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Inbetweeny Folky Snippets 2

We're both off on holidays soon, and Jess with her band Said the Maiden are heading back out on the Folking Road in September. So with all that going on we're taking a break from recording. We'll be back soon for Episode 7 but before then we give you a second bonus piece! Short and maybe sweet? Enjoy. Featured artist: John Denver Song: Grandma's Feather Bed --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/on-the-folking-road/message


On the Folking Road Episode - Part 2

Ravens or Swallows? Wonder which you prefer? Yes, this is a folk music podcast and today's episode is the second part about gigging. However, the topic of birds came up in the episode! Do let us know. We'd love to know. Anyway onto Episode 6. We continue are journey on the road with stories and observations from Said the Maiden gigs including meeting a witch, pumpkin soup and egg on a head! Oh, and we discuss birds - a lot! Bill Oddie, you'd be proud. Seth Lakeman gets another mention as...


On The Folking Road Episode - Part 1

We've climbed in the van, has to be a van right? And we're heading out on the Folking road! Well, I say we, I mean Jess and her band Said The Maiden. In the first of 2 parts we find out what it's like performing to small and large crowds. Jess shares tales of combating World Cup crowds, loud bands, meeting Seth Lakeman (he's back!) and getting to gigs. We also chat about how to deal with various gig scenarios with many a brilliant question from our guest presenter! (You'll have to tune in...


Talking Albums Episode

Said the Maiden have released 2 albums and 2 Ep's to date. In this episode Jess talks about them and how they have gone from recording in church halls with the sound of traffic to recording in a professional studio. There's also talk about filming videos and Jess chooses the perfect summer folk album to listen to. Oh, and there is mention of the hot, hot weather! Artists mentioned in this episode: Kitty Macfarlane - We talk about her album - Namer of Clouds Sam Kelly - for the second week...


Practice, Practice and Practice Some More Episode

Rehearsals! All bands have to do them at some point. So in Episode 3 we talk about Said the Maiden rehearsals, how long they do them for, what they do (gossip and snacking!). We also delve into the world of Japanese toilets (hot seats!) and more. With mentions of Sam Kelly Dave Swarbrick --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/on-the-folking-road/message


Inbetweeny Folky Snippets

With Ep 3 a week away, here is a mini episode to keep on The Folking Road. In this inbetweeny Folky Snippet we read The Jolly Waggoner - an old West Country song. Normal service will resume next week! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/on-the-folking-road/message


Grab Your Instrument and Nibble on a Biscuit Episode

In the second episode we find out about the instruments used to create folk music. What instruments does Jess use? The rest of the Said the Maiden band use? And what biscuit best represents Folk music?! It's another jammed packed episode of On The Folking Road! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/on-the-folking-road/message


Thank You Seth Lakeman Episode

How did Jess Distill from folk band Said the Maiden / Company of Players get into folk music? Was it inspired by the Wombles? How did she get like minded friends to join her folk journey?How did they decide on their name? Can I say Magician? All these and other questions are answered in the first episode of On The Folking Road Podcast - Let's diddle! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/on-the-folking-road/message