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Rochelle Humes: going back to your roots, skin inclusivity and 90's makeup fails

Season 2 is finally here and it starts with a bang. She was a member of The Saturdays and is now one of the UK’s best known presenters, authors and enterpeneurs. Rochelle Humes joins us to chat about changing her hair for the sake of her daughter, struggling to find makeup to match her skin colour, getting the glow and 90’s makeup fails. We’re also joined by one of the UK’s best cosmetic scientists helping to demystify Retinol and Nicola discovers a political, feminist and empowering perfume...


Facials: Sarah Chapman

Whether you’re a facial addict or are tempted to try one for the first time, this is the episode for you. Joining Nicola and Rachel for this episode is Sarah Chapman -one of the world’s leading skincare authorities. She has a host of high profile clients ranging from Meghan Markle to Victoria Beckham, so it's no surprise her hands are insured for £1,000,000! In this episode she gives us the lowdown on facials and as she is a fountain of knowledge and her advice is incredible, we also get her...


Travel: Trinny Woodall

Prepare to get up close and personal with one of the biggest personalities in beauty. In this episode, Trinny Woodall joins Nicola and Rachel to talk about Beauty On The Go. Trinny and the girls discuss long haul flights, doing your face during on the daily commute and the beauty essentials that Trinny would take with her if she was to backpack across the globe! An episode jam packed with tips, tricks and lots of giggles. You’re going to love it! Remember you can follow Outspoken Beauty on...


Puberty: Emma Guns

In this episode Nicola and Rachel explore how changes to their appearance in puberty have affected them into adulthood. Special guest on this episode is former beauty editor and host of The Emma Guns Show, Emma Gunavardhana. Emma talks incredibly honestly and openly about how developing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome during puberty has led to an adulthood filled with insecurity, self-doubt and bouts of depression. Nicola and Rachel review some wonder products that they wish had been available...


Motherhood: Lisa Smosarski & Hannah Michalak

In this episode Nicola and Rachel talk all about Motherhood and the many ways that it can change our lifestyle, beauty habits and identity. They're joined by cheese lover, feminist and Mum of 3, Editor in Chief of Stylist Magazine - Lisa Smosarski, and YouTuber, blogger and entrepreneur - Hannah Michalak. Together they talk about how having children has affected their lives both personally and professionally, how their bodies have changed and the ways that through have maintained a sense of...


Social Media: PixiWoo

This episode is all about the relationship between social media and beauty. Over a recent number of years many beauty brands have launched via social media, their results being unexpectedly brilliant, with some brands practically becoming overnight success stories. As Pixiwoo are one of the biggest social media/beauty success stories in the world, it was only right that one half of the amazing duo - Sam Chapman join us to chat all things Social Media, from her and sister's personal journey...


Ageing: Caroline Neville & Dr Maryam Zamani

This episode is all about ageing and the beauty industry's attitude towards the older woman. Nicola & Rachel are joined by one of the UK's most influential women in beauty, the CEO of the CEW, Caroline Neville. She has been at the forefront of beauty for over a decade & at the age of 75 opens up about what beauty means to her & how the industry should be celebrating the older woman. The girls also speak to the Dr all the biggest names go to for their Botox fix -Dr Maryam Zamani. She tells us...


Mental Health: Cat Meffan, Natasha Devon MBE & Tina Hobley

In this episode Nicola and Rachel try to tackle the topic Mental Health and explore how beauty can play an interesting role when it comes to our mental state. They'll be discussing this with three incredible women. The first is positive body image and Mental Health Campaigner Natasha Devon MBE, who discusses how her daily makeup routine has helped her to overcome her anxiety. Also joining Nicola and Rachel is actress and radio presenter Tina Hobley, who talks about the negative role that...


Vaginas: Caroline Hirons

Get ready for our most outspoken episode yet! In this episode we're joined by the queen of all beauty knowledge and self confessed gobby lady, Caroline Hirons for a chat in front of a live audience, all in association with The Eve Appeal! Together we cover everything from ingrowing hairs and brazilian waxes to our opinions on our own vaginas. All before getting a little serious to chat about vaginal health and our own personal experiences. The chat was in aid of the incredible charity, The...


Brows: Lisa Potter-Dixon

I don't always browse the internet, but when I do... EYE-BROWS! As the world is going eyebrow MAD, it was only right that we did an episode all about them! In this episode Nicola and Rachel are joined by one of the biggest personalities in the beauty industry - Lisa Potter-Dixon. She’s a Benefits Icon, an author, social media star and a dolphin impersonator. All together they chat about everything from Microblading to brow mapping to the next big brow trends. If you liked this episode, be...


Au Naturel: The Anna Edit

Can you go makeup free and still feel confident? Well in this episode, Nicola and Rachel explore having the confidence to go Au Naturel and how to achieve a makeup free glow with great skincare products. Joined by amazing Blogger and Youtube star Anna, from The Anna Edit, they talk all about the benefits of going makeup free and how to feel comfortable in your own face. She shares tips and advice for achieving fabulous, flawless skin and tells us about her journey from makeup junkie to being...


Wellness: Elle Macpherson

This episode Nicola and Rachel are joined by Elle 'The Body' Macpherson, to talk about Wellness and Inner Beauty. She shares her amazing secrets to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, telling us how making small changes can make a big difference to your skin and health - both mentally and physically. Nicola and Rachel will then be taking on a challenge to be living the life of Elle for a week, to see if it does make a difference. Of course Nicola has some brilliant recommendations that...


Perfume: Sali Hughes

In this episode Sali Hughes joins Nicola and Rachel as they explore the wonderful world of Perfume. Discussing all things from having your own perfume wardrobe, finding your signature scent and finding the right perfume at a low price point, they cover it all. Nicola and Rachel also take party in a beauty challenge that sees them trying perfumes from both ends of the price spectrum. Of course Nicola has a brilliant recommendation which will leave you wanting to get down to your local...


Luxury Beauty: Lorraine Candy

In this Episode Nicola and Rachel are joined by Lorraine Candy, former editor of Elle Magazine UK and editor in chief of Style Magazine. They’ll be chatting about the accessibility of luxury beauty, how it can mean different things for different people and how to indulge in guilt free shopping. Nicola and Rachel also do a beauty challenge which proves skin-changing for Rachel and they'll give some of the very best beauty recommendations. You can follow us on.. Twitter: @OutspokenBeaut...


Pressure Of Beauty: Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass joins Nicola and Rachel as they talk about the pressure to achieve beauty perfection, discussing their personal experiences, views and opinions. Nicola and Rachel will also do a related beauty challenge which takes them both way out of their comfort zones and give a range of the very best product recommendations. You can follow us on.. Twitter: @OutspokenBeaut Instagram: OutspokenBeautyPodcast Website: https://Outspokenbeauty.co.uk/


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