who want real results will drink BYLT if...


Ep. 004 - Nykauni Tademy - Snoop's Special Stars

What an amazing program the Snoop's Special Stars is for our youth! It provides opportunities for the youth who happen to have special needs and it shows how amazing sports can be for so many people! Today we speak with Nykauni Tademy, who is the Business Coordinator and Special Needs Director for the Snoop's Special Stars and she'll educate us on the program. We'll learn of the program's origin, as well as hear of what they expect to happen with the program moving forward as it continues...


Ep. 003 - TJ Hart - Eat Yo Hart Out

TJ Hart has been in this game for just over three years at this point, but he's already a veteran when it comes to sports performance. Today you'll learn of his style of training which may be considered "unique" in regards to being different than the "traditional" styles of training for athletes! Find out why! He's worked with some big names "cough cough" RG3.... And he has others you'll get to hear of as well! It's an important episode for all athletes to hear! You DO NOT want to miss the...


Ep. 002 - Antonio Webb Jr. - Life Christian Academy

We kick off our first "recruit" interview with our discussion with Antonio Webb Jr. Antonio Webb Jr. talks with the Nation's Best Team today about his expectations for this season at Life Christian Academy. With his skillset of speed, explosiveness, and the fact he studies film and is a student of the game, there's no question why James Madison is grateful to have landed this young man! Listen in and get to know more about Antonio Webb Jr. and his journey. Hard work pays off, and this...


Ep. 001 - Leigh Steinberg - Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

Leigh Steinberg is a very popular individual in the Sports Agency world. For many years, Leigh helped professional athletes from all walks of life as they made their way through the professional sports world. Learn of his experience representing some of the biggest names in sports as well as what it was like to be the motivation for the movie "Jerry Maguire" For more information on Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, go here: For more information on...