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Ep 96: Sustainable Gaming (Tero Kanko)

This week I talk to Tero Kanko in another sustainable gaming podcast. This is the last of 2, I will shut up about it after this. But if you remember from episode 95 the idea of sustainability, something that we can do for a long time is something that really interests me. I see a lot of people across a great many hobbies that spend a lot of money to buy into it but then never seem to get any value out of it in terms of hours spent, but I digress. It was great not only talking to Tero about...


Ep 95: Sustainable Gaming (Jesse Ryan Chadwick)

This week I talk to Jesse about not only his personal journey into the hobby but also around the idea of making our gaming experience sustainable. Sustainable in terms of what we can do to make our gaming experience as engaging as possible for us for the longest amount of time. This revolved around 3 main areas, playing regularly, painting regularly, and having a to do pile that is manageable. Now I am not advocating telling people how to hobby, if your have fun doing whatever you do then do...


Ep 94: Nick (British Legion Youtube Channel)

This week I talk to Nick aka British Legion from the British Legion youtube channel. Nick makes videos about his painting exploits, sharing tips and hints along the way. I enjoy Nick’s videos, he is always up to something interesting. This week went live. This is our new website where you will be able to access the podcast and interact with us but even more importantly you will be able to get involved with a wider array of content such as unboxing videos, paint tutorials...


Ep 93: Matt Schreiber (Rocky's War Room)

This week I talk to Mr Matt Schreiber of the Rocky’s War Room Youtube channel. Matt is also a very positive PATM page member and is also going to contribute to the new PATM Website when it goes live soon. Matt does some great videos on youtube about generic geeking and they are always worth a watch, he is a really nice guy to boot and it was fantastic talking to him for an hour, he was really easy to talk to. As I just mentioned the new PATM website it very close to launch. For those who are...


Ep 92: Why I love Battletech/Malifaux (David Muir)

Hey there, This week I talk to Dave Muir and about all the reasons why he he loves both Battletech and Malifaux. Dave is a great positive page presence on Paint All The Minis and it was great to talk to him and get to know him better. Battletech and Malifaux are both games I have heard of and seen from afar but not played. I hope to be able to get involved soon! I hope you enjoy the show!


Ep 91: Andy Hall (Lead Narrative Designer Warhammer Total War)

This week I speak to Andy Hall the Lead narrative designer of the fantasy team at Creative Assembly, the people behind the Warhammer Total War Franchise. I am always looking for different views, perspectives, and stories that link to our hobby and it was interesting to not only talk to Andy about his own personal journey but then also how our hobby has linked more and more into video games. If you havent checked out Warhammer Total War then you are missing out, its epic! It was very kind of...


Ep 90: Paul Hicks (Sculptor & Owner of Mutton Chop Miniatures)

This week I speak to one of the finest sculptors of historical minis in the world, Mr Paul Hicks. Paul sculpts for a number of model companies along with his own company Mutton Chop Miniatures. If you are into historical minis from WW2, Napoleonic era, victorian and WW1 then you have probably picked up and enjoyed his work. As always with my shows they are not categorical journeys about peoples work to date, it is more of a meandering chat about whatever comes up. We talk about how Paul...


Ep 89: Why I love Black Powder/Sharp's Practice (Seamus Hamrin)

This week is another why I love podcast, this week is Mr Seamus Hamrin and why he loves Black Powder and Sharpe’s practice. We head back in time to the 1800’s this time to chat about why he loves this game so much. I hope you enjoy the show!


Ep 88: Why I love: Bolt Action (Patch Adams)

This week is the first of a number of slightly different podcasts that I will release periodically called Why I love: The why I love podcasts, as you will hear are shows with people who explain what it is that they love about certain games. This week it comes from Mr Patch Adams and we talk about why he loves Bolt Action. It was great to hear all of Patch’s enthusiasm for Bolt Action, hearing his anecdotes and experience of the game. It was also great to get to know Patch a little more as he...


Ep 87: Alex Davy (Star Wars Legion//X Wing/Armada/Dust/Descent. Fantasy Flight Games)

This week I talk to Alex Davy (currently of Fantasy Flight games) the creator and contributor to a number of games that we all know and love such as: Descent, Dust, Star Wars X Wing, Star Wars Armada, and most recently Star Wars Legion. Alex was a brilliant character to speak to and I personally really enjoyed speaking to him, as I have mentioned a lot previously it is great to speak to these people and realise that they are good people, it really adds an extra layer of interest to me when I...


Ep 86: Frank West (City of Kings tabletop game)

This week Josh flies solo (i put my feet up and have a cup of tea) and talks to Frank West the creator of The City of Kings. The City of Kings is a tactical roleplaying board game for 1 - 4 players, where your character is tasked with exploring the hazardous world, trading for vital resources, and battling your enemies whilst uncovering a story of a world imperilled. The City of Kings features full character customisation, resource management, board exploration and roleplaying style ‘quests’...


Ep 85: Justin D Hill (Black Library Author)

This week I talk to Justin Hill a world renowned author of many award winning and notable books, but the main reason I wanted to talk to him was because he has written a number of Black Library books. The Black Library is the publishing arm of the Warhammer world. Justin has written a number of books most notably, in my opinion, the Cadia Stands book which outlines the black crusade aimed at the planet. It was a genuine pleasure speaking to Justin and I thank him for taking the time to talk...


Ep 84: Joe Veltre (Sons of Mars!/Acceptable Casualties Youtube & Facebook Group)

This episode I talk once more to Joe Veltre of the Acceptable Casualties youtube channel and facebook group about his debut ruleset, Sons of Mars. Sons of Mars is a historical skirmish ruleset set in ancient Rome. It was great to talk to Joe again, he is a fantastic, postive, and open guy and it was brilliant to talk to him about his ruleset, we wish him all the best with it. Anyway I hope you enjoy the show and make sure you check out Sons of Mars to see if you like it! Sons of Mars:...


Ep 83: George Kleanthous (Model Box Subscription Service)

This week I talk to George Kleanthous of the Model Box monthly subscription service. I met up with George just before his wedding in June, it was great of him to meet up so close to it, we hung out at a coffee shop and talked about his journey into the hobby and also how Model Box came in to being, & how he would like it to develop in the future. In the show we go into more detail about what model box is and why you may like to subscribe. I’d love to see your hobby projects you have ongoing...


Ep 82: Terrain Factory Dan (The Terrain Factory)

This week I talk to Dan of Terrain Factory. The Terrain Factory is still a little fluid at present but what Dan would like to do is provide you with a 3d printer to print off terrain and other things in your own home, enabling your games to be even better than they are now. As with all shows we discuss Dan’s history in tabletop gaming & chart his progress towards his ambitions & exciting goal. It was great talking to Dan and it will be interesting to see how this area develops over the...


Ep 81: Teras Cassidy (Geek Nation Tours)

This week I talk to Mr Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours. In the show you will hear how Teras fist became involved in tabletop games & his background, plus also how he then went on to form his business Geek Nation Tours. Geek Nation Tours offer a number of tours for people looking to have unique experiences with like minded people who may or may not know each other before the trip. Teras and I talk through a number of tours during the show but in a nutshell they range from visiting cons and...


Ep 80: Julie Ahern & Walter Barber (Greenbrier Games) By Josh B

In this special Midweek show Josh Benedetto talks to Julie & Walter from Greenbrier Games. Greenbrier have been very successful launching games on Kickstarter and some of their more popular titles have been: Folklore: The Affliction, Champions of Hara, & Grimslingers: The Northern Territory. You can find out more about them here: Massive thanks to Jule and Walter for coming onto the show, and to Josh for making it happen. More chattage with more...


Ep 79: Casey Pittman (Texas Bolt Action Group)

This week I talk to Mr Casey Pittman of the Texas Bolt Action group. When I was first getting into the hobby Casey was around to answer noob questions and offer support and guidance. He has been heavily involved in community creation and shaping which was the main reason I wanted to talk to him. It is people like him who truly bring people together and it is his time and selfless commitment which create the environment for the awesome social connections and shared experiences people have...


Ep 78: Nicholas Bogart (Skirmish Supremacy Podcast)

This week I talk to Mr Nicholas Bogart of the Skirmish Supremacy podcast. The Skirmish Supremacy podcast is a show where nick talks to creators of smaller tabletop/skirmish/board games about their products. Its a great way to get to know new games and hear more about the people behind them. Nicholas works tirelessly to create content as you will gear from the show and he has been evolving and diversifying his offering over the last year, he is even beginning to develop his own game, very...


Ep 77: Scott Walter (Miniac Youtube Channel)

This week I talk to Scott Walter from the Miniac Youtube channel. I was really keen to seek out and chat to scott as he has a number of interesting aspects to both his videos and his character which I was interested to find out more about. As with pretty much 100% of the guests I found scott to be a really laid back, kind, open, and friendly person and I really enjoyed our chat. It was interesting to hear his story, his development and i came away from our chat even more interested in his...