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An in-depth look at the processes that stand as the essential base for the sterile processing industry.


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An in-depth look at the processes that stand as the essential base for the sterile processing industry.








Process This! Episode 97: AORN Guidelines and Sterile Processing

In episode 97, host Jon Wood speaks with AORN's Senior Perioperative Practice Specialist, Amber Wood, about the AORN guidelines writing process and the documents’ relevance to Sterile Processing (SP) practices. Amber also addresses how others can become involved in the AORN guideline-writing process. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 96: Inside the AAMI Standards

In episode 96, host Jon Wood speaks with HSPA Clinical Educator, Sue Klacik, who has served on the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI’s) standard committees for many years. She shares her unique insights about the importance of AAMI standards and their critical roles in ensuring best practices and appropriate processes are followed to promote patient safety and positive outcomes. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 95: Pasteurization in Sterile Processing

In episode 95, host Jon Wood discusses pasteurization and its role in Sterile Processing with HSPA’s guests, Richard Radford and Ann Hewitt of Cenorin. Radford and Hewitt discuss the history of thermal disinfection—and how the process that was originally applied to the food industry has been adopted by the healthcare industry. Specifically, they discuss the benefits and application of using water and heat over toxic chemicals when disinfecting instruments. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 94: All Things Water & Steam

In episode 94, host Jon Wood discusses water and steam issues with Dr. Jonathan Wilder. From wet loads to extended dry time, Wilder explains the causes, effects and potential solutions for these challenging and dangerous situations. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 93: Game-Changing AI Technology for use with Borescopes

In episode 93, host Jon Wood follows-up on Process This! episode 92 where he discussed borescopes with Andrew Sundet, Sales and Marketing Manager at Clarus Medical. Joining Wood and Sundet for this episode is Ehren Arndt, Head of Customer Success and Partner Solutions who shares an exceptional step forward in the usage of borescopes—the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 92: Looking Into Borescopes

In episode 92, host Jon Wood discusses borescopes with Andrew Sundet, Sales and Marketing Manager at Clarus Medical. Sundet has a passion for borescopes and their use in the healthcare setting. He details the necessary set-up and inspection processes as well as the frequency that borescope inspections should be performed, how the processes should be documented, and ways to engage stakeholders in the process. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 91: I Was a Splash Study Participant

In episode 91, host Jon Wood speaks with Marie Brewer to discuss her role in the decontamination splash study performed at her facility with Ofstead & Associates. The startling findings generated by the study reinforce the need for adequate personal protective equipment and the implementation of other controls to improve employee safety. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 90: English as a Second Language in Sterile Processing

In episode 90, host Jon Wood discusses English as a second language (ESL) in Sterile Processing (SP) with Angie Holland. She reveals the critical need for English proficiency in SP and steps leaders, educators and co-workers can take to work more effectively alongside their ESL peers. Holland also discussed the benefits of establishing an ESL program for the department. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 89: Effective Training in Sterile Processing

In episode 89, host Jon Wood speaks with Adam Okada, Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark Industries. Okada discusses his passion: helping to improve patient care quality by giving Sterile Processing (SP) technicians greater access to education. He shares his thoughts about the common problems associated with SP training and how these issues can be reevaluated and improved. Okada also discusses some healthy habits practiced by quality-focused technicians. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 88: AAMI ST108 – Water Quality for Reprocessing of Medical Devices

In episode 88, host Jon Wood speaks with Brian Flannigan, Principal and subject matter expert for non-potable water system safety and efficiency for Phigenics LLC, about the upcoming standard, AAMI ST108 Water for the processing of medical devices. Flannigan discusses best practices for water testing and how to meet the recommended critical utility water requirements. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 87: Insulation Testing and Patient Safety

In episode 87, host Jon Wood speaks with Healthmark Senior Clinical Education Specialist Cheron Rojo about his newest study on insulation testing and patient safety. Rojo reviews insulation testers capabilities, features and challenges, and addresses how technique and common damage identification—such as patterns, holes and other damage—are key to effective insulation testing. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 86: The Science Behind Cleaning in Sterile Processing

In episode 86, host Jon Wood speaks with Case Medical Clinical Manager Dewey Barker about the important science behind cleaning in Sterile Processing. Barker explores soil, bioburden and invisible microbial contaminants when relating to their removal from instrument surfaces, without harming devices. Discussions regarding common mistakes found in the SPD, lack of attention to detail, and process perimeter knowledge are also covered. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 85: Single-Use Versus Reusable Endoscopes

In episode 85, our host speaks with AORN’s Senior Perioperative Practice Specialist, Amber Wood, about the pros and cons of single-use and reusable endoscopes. The scopes’ safety margins are discussed, along with FDA requirements and the latest safety reports and alerts. Decision-making support teams that contribute to AORN’s guidance in evaluating different endoscope types is also addressed. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 84: 9th Edition Technical Manual Updates

In episode 84, host and clinical educator Jon Wood speaks with HSPA Director of Education Natalie Lind about the newly updated ninth edition HSPA Sterile Processing Technical Manual. Lind discusses what led to the textbook revision and explains how standards, Sterile Processing-related questions from HSPA members and input from industry experts, vendors and more influence content when updating textbooks. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 83: Keeping Cool With Decontamination PPE

In episode 83, host and clinical educator Jon Wood speaks with the Sterile Processing team from Lebanon VA Medical Center about their unique and creative methods for maintaining comfortable decontamination PPE. Wood also explores the costs and safety aspects of this "cool solution" with SP Chief Richard Lambdin, SP Educator Vanessa Cavanaugh and Advanced Medical Supply Technicians LaShonda Rhoads and Shannon Stankinas. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 82: Instrument Design and the Frustration of Conflicting IFUs

In episode 82, host and clinical educator Jon Wood speaks with America's MedSource Inc.'s President and Owner, James Schneiter, about the benefits of instrument design and redesign for the benefit of patient care. He also addresses confusing and conflicting instructions for use (IFU) and the frustration that arises when there is a lack of validation testing for IFU. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 81: Sterile Processing From A Surgeon’s Perspective

In episode 81, host Jon Wood speaks with surgeon Dr. M. Gerard-Paul Slobogean about the critical relationship between orthopedic trauma surgery and Sterile Processing. Specifically, Slobogean addresses how interruptions and delays resulting from improperly prepared instrument trays or contaminated instruments negatively affect schedules and procedures and jeopardize patient care and outcomes. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 80: The Sterile Processing Connection with AORN

In episode 80, host Jon Wood speaks with AORN Journal's clinical editor and guest, Susan Ober, about her responsibilities with the publication and how a CRCST designation broadens her knowledge base. Ober also discusses how she incorporates her knowledge of sterile processing in her ever-challenging position. Also covered by Wood is a review of an article from the AJIC Journal, on the topic of utility of lighted magnification and borescopes for visual inspection of flexible endoscopes. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 79: Medical Device Servicing Community

In episode 79, host Jon Wood speaks with guests Samantha Jacques and Chris Nowak to discuss the medical device servicing community (MDSC), including what it entails and how patient safety is the MDSC’s top priority, just as it is for those in Sterile Processing (SP). Jacques and Nowak also address SP professionals’ critical connection to medical device servicing and the vital role they play in the MDSC. Earn CE Now


Process This! Episode 78: A Random Look at IFU: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In episode 78, host Jon Wood reviews a random selection of instructions for use (IFU) and discusses some of the challenges and solutions to making IFU less confusing and more readily understood. Earn CE Now