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The Eight, Week 7

The Eight, Week 7: Go Who is in my top three? God made you to get in the game, going to people who need the good news of Jesus Christ. A basic model to follow is prayer, care, share. Joe Seestadt, Pastor in Residence


The Eight, Week 6

The Eight, Week 6: Give Where am I serving and giving for the work of God’s kingdom? At Oak Pointe, we want to build bridges of love strong enough to bear the weight of the Gospel. Speaker: Kurt Alber, Cody Partnership Pastor


The Eight, Week 5

The Eight, Week 5: Connect Do I have friends with whom I can speak honestly about my struggles? About my faith? Do I have friends that I could call at 2am, who would be there? Disciples who connect form deep, Christ-centered relationships that reflect the “one another” commands of Scripture. Speaker: Mark Kaminski, Canton Campus Pastor


The Eight, Week 4

The Eight, Week 4: Restore How do you face things that hold you down? You’ve got to find the thing beneath the thing. Restoration begins and ends with the Holy Spirit, and is an invitation to vulnerability. That’s why restoration is best done in community. Speaker: Adam Mashni, 707 High School Ministry Pastor


The Eight, Week 3

The Eight, Week 3: Pray Our relationship with God involves a two-way conversation. God speaks to us as we listen to His Word and His Spirit. The way God wants us to speak back to Him is through prayer. Prayer is an ongoing conversation with God about anything and everything. Speaker: Rick Barry, The Rock Middle School Ministry Pastor


The Eight, Week 2

The Eight, Week 2: Listen There are many ways that we can listen to God. He reveals Himself to us through creation, conscience, Christ, and community. But the primary way that we listen to God is through the canon—the Word of God. Speaker: Mark Kaminski, Canton Campus Pastor


The Eight, Week 1

The Eight, Week 1: Worship Worship comes from the old English word that means “to declare the worth.” This makes sense because we often can’t help but talk about the things we love. What are the things in your life that you talk about most? These are likely the things that are most important to you; the things you love most. Speaker: Charlie Koopman, Worship & Creative Arts Pastor


Heroes, Week 9

Heroes, Week 9: Jonah Jonah is actually a terrible “hero.” He lacks self awareness, doesn’t trust God’s plan, and can’t fathom God’s compassion for others. Yet he is a vessel to reveal the true hero of the story – God himself! Speaker: Mark Kaminski, Canton Campus Pastor


Heroes, Week 8

Heroes, Week 8: Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah The hero’s motto is found in Psalm 52:2, “My God, I trust you! Do not let me be disgraced, or let my enemies rejoice in my defeat.” From the story of the fiery furnace come three key questions we can all ask when we face adversity: 1) Who is in control? 2) How powerful is God? 3) Do I trust Him? Speaker: Kurt Alber, Cody Partnership Pastor


Heroes, Week 7

Heroes, Week 7: Gideon Description: God leads Gideon through challenges that expose his lack of trust in God and his own ability. Do the opinions of people outweigh who God says you are? Speaker: Adam Schultz, Sozo Young Adult Ministry Pastor


Heroes, Week 6

Heroes, Week 6: John The Baptist Jesus considered John the Baptist the greatest man ever born up to that point. John’s conviction and character helped his ministry explode, reaching tens of thousands, but also allowed him to humbly give way to Jesus and reveal Him to the world. We can follow in John’s footsteps by revealing Jesus to others. Speaker: Charlie Koopman, Worship & Creative Arts Pastor


Heroes, Week 5

Heroes, Week 5: Phillip Every good hero story must have victims to save, and those victims have one key characteristic: they are desperate for the hero to save them. In the story of Phillip we find that desperation invites deliverance and understanding. Speaker: Joe Seestadt


Heroes, Week 4

Heroes, Week 4: Jonathan You can be in a minor role and have a major impact! Pastor Rick uses Jonathan, son of King Saul, to explore how minor roles matter in kingdom work. Speaker: Rick Barry, The Rock Middle School Ministry Pastor


Heroes, Week 3

Heroes, Week 3: Hannah Hannah was a Supermom whose ordinary life produced something extraordinary. Hannah’s vision of God and connection to God allowed her to stay close to Him and call out to Him through her disappointments. God then used those disappointments to bless the world. Speaker: Paul Jenkinson, Milford Campus Pastor


Heroes, Week 2

Heroes, Week 2: Esther & Mordecai In the story of Esther we see a dichotomy between true heroes and fake heroes, particularly in their motivations. Fake heroes are motivated by their own glory, pleasure, and control. But true heroes are motivated by God's glory, are willing to make sacrifices, and rest in God's control. So, is there a secret motivation threatening to get you off track? Speaker: Pastor Mark Kaminski, 707 High School Ministry


Heroes, Week 1

Heroes, Week 1 Ezra was an ordinary person with a special ancestry, going back to high priests who were responsible for worship practice among the Jews. He ended up rewriting the history books of his generation, but not before allowing the Word of God to rewrite his own heart. Every pioneer can rewrite the history book of their generation by having three convictions: take the assignment, make the tough call, and awaken their people. How is God speaking to you to be a pioneer that rewrites...


God With Us: Acts, Week 7

God With Us: Acts, Week 7 Paul’s Arrest and Journey to Rome (Acts 21:18-28:31) Paul was met with severe Jewish persecution in Jerusalem. Soon after his arrival, he was arrested and for the next several years would remain a prisoner of the Roman state in Caesarea until invoking his rights as a Roman citizen and appealing his case to Caesar’s tribunal in Rome. The book of Acts ends with Paul staying for two full years in his own rented quarters, speaking about Jesus to all who dared to come...


God With Us: Acts, Week 6

God With Us: Acts, Week 6 Paul’s Third Journey – Asia Minor (Acts 18:23-21:17) The 3rd mission trip focused on Paul’s return to Ephesus, where he spent 3 years preaching the gospel in the region. Ephesus was renowned as the center for pagan magic in the ancient world. It was here that the Holy Spirit gave Paul “extraordinary miracles” to show the power of the gospel to be superior to the power of pagan magic (Acts 19:11). This message is part of our God With Us series where Pastor Bob...


God With Us: Acts, Week 5

God With Us: Acts, Week 5 Paul’s Second Journey – Macedonia (Acts 15:36-18:22) The focus of this 2nd mission trip was the region of Macedonia, with churches being planted in Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, and Corinth. It was Paul’s final stop on this trip, the city of Corinth, where he met Priscilla and Aquila, who provided housing for Paul and became lifelong companions and coworkers. This message is part of our God With Us series where Pastor Bob walks us through the entire...


God With Us: Acts, Week 4

God With Us: Acts, Week 4 Paul’s First Journey – Galatia (Acts 13–15:35) The Holy Spirit tapped Paul and Barnabas on the shoulder to be the first missionaries to the wider Gentile world (fulfilling the 3rd part of the mission outlined by Jesus in Acts 1:8). After being prayed over, the other apostles sent them out. The first mission trip was limited to the region of Galatia. This message is part of our God With Us series where Pastor Bob walks us through the entire Bible.