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Creating a healthy workforce

A healthy workplace contributes to a happier, safer and more productive workforce. The team at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences applies research discoveries to the workplace to contribute to human safety, health and wellbeing. Guests include: Steven Shea – Director Helen Schuckers – Intervention Dissemination Specialist, Research Associate Anjali Rameshbabu – Center Manager, Research Associate Sam Greenspan - Research Assistant 2


Reflections from OHSU presidents past and present

It’s been a month since Danny Jacobs started as OHSU’s fifth president. Dr. Jacobs and former President Joe Robertson discuss the transition, the challenges facing academic health centers, leadership and the importance of philanthropy. Guests include: Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., president Joe Robertson, M.D., MBA, former president


Advocacy through partnership and integration

The OHSU Partnership Project is a collaborative program, from providing access to medical services – to raising awareness – is an important resource for people living with HIV or AIDS, and to people in the transgender community. You can support the program by taking part in AIDS Walk, which takes place on Saturday, September 8, 2018, in Portland’s Pearl District. Guests include: Julia Lager-Mesulam, Director, OHSU Partnership Project


Sustainable sustainability

Scientific evidence shows, humans are affecting global climate change. Warmer summer temperatures and an increase in wildfires are evident right here in the Pacific NW. Climate change is posing risk to environmental health and serious problems for human health. Steering environmental changes is everyone’s responsibility. Guests include: Dana Bjarnason– Vice President/CNO-Healthcare Valerie Garrett – Project Manager, Design and Construction Corie Schofield – Doernbecher Children's Hospital...


Avoiding avoidable days

Every day, at least 10 to 15 patients at OHSU are well enough to discharge but some sort of delay is keeping them in the hospital. These “avoidable days” keep other patients from accessing the services that only OHSU can provide – and add millions of dollars per year to the already-high cost of health care. Guests include: Jennifer Mensik Division Director, Care Management


A new way to ride

A number of new commuting options were introduced earlier this year to help more OHSU members find alternative ways to get to work. Carpooling was identified as a program that could expanded, and Scoop carpooling launched at OHSU in May. Now, more than 100 people ride or drive with Scoop every weekday, and that number continues to grow. Guests include: Ai Thi Sprinkle – Pharmacist and frequent Scoop user Jenny Cadigan – Transportation Program Manager Michelle Gaylord – Transportation and...


Jessica Jordan goes to Washington

Sixty percent of Americans say the next generation will be worse off than their own, and parents are struggling to find time and provide resources to help their families thrive. What could an ideal future look like – one where decisions and policies fully support early childhood care, education, and wellbeing? Guests include: Jessica Jordan, pediatric nurse at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital


Collaborative research

Increasing the speed and efficiency of research is a win for researchers and benefits overall human health. Open Science allows researchers to build on others’ work in a collaborative and transparent use of data. Guests include: Robin Champieux Research Engagement & Open Science Librarian


Engagement results drive improvements

More than 10,000 employees let their voices be heard in the 2018 Employee Survey. Now, work has begun to share the results and make improvements like increasing leader rounding and focused support. Guests include: Benjy Howe - Director, Learning and Organizational Development Troy Schmit - Director, Quality and Safety Management


Promoting Innovation

In 2017, OHSU’s Technology Transfer and Business Development office supported 151 new innovations by 247 inventors. Supporting OHSU’s clinical and research communities, the Business Development team promotes innovation with an entrepreneurial culture. Guests include: Abhijit (Jit)Banerjee, PhD, MBA Senior Director, Technology Transfer and Business Development Karen Boren Project Coordinator, Technology Transfer and Business Development


FY19 budget set at 3.1 billion

The OHSU Board of Directors recently approved a 3.1 billion dollar budget for fiscal year 2019. In the budget, revenue is project to rise 6 percent. Guests include: Lawrence Furnstahl, executive vice president and chief financial officer


A leap of faith

Four years ago, BUILD EXITO, an undergraduate research training program, was launched to serve underrepresented communities in biomedical research. The program is organized through the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, with more than 300 students currently enrolled. OHSU serves as the research-intensive partner, providing crucial support, guidance, and expertise as PSU develops and implements EXITO. Guests include: Keeley McConnell Research Assistant 2


Awards winner shines light on health disparities

OHSU recently hosted its annual Diversity and Inclusion Awards ceremony. Among the recipients was Dr. Shearwood McClelland for his exceptional work in health disparity research in radiation oncology. Dr. McClelland’s research series “Disparities in Access to Radiation Therapy in the United States,” has been published in Advances in Radiation Oncology. The first three articles of the four-part series are available now. The fourth part (on Appalachian patients) will be published later this...


The future of health care reform

Clinical leadership teams from OHSU, Tuality and Adventist Health gathered for the third clinical enterprise leadership meeting last week. Participants received updates, asked questions of the leadership team and had the opportunity to listen to a keynote address on the future landscape of health care reform. Guests include: Ken Leonczyk – The Advisory Board


Research is just a click away

OHSU’s Oregon National Primate Research Center is one of seven National Primate Research Centers across the country. A new website makes it easier for the public to learn about what’s happening at the centers and will tell the stories of this important work. Guests include: Nancy Haigwood, Ph.D. Director of the Oregon National Primate Research Center at OHSU


The poetry of OHSU

OHSU celebrated National Poetry Month in April this year with its fourth annual poetry contest and recognition event, sponsored by the OHSU Library. In the submission guidelines, poets were asked to focus on their OHSU experience, and the contest judges considered how well they expressed that theme – as well as artistic excellence and the poem’s relationship to health and healing. Guests include: Tracy Thornton Office Manager, OHSU Library Susannah Lujan-Bear Assistant Nurse Manager 5A and...


Survey says

This year’s employee survey is a chance to share your feedback on working at OHSU and a way to affect change. Taking the employee survey allows your voice to be heard, and automatically registers you to win prizes for participating. Learn more about how your responses are kept confidential and why every employee should complete it. Guests include: Katy Fonner Senior Organizational Development Consultant, OHSU


Life support in the air

The adult ECLS/ECMO program at OHSU brings individualized care to patients whether they are in an OHSU intensive care unit, at a hospital outside of Portland or even while in the air, when working with Life Flight transport. OHSU is the only hospital in the Pacific Northwest offering air and ground transport for both pulmonary and cardiac adult ECMO patients. Guests include: David Zonies, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., F.C.C.M., associate professor of surgery, OHSU School of Medicine; associate...


OHSU's fifth president selected

The OHSU Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Danny Jacobs as the fifth president of OHSU. The Board also extended Joe Robertson's presidency until Dr. Jacobs starts on August 1st. Dr. Jacobs comes to OHSU from the University of Texas Medical Branch where he currently serves as Executive Vice President, Dean and Provost. Guests include: Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S. OHSU President-select


Public health is everywhere

When people think of public health, state or county health departments come to mind. But public health is more than providing vaccines or offering health education, it's a much broader field focused on reducing disease, preventing exposures and promoting healthy behaviors. Guests include: Dr. Bill Lambert Associate Professor, School of Public Health Jennifer Ku Doctoral Student, School of Public Health