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A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!

A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!
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Tokyo, Japan


A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!




Final Episode! Tokyo Disney & Matane! (See descriptions)

The Tokyo Disney Resort, which will evolve further before 2020. We will deliver useful information. [The spot introduced in this episode] Tokyo Disneyland https://bit.ly/2Z2Aq0t Tokyo Disney Sea https://bit.ly/2YimsdR Dear Real Tokyo-ers, Thank you so much for joining us in this 3 year journey of two foreigners discovering the coolest places that Tokyo has to offer! We wish we could do this forever, but all good things must come to an end. This will be the last official...


Real Yamagata:Zao Onsen from 100AD, Crater Lake & Japan’s 2nd Largest Ropeway Ep69

Alex introduce recommended spots in Yamagata trip of the Tohoku region. [The spot introduced in this episode] Zaō Onsen Dairotenburo https://bit.ly/2JudSiP Zao Ropeway Zao Jizo Sancho Station https://bit.ly/2xG5zL7 Okama https://bit.ly/2xxOKCd


Hiroo: Luxury & International Neighborhood, NBA’s 1st Japanese First Draft :Ep68

The spot introduced in this episode Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park https://bit.ly/2N3B78A NATIONAL AZABU https://bit.ly/2FCawt9 440Broadway Taco truck https://bit.ly/2ZBmIBK L.A. Juice https://bit.ly/2ZBmIBK Arobo https://bit.ly/2ZL7URb CANVAS TOKYO https://bit.ly/2Xw5ckY


Full Guide to Conbinis & One Piece Live Action Commercials Ep:67

Alex and Emily talk about convenience store.


Real Kamakura: Beach City, Shrines, Bamboo Forests Ep:66

Checkout this episode covering Tokyo's favorite neighbor city. [The spot introduced in this episode] The Tsurugaoka Hachimangu https://bit.ly/2WRQiC3 Kotoku-in Temple/ Kamakura Daibutsu https://bit.ly/30oLKFq Houkokuji https://bit.ly/2WRPNb9 Meigetsu-in Temple https://bit.ly/2K2TVlb KANNON COFFEE kamakura https://bit.ly/2HVAcRx TEDDY’S BIGGER BURGERS Kamakura Shichirigahama https://bit.ly/2Wu72lO


Showa Era Coffee Shops, a Trip Through Time! Nishi Ogikubo, Yanaka, and Minami-Senju Cafes Ep:65

The Showa Era is a massive cultural and economic development period in Japan but its icons are often skipped over in your average trip around Tokyo. There are plenty of small, family owned coffee shops that encapsulate this post-war era's reconstruction, and they all have their quirks, from coo-coo clocks to handmade pastries. So take a step back in time with Emily to shops that are more than your average mainstream corner cafes.


Goodbye Heisei. Welcome Reiwa! Golden Week Holidays, Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Ep:64

We're going into a 10 day holiday strwak this week with thanks to the enthronement of a new emperor. That also means we're entering a new era: Reiwa. Alex explains each holiday and also talks about the Rolling Stones Self Produced Exhibit in Tokyo. ※The closing day of EXHIBITIONISM - The Rolling Stones, which we talked about last episode, has been extended until Wednesday, June 5th! Take this opportunity to check it out if you're in Tokyo! [The shop introduced in this episode] TOC...


Michelin Tokyo pt3 Okonomiyaki, Okinawa and Dim Sum Ep63

In this episode, Alex & Emily talk about their experiences at amazing Onigiri, Okonomiyaki, Okinawa Chinese and Dim Sum restaurants that were mentioned in the Michelin Guide. [The shop introduced in this episode] Yadoroku https://bit.ly/2Iz1YFl OSAKA Kitchen https://bit.ly/2Zd9JqH Amanoya https://bit.ly/2KFBDrZ Tama https://bit.ly/2Iyg0r5 Tim Ho Wan Hibiya https://bit.ly/2UhswNy


Michelin Tokyo pt2: Soba & Tempura : Ep62

In this episode, Alex & Emily share about their experiences at amazing Soba & Tempura restaurants that were mentioned in the Michelin Guide. [The shop introduced in this episode] Ginza Tempura Abe https://bit.ly/2YEOduz Bunkajin https://bit.ly/2I3CSOP Ootsuka https://bit.ly/2TLJJP7 HOSOKAWA https://bit.ly/2HQxiQm


Michelin Tokyo pt1: Ramen Ep:61

In this episode, Alex & Emily talk about a couple of ramen shops that have Michelin stars or honorable mention. [The shop introduced in this episode] SOBA HOUSE Konjiki Hototogisu https://bit.ly/2Hss1OL Homemade Ramen Muginae https://bit.ly/2ulnCoB Mugi & Olive Ginza Honten https://bit.ly/2W4h6hJ Teuchishiki Chotakasuimen Nonokura https://bit.ly/2ObdmIu Ranchyu https://bit.ly/2ucBiSw KaneKitchen Noodles https://bit.ly/2T9dQzL Chūka Soba...


Robot Tokyo: Robot Hotel, Real Life Gundam, Doraemon in Roppongi Ep:60

In this episode, we went to go look at places in Tokyo where you can meet robots in person. [The shop introduced in this episode] STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY TOKYO https://bit.ly/2SEDa0b Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay https://bit.ly/2C2vzmN ・Gumdam THE GUNDAM BASETOKYO(DiverCity Tokyo Plaza) https://bit.ly/2GXQZFs Gundam Cafe diversity TokyoPlaza https://bit.ly/2tRM8gt Gundam Cafe Akihabara https://bit.ly/2tO2qY4 ・Doraemon Noborito...


Sakura: A Look at Tokyo's Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots: Shinjuku Gyoen, Inokashira Park and More Ep:59

There are plenty of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, and parks to visit them. We expand on our mention of cherry blossoms in Nakameguro with a look at both the most popular places for Hanami "flower viewing" and a few more new parks that might not have been on your radar. Chidorigafuchi Ryokudou https://bit.ly/2SDipXN Inokashira Park https://bit.ly/2tr7d1m Rikugien Gardens https://bit.ly/2X8vPJV Shinjuku Gyoen NationalGarden https://bit.ly/2Nb2ytp Yoyogi...


Daikanyama: Little Brooklyn of Tokyo, Nintendo Tokyo, & Tsutaya Bookstore Ep58

Daikanyama is a lesser known part of the city for tourist, but is a fashionable favorite for locals. Check out this episode where we talk about the little Brooklyn of Tokyo. [The shop introduced in this episode] Kyu Asakura House https://bit.ly/2DaGmL9 Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore https://bit.ly/2DQ0qUH Ivy place https://bit.ly/2Giljtw King George https://bit.ly/2GhDvU9 Spring Valley Brewery Tokyo https://bit.ly/2t6Kc3i SATURDAYS NEW YORK CITY...


Nakameguro: Best Walk for Cherry blossoms, Sushi Chefs makes Fish Burgers, Kobe Beef Sandwiches : Ep57

Nakameguro is one of our favorite neighborhoods. Not is it a close stop from Shibuya, it's a hotspot for the artisanal coffee shops, restaurants, and apparel. It's also the most popular stop for sakura [The shop introduced in this episode] Tachikui Yakiniku Jirōmaru https://bit.ly/2U1EsDv Nakameguro Lounge https://bit.ly/2DmPxcZ SIDEWALK STAND https://bit.ly/2QYiuiN Deli fu cious https://bit.ly/2CuPcDj Yakitori Tsukada https://bit.ly/2EmKMAZ


The changing Shibuya Ep56

Today we’re going to talk about the redevelopment project that is ongoing in Shibuya. Many changes will be taking place in Shibuya from next year all the way to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. [The shop introduced in this episode] Shibuya Stream https://shibuyastream.jp LUKE’S LOBSTER Shibuya Stream https://bit.ly/2C7bw5G Shibuya Bridge https://shibuyabridge.jp


Real Tokyo’s Best of 2018

In the last episode of the year, Alex and Emily look back into their favorite discoveries of 2018 including the ones that haven’t been mentioned in previous episodes. [The shop introduced in this episode] MAISON ABLE Cafe Ron Ron https://bit.ly/2GiVwTr SEIRINKAN https://bit.ly/2ByYJKf Yakitori Tsukada https://bit.ly/2EmKMAZ AFURI FINE RAMEN Nakameguro https://bit.ly/2zZRx8O the COUNTER Roppongi https://bit.ly/2QXX0GV


New Years Traditions in Japan, KFC on XMAS, Conan in Japan:Ep54

In this episode, Alex and Emily talk about differences in New Years traditions between Japan and the US. Also, check out “Conan Without Borders: Japan” on Youtube. It’s hilarious.


Third Wave Japanese Tea: Tea Laboratory, Hand Dripped Green Tea, Minka Tea House Ep.53

in this episode, Emily shares the history of green tea in Japan and shares amazing places in Tokyo that approach tea from a new angle [The shop introduced in this episode] 6:45〜 Kamenari Issa https://bit.ly/2Dr8prI 9:10〜 Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience https://bit.ly/2RYf9kQ 14:56〜 Tokyo Saryo https://bit.ly/2DL24bx 18:06〜 Suzukien Asakusa Honten https://bit.ly/2DLPxER 20:20〜 Kosoan https://bit.ly/2QShBt4


Coffee Talk : Sarutahiko, Blue Bottle, Tokyo Coffee Festival, and more Ep52

In this episode we introduce a couple of noteworthy coffee shops in Tokyo and the connection between third wave coffee and kissaten culture. [The shop introduced in this episode] 6:47〜 Blue Bottle Coffee Kiyosumi-shirakawa Roastery & Cafe https://bit.ly/2RAH7D6 15:20〜 Sarutahiko Coffee Omotesando https://bit.ly/2CYsTYA 22:50〜 STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY SHIBUYA https://bit.ly/2AL0HXz 31:45〜 AOTIGER Coffee http://www.aotiger.com 43:00〜 bricolage bread &...


Tsukiji to Toyosu Fish Market Ep.51

We went to go visit the new fish market down in Toyosu, checking the free markets and delicious restaurants [The shop introduced in this episode] Ichiba Sushi https://bit.ly/2J93We1 Sushi Dokoro Yamazaki https://bit.ly/2CwcY3j Marutake https://bit.ly/2yu1ZET Mosuke Dango https://bit.ly/2Al8XgC