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Andy Schell's conversations with sailors from around the world.

Andy Schell's conversations with sailors from around the world.
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Andy Schell's conversations with sailors from around the world.






Rick Tomlinson RECYCLED // Whitbread Racing & Photography

#178 RECYCLED. Rick Tomlinson is one of yachting’s most accomplished photographers. What I didn’t know before we met, was how accomplished he is as a sailor. Rick was a crew member on four consecutive Whitbread Races, and literally invented the modern concept of onboard reporter. Back in his day, Rick was an integral member of the sailing crew - he took photos onboard as a hobby, on his off-watches, and even developed film in the galley sink offshore! Mia and I traveled to Rick’s beautiful...


238: Erik de Jong // Arctic Ocean Project

#238. Friend of the podcast Erik de Jong joins the show for the 4th time. Originally from Holland and trained as a naval architect, Erik eventually built his own steel boat Bagheera in his backyard and sailed it to Nova Scotia, where he relocated, spending winters designing ships and summers sailing to Greenland. He’s since completed the Northwest Passage and relocated himself and Bagheera to Alaska, where he now runs expedition charters and scientific voyages in the North. Erik & I spoke...


237: Brandon Wright // Building the BRNKL Business

#237. Brandon Wright is the founder of BRNKL, a Vancouver-based tech startup focused on remote monitoring systems for boats. Brandon & I originally connected on Instagram and immediately hit it off. His sailing, tech & entrepreneurial background ticks all the boxes of my own personal interests, so it was a blast talking to and learning from Brandon about how he got his fledgling business off the ground. He has a background in surveillance, having worked for the US Military in the middle...


236: Bob Perry // Legendary Yacht Designer

#236. Legendary yacht designer Bob Perry is widely considered as the greatest cruising boat designer of his era, creating some of the most iconic boats of the last several decades including the Valiant 40, Tayana 37 & more. Despite growing up in the midwest and far from the ocean, Bob always knew he’d become a designer. He has somewhat of a hippy past, playing in rock bands in the early days while basically talking his way into the industry as an apprentice when he was in his 20s. He’s...


235: Sara Hastreiter #2 // Life After the Volvo Ocean Race

#235. Sara Hastreiter is of course one of the members of Team SCA, the all-female crew in the previous edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Sara was on the podcast back in 2015, immediately following that Volvo to talk about how she went from horseback riding in Wyoming to sailing in one of the world’s premier ocean races. I got to speak with her again in March about what it felt like to be left off the Volvo race this time, her mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas and her ‘Seven Seas,...


Maik Brotzmann // Living & Sailing in Iceland

#234. Maik Brotzmann has been a friend of the podcast now for a few years, having joined Mia & I in Annapolis two years back to attend one of our Celestial workshops. He grew up in East Germany and lived through the fall of the Berlin wall, before later moving to Iceland to pursue his career on the waterfront. Maik is educated as a metrologist, but his interests are wide-ranging, from weather forecasting and routing to yacht design and naval architecture to sustainable marine tourism. We...


PSA on Volume Levels

Hey, we fixed the volume level issue! Here's a quick PSA from Andy on how to get the corrected files in your podcast feed.


Refitting Isbjorn // How I Think About Sailing #9

#9. Andy talks about Isbjorn's big refit and the 70-mile shakedown cruise he and Mia did up the west coast of Sweden. Special thanks to Helly Hansen for inviting us to their event; and to Isbjorn crewmember Karl for composing and performing the music motifs on this week's show. -- Our 2020 Passage Calendar is now live! Go to 59-north.com/2020 to sail with us in the Atlantic.


Tom Cunliffe // Sailing Legend & Writer

#231 Tom Cunliffe is one of the great sailor/writers of the past 30 years. His old-school style in both the boats he chooses to sail and the way he tells his story is fascinating. -- On the Wind is presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. And also supported by Broadreach and Weems & Plath.


Goran Rutgerson // America's Cup Sailor, Inventor & Entrepreneur

#230. Goran Rutgerson is the founder of the eponymous Rutgerson company, who design & fabricate rigging and deck hardward in Marstrand, Sweden. Goran grew up in a sailing family and went on to pursue his passion in the sport, rising all the way to the America's Cup ranks. Back in the day, he was good buddies with Peter Harken, and both Harken & Rutgerson evolved as businesses alongside one another on opposite sides of the Atlantic. I spoke to Goran at his office at the Rutgerson Factory in...


Matt Rutherford BONUS // Around the America's Talk LIVE in Toronto

BONUS. Matt Rutherford has been on the podcast more than anyone else in our 230+ episodes, and his stories are always epic. What follows is a presentation Matt did in Toronto in January at the boat show there about his Around the America’s voyage on the 27’ Albin Vega ‘St Brendan.’ Matt’s told this story before on the podcast, but he’s so damn good at it that I never tire of listening to it, and you can always learn something new from him. I’m also playing this as a bonus episode this week...


Gary Jobson RECYCLED // America's Cup Winner

RECYCLED #99. Gary Jobson is one of the few household names in the American sailing world. He’s is a former All-American collegiate sailor and won the America's Cup in 1977 as tactician for Ted Turner. Gary then became a professional broadcaster & producer, working for ESPN and other national media organizations, and more recently has done the TV announcing work for the recent America’s Cups. He’s an Editor at Large for both Sailing World & Cruising World Magazines. He continues to sail...


Ask Us Anything // How I Think About Sailing #3

HITAS #3. Andy & Mia answer listener questions on things like mono- versus multihulls, swing keels, meals onboard, books, how to be a leader and more! How I Think About Sailing is Andy Schell's new podcast on, well, the title speaks for itself! Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts! Music by Storm Weather Shanty Choir. Donate at 59-north.com/thinksailing.


Andreas B. Heide // Sailing & Swimming With Whales

#229: Andreas Heide is captain of the sailing yacht 'Barba', and the motivation behind the expeditions they run in far northern Norway. In winter. I should mention that Barba isn't a beefed up expedition yacht - she's a Jeanneau Sun Fast 37, more likely found in the Caribbean than the Arctic. No matter. After learning to sail in 2009, Andreas and his companions started setting out north and looking for Orcas. Here's his incredible story. --


Liz Karamavros // 1st 59 North Apprentice

#228: Liz Karamavros is 59 North's first-ever apprentice. She came to us at the 2015 Annapolis Sailboat Show, and made such a good impression last we basically made up the apprentice position for her! Since then she's continued to carve out her own path towards her dream of professional ocean racing. Liz has recently signed onto her first big gig and is headed to the Caribbean to race onboard a Volvo 60! -- On the Wind is presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. The podcast is also supported...


John Rousmaniere RECYCLED // Legendary Sailor & Author

#36 // RECYCLED. John Rousmaniere is a lifelong sailor & writer whose seen - and done - it all. I first met John in Bermuda following the 2014 Newport-Bermuda Race. John's been involved in the race for years running the media team. John's most well-known for his books - namely the Annapolis Book of Seamanship, and Fastnet Force 10, about that infamous race in 1979.


Chris Stanmore-Major // Spartan Ocean Racing

#227. Chris is a long-time ocean racing sailor, having competed in the Velux 5 Oceans Race, skippered a boat in the Clipper Race and later building his own charter-racing business called Spartan Ocean Racing. Chris & Andy met at the RORC Caribbean 600 in Antigua in 2016, Isbjorn's first attempt at the race, and finally got the chance to record a podcast in January 2018! -- On the Wind is Presented by Forbes Horton Yachts, and also supported by Weems & Plath and by Broadreach.


Lee Chesneau // Meteorologist & Offshore Weather

#226. FULL EPISODE. Lee Chesneau needs no introduction to you weather nerds out there. He’s been the voice of weather education for the past few decades in the US at least, and is as passionate about his chosen career field as anyone I’ve ever met. Lee & I began this conversation talking about his career - like how he KNEW he’d become a meteorologist when he was only 3 years old - but it was quite obvious that he REALLY wanted to talk weather. About a third of the way in, Lee gets going,...


How I Think About Sailing // Episode #1

Andy Schell's new podcast on, well, the title speaks for itself! Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts! Music by Storm Weather Shanty Choir. Donate at 59-north.com/thinksailing.


Henrik Engblom // Tall Ship Pommern

#225. Henrik Engblom is the bosun on the tall ship Pommern, one of the classic Cape Horn clipper ships that sailed out of the Aland Islands in the early 20th century. Aland is a Swedish-speaking but legally Finnish archipelago in the Baltic Sea, about 40 miles northeast of Stockholm, and home to a rich cultural & maritime history. Only in his 20s, Henrik, a native Alander Islander, is already a Master Rigger and in charge of Pommern’s restoration. Mia & I visited the ship back in 2013 when...