An in-depth look at the processes that stand as the essential base for the sterile processing industry.

An in-depth look at the processes that stand as the essential base for the sterile processing industry.


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An in-depth look at the processes that stand as the essential base for the sterile processing industry.








Process This Episode 49: 360 Degrees of Packaging Perspective: Event Related Sterility

In Episode 49, the KiiP Committee discusses event-related contamination of sterile packaging. The experts take into consideration specific events that would compromise the integrity of the package shelf life. They also address transport and handling and the more complex processes of facility cleaning and storage, which also may impact sterile packaging integrity. The team reviews best practices, including "FIFO" (First In First Out), use and misuse of expiration dates, as well as ways to...


Process This Episode 48: Polish Your Professional Sterile Processing Image

In Episode 48, featured guest Rebecca Kinney discusses her personal Sterile Processing journey as well as all things "image." Her fresh perspectives on showing up for work "in person" by offering solutions instead of negativity—and how demonstrating respect can positively reflect back to how others view you—are especially poignant. She and host Jon Wood cover multiple aspects of image on social media, including the importance of not getting caught up in negative narratives, and learning to...


Process This Episode 47: Thoughts, Answers and Snappy Banter

With Episode 47, host Jon Wood gives us a glimpse into the deep recesses of his brilliant mind. Jon discusses frequently asked (but not often answered) questions that come across his desk from time to time. These questions range from retaining of sterilization records to the use of water bottles in Sterile Processing departments. This episode also includes a special Sterile Processing Week message from Pure Processing. Go to or use #SPWeek2021 on your...


Process This Episode 46: 360 Degrees of Packaging Perspective: What is Packaging?

In Episode 46, we continue our deep dive into packaging, from numerous angles. Our panel discusses what packaging is, how it protects the product, and how to keep it uncontaminated and effective for the user. The panel also addresses materials, design, handling, product track and potential repetitive path considerations. Sterile barrier integrity testing considerations are also challenged with regard to climate, transport and utility. KIIP Document Link Here... Earn a certificate of...


Process This Episode 45: 360 Degrees of Packaging Perspective: Surveys & Solutions

In Episode 45, the KiiP Committee continues the conversation on all aspects of packaging, with a focus on the many surveys developed by the committee to gather critical information from SP professionals, packaging engineers, and professional healthcare organizations. Through these surveys, the committee’s objectives are to better understand the various package transport levels, expose questionable practices and determine how the process may be improved by the industry. Earn a certificate of...


Process This Episode 44: 360 Degrees of Packaging Perspective: An Introduction

In Episode 44, we introduce the KiiP Committee individual members and their creation, the Last 100 Yards. This extremely passionate and diverse group shares their thoughts on Sterile Processing packaging terminology, design, event-related sterility, and transport in this podcast series hosted by Jon Wood. Their often unconventional interactions give unique perspective to all aspects of packaging—in an entertaining and informative interview. Earn a certificate of completion for this Podcast...


Process This Episode 43: Communications in Sterile Processing

In Episode 43, featured guest Monique Jelks shares her insights about communications in Sterile Processing (SP)and how to maintain focus on the most important factor, the patient. She speaks about keeping communications open between OR leadership and SP to reduce the possibility of error and maintain a streamlined inventory process ("Collect the data and then communicate.") Monique also discusses how being self-aware and speaking up can benefit SP technicians by reducing stress and improving...


Process This Episode 42: Getting to Know IAHCSMM’s President-Elect, Marjorie Wall

In Episode 42, we get to know more about IAHCSMM President-Elect Marjorie Wall. She tells us about her role in Sterile Processing and where her “happy place” is found. While sharing a variety of stories with host Jon Wood, Wall takes us on a journey of her career path—from early beginnings to leadership roles. She also elaborates on her drive for patient safety and perfecting her skills and thoughts for the future of the Sterile Processing "family." Earn a certificate of completion for this...


Process This Episode 41: The IAHCSMM Name Change: A Panel Discussion

In this very special episode, a panel of IAHCSMM experts discusses the Association’s proposed name change to the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association. Host Jon Wood questions the guest panel on topics brought up by the IAHCSMM membership. Included in these topics are the reasons for a simpler yet more descriptive name, what effect a name change would have on certifications and the legislative process, and whether the Association will still have an international presence. Also covered...


Process This Episode 40: Leak Testing Tips and Trials

In Episode 40, featured guest Seth Hendee shares his insights on leak testing by breaking down the processes, both manual and mechanical, as well as wet versus dry. Host Jon Wood questions Seth regarding the challenges of properly performing leak tests and the consequences of being out of compliance due to testing too quickly or bypassing the tests altogether. Lastly, the proper chain of events that takes place once a leak has been found is reviewed. Earn a certificate of completion for this...


Process This Episode 39: Opening the Books on IAHCSMM Chapters

In Episode 39, featured guest Casey Czarnowski shares his insights and advice on making the most of IAHCSMM chapter membership and participation. He explains the benefits of being part of a local chapter, including the fellowship, idea exchange, continuing education, and networking, and dissects the typical chapter meeting structure, events and expectations. Additionally, he discusses the differences between the local chapters and the IAHCSMM national organization, emphasizing big direction...


Process This Episode 38: High-Level Disinfection

In Episode 38, featured guest Betty McGinty covers the topic of high-level disinfection (HLD) in Sterile Processing, while also sharing details about her fascinating career path. She discusses the various instruments that require HLD and the challenges of education and understanding the processing modalities within the HLD process. Additionally, she speaks to the centralization and standardization processes, ensuring competency and maintaining departmental quality. Following the interview...


Process This Episode 37: The Challenges of Loaned Instrumentation

In Episode 37, our featured guest, Tami Heacock, covers the challenges of education and communication in the coordination and reprocessing of loaned instruments. Tami explains the loaned instrument processes, timing, and tracking—and addresses what "ready to process" means and who is ultimately accountable. Additionally, she discusses roadblocks associated with loaned instrument processing such as consistency, lack of policy and failure to plan. Earn a certificate of completion for this...


Process This Episode 36: More Than Just a Job—Your Sterile Processing Career

In Episode 36, featured guest Sarah B. Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, Quality Education Program Development Coordinator, Central Sterile, talks about career mentality and professional development in Sterile Processing. This includes pivoting in your soft skill development and dispelling the expectation that progressing in Sterile Processing can only mean a move into management. She discusses setting tangible career goals, adapting properly to changes in processes, developing positive working...


Process This Episode 35: COVID-19 Vaccines Fact & Fiction

In Episode 35, featured guest Jill Holdsworth, Manager of Infection Prevention at Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, Ga., helps separate fact from fiction regarding COVID-19 vaccines. During the discussion, she addresses the question of whether the non-patient-facing Sterile Processing professionals should become vaccinated; identifies the benefits of herd immunity; addresses questions and concerns some may have about mRNA vaccine technology and the "warp speed" at which the...


Process This Episode 34: The Q&As of QMS

In episode 34, featured guest Damien Berg has all the answers regarding quality management systems (QMS) and their valuable place in the Sterile Processing (SP) environment. Berg provides an overview of the key elements of QMS, explains how QMS creation and implementation benefits an SP department, and discusses how some SP professionals may already be utilizing a QMS without even knowing it. Earn a certificate of completion for this Podcast by visiting IAHCSMM's Online Learning System and...


Process This Episode 33: Human Resources: Tips, Benefits & Resolution

In episode 33, featured guest April Ulrich discusses Human Resources (HR) and its impact on the Sterile Processing professional. She addresses key aspects and benefits of HR and the discipline’s important role for a healthcare organization. She also shares useful tips for successfully applying for a job, preparing physically and mentally for the job interview, and then navigating the sometimes challenging interviewing process. This week's “What’s on My Mind” segment tackles how to acquire...


Process This Episode 32: The Challenges of AORN Guideline Development

In episode 32, featured guest Erin Kyle discusses the intricate, evidence-based process of developing guidelines for AORN. She also explains the differences between AAMI standards and AORN Guidelines as well as the importance of aligning the content within both documents. She elaborates on the challenges of utilizing a scientific, evidence-based process, including the complexities of sifting through thousands of pieces of relevant research to determine best practices. Questions regarding...


Process This Episode 31: Validation and Verification

In episode 31, our featured guest, Alpa Patel, BS, RM discusses the months-long processes of validation and verification on a variety of equipment – as well as the types of devices that her organization reviews addresses She walks us through the testing procedures from IFU evaluation to a simulated use cycle, and then into the cleaning verification processes and disinfection steps. She also elaborates on the importance of their relationship with manufacturers and healthcare facility workers....


Process This Episode 30: 2020, A Year in Review, Part 2

Episode 30 continues our recap of 2020, with an in-depth interview with IAHCSMM President Brian Reynolds who speaks about the impact of the pandemic, how Sterile Processing moved through the trying times, and how the profession has really stepped up in some big and, perhaps, unexpected ways. He also addresses some of the changes IAHCSMM embraced as it adapted to a more virtual world. Finally, he shares his thoughts on what he considers the biggest “win” of 2020 – as well as his expectations...