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Have you ever had a goal that just seemed impossible? If so you've come to the right place. Welcome to Consistent Runner Girl's Notable Peeps. The series that gives attention to remarkable people who are putting on their shoes, doing their best, and believing in the impossible.

Have you ever had a goal that just seemed impossible? If so you've come to the right place. Welcome to Consistent Runner Girl's Notable Peeps. The series that gives attention to remarkable people who are putting on their shoes, doing their best, and believing in the impossible.
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Have you ever had a goal that just seemed impossible? If so you've come to the right place. Welcome to Consistent Runner Girl's Notable Peeps. The series that gives attention to remarkable people who are putting on their shoes, doing their best, and believing in the impossible.




(32) Jason Wasser: The Ultimate Empowerment

Jason barely graduated from High School with his 1.8 Grade Point Average. After high school, he spent two years in Isreal studying more about his Jewish faith around this time he discovered his passion for people. He later found his passion for counseling and earned his Masters Degree in Marital & Family Therapy. Push play...


(31) Abby Ward: Brian Injury Recovery

In a few days on July 6th it marks the two year anniversary of Abby Ward’s tragic 70 ft fall off a cliff. Abby was hiking Lisa Falls a trail that she had done many times before when she fell down the steep rocky cliff. The fall left her in a coma for six weeks...


(30) Kayla Vanaman: Just Paid Off $61,994 of Debt

Kayla and Gus from Greenville South Carolina just became debt free on June 1, 2018. They waited almost three years to see a zero balance on their statement. Their debt totaled to $61,994 which included over $37K of student loans, a car, hospital bills, credit card debt, and a little chunk that they owed the...


(29) Carol Matheson : 11 Kids, 52 Grandkids, and 48 Great-grand Kids.

Two little kids that sat by each other in Jr. Sunday school together now have a posterity of over 100 people. When Carol was three she met Bob Matheson and he told his dad he was going to marry that little girl. Years later they started going to church dances and hanging out after mutual....


(28) Nate & Angilyn Bagley: Creating Epic Love

Nate and Angilyn Bagley have a goal to inspire couples to not settle for mediocre love. Push play to hear more about this amazing couple. Creating Epic Love 1 % Club Your relationships are the average of the 5 couples you spend your time with. Join the club of couples who are not settling for...


(27) Kathy Headlee : Mothers Without Borders

Kathy Headlee is the CEO and Founder of Mothers Without Borders. This non profit focus on working with people in Zambia. Press play to hear Kathy talk about what poverty looks like in the world. I nominated Kathy as a notable peep for 2 major reasons. 1 – Because she is a truth...


(26) Hannah Darvas: Eating Disorder Recovery

Hannah Darvis is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and is in recovery for an eating disorder. She has personally experienced Bulimia for the past 9 years. For about five years nobody knew her struggle until one day she realized she needed to come clean or else the eating disorder would kill her. Even if...


(25) Alan & Milicent Matheson: 57 years of Marriage

Alan & Milicent Matheson have been married for almost six decades. Introduced to each other by Alan’s mother during their time as students at the University of Utah. Career opportunities later took them both to New York City and their courtship continued with fun dates exploring the city. During this time Alan was an Associate...


(24) Rachel Hendrickson: Making “Option B'” Look Great!

Rachel and I this summer were on a paddleboat and I asked the question to the group about their greatest accompishment. Rachel replied that her masters was her greatest accomplishement and then later she made the following statement. My proudest accomplishment is that I’m almost forty and I’m not bitter that I’m not married. Her...


(23) Dr. Rachel Smith: Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

Across the nation about 30 percent of Dentists are Women. In Utah, it is much lower and only 3 percent of Dentists.are Women. In this interview, Dr. Rachel Smith talks about her journey of becoming a dentist, how she handles life’s disappointments, and her advice for reaching impossible goals. Thank you to Alison Spencer for Nominating...


(22) Clint Pulver: A Single Moment

The definition of an anomaly is something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected. Clint Pulver has fully embraced a life of being an anomaly. He is an example fo not just dreaming about goals but putting them into action. His determination to not just exist but to live is shown in his...


(21) Jon Klemin: To Swipe or not to Swipe

The great question that confronts most singles nationwide is to Swipe, or not to Swipe. Dating has changed dramatically in the past five years and now instead of getting dressed up to find a date at a social event, all you have to is pull out your phone and swipe left or right. If you...


(20) Katie Gleed: Crushing On History

Katie Gleed teaches her 7th and 8th graders about her crush on Layfette (Marquis de) and how cool Freddie D (Fredrick Douglas) is as they read his narrative. With history, she is able to teach her students about self-esteem, leadership, and how they can own their mistakes. Katie’s passion for education is what motivated her to...


(19) Tori Miller Duckworth: Trusting God and Pressing Forward

The summer of 2009 I had the opportunity to spend every hour of every day with Tori Miller (Duckworth). We both were serving as Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in a small city called Kirtland located outside of Cleveland Ohio. Spending that much time with a person you really get to...


(18) Hope Herriot : Life after loosing 160 lbs

Have you ever felt proud of yourself for eating a whole pizza? And at the same time been disgusted with yourself because you just ate a WHOLE pizza? When Hope Harriot started her weight loss journey she felt like she was losing her best friend, food. Even though she was loosing a friend she knew she...


(17) Chris & Son Nguyen: Quest for Freedom

Have you ever wondered what happened in Vietnam after the Communist Government took over? For Son Nguyen, his families life changed drastically. Because of his father’s service fighting with the United States against the Communist, his family was punished. They were made to relocate from the city to economic zones in the jungle. His family didn’t...


(16) Liesl Limburg : How to get your Bachelors in 3,165 days

If you’re in school right now wondering how you are going to pay tuition, pull the grades, and find the perfect internship, then this episode is for you. It took Liesl Limburg 8 years to get her bachelors. At first, she tried to work full time and take a full course load to speed up her...


(15) Nate and Natalie Sato: No longer “Just Friends”

Nate and Natalie Sato first met ten years ago at Lake Powell. They instantly friend zoned each other because he was too short and she was too high maintenance. The Sato’s are both so genuine and they have such fun personalities. I seriously laughed so hard during this interview. One of the reasons I love...


(14) Dele Opeifa : Beatboxing & BHAG-Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Dele makes up the percussions with his beatboxing skills for the Acapella group ReVoiced. The group consists of five guys who left their day jobs to pursue their passion in music. Check out this video to see ReVoiced on stage. In this interview, Dele talks about the pros and cons of working on the road. How he...


(13) Real Talk: Miranda Interviewing Steph about Mr. Sweettalker

This is an interview that I have been hesitant to post because it’s my story. My dear friend Miranda is interviewing me about my experience of getting financially involved with an ex-boyfriend. This is a period of my life that I don’t talk about very often because I feel so naive and embarrassed. But I...