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Ep 79: Casey Pittman (Texas Bolt Action Group)

This week I talk to Mr Casey Pittman of the Texas Bolt Action group. When I was first getting into the hobby Casey was around to answer noob questions and offer support and guidance. He has been heavily involved in community creation and shaping which was the main reason I wanted to talk to him. It is people like him who truly bring people together and it is his time and selfless commitment which create the environment for the awesome social connections and shared experiences people have...


Ep 78: Nick Bogart (Skirmish Supremacy Podcast)

This week I talk to Mr Nick Bogart of the Skirmish Supremacy podcast. The Skirmish Supremacy podcast is a show where nick talks to creators of smaller tabletop/skirmish/board games about their products. Its a great way to get to know new games and hear more about the people behind them. Nick works tirelessly to create content as you will gear from the show and he has been evolving and diversifying his offering over the last year, he is even beginning to develop his own game, very exciting...


Ep 77: Scott Walter (Miniac Youtube Channel)

This week I talk to Scott Walter from the Miniac Youtube channel. I was really keen to seek out and chat to scott as he has a number of interesting aspects to both his videos and his character which I was interested to find out more about. As with pretty much 100% of the guests I found scott to be a really laid back, kind, open, and friendly person and I really enjoyed our chat. It was interesting to hear his story, his development and i came away from our chat even more interested in his...


Ep 76: Andrew Arrowwood (Lawrence Jameson Youtube Channel/PATM theme tune creator)

This week I talk to Andrew Arrowwood, a paint all the minis page member, a you tube channel producer and the creator of the Paint All The Minis theme tune. I really enjoy talking to Andrew he is one of the genuine characters within our hobby and we talk about why during the show. His outlook on the hobby and the way he sees the world is quirky and interesting and I never fail to smile when I am watching his work or chatting to him. Check out his Lawrence Jameson Youtube Channel here:...


Ep 75: Isaac Childres (Cephalofair Games/Gloomhaven/Forge War)

This week I talk to Isaac Childres of Cephalofair Games. He is the creator of Gloomhaven and Forge War. Gloomhaven has been a runaway success raising 4 million dollars on kickstarter and included a number of really cool ideas and concepts. In very basic terms it is a dungeon crawler miniatures board game with character & world development making the whole world seem immersive and ever changing. It was a pleasure to be able to speak to Isaac and he came across as very modest guy, explaining...


Ep 74: Luke Fellows (Luke's APS Youtube Channel)

This week I talk to Luke Fellows of Luke’s Affordable Painting Service. It was really interesting speaking to Luke and hearing about his own journey into the hobby and also his evolution and development into what he does today. Luke is probably best renowned for his Youtube channel Luke’s APS where is produces a plethora of videos but scratch built terrain seem to be the most popular. If you havent checked out the channel then make sure you do so as there is some really interesting content...


Ep 73: Peter Brown (Mini Models Paint Studio Youtube Channel/Models Workshop After Hours UK Edition)

This week I talk to Peter Brown, a you tube channel producer and podcaster. His channel Mini model paint studio, has videos on product reviews, visits to expos & cons, and technique vids. The podcast, Models Workshop: After Hours UK edition is a laid back conversation with a number of modellers about techniques, current projects and also interviews with people in the industry. This UK version is an extension of the US version and is worth checking out, especially if you enjoy podcasts...


Ep 72: Dan Adam (Paint All The Minis Facebook Community/Podcast Founder)

Hey, This week Josh Benedetto talks to ME about my own experience and journey, such as that is! We noticed I never really introduce myself in the shows and no one really knows who I am, so we thought it might be an idea to fill in some gaps. Thanks to YOU all for listening, supporting, and advocating the show & all our other activities. I hope we can continue to grow and develop together making a kick ass community. Patreon:


Ep 71: Mike Tuñez (Co Creator Blood & Plunder/Co Founder of Firelock Games)

This week I speak to Mike Tuñez the co creator of Blood and Plunder a 28mm scale skirmish game set in the golden age of Caribean piracy. Also co founder of Firelock Games, who produce this game along with some exciting new additions to come. I’m always looking to interact with you so if you have additional questions for Mike, or clarification on anything brought up then please come and hang out with us on the Paint All The Minis facebook group. You can also come and show us your painting...


Ep 70: Tim Bancroft (Studio Coordinator for Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord Games)

This week I talk to Mr Tim Bancroft who is the studio coordinator for the Beyond the Gates of Antares game by Warlord Games, plus he also runs a Beyond the Gates of Antares podcast called The Freeborn Shard. It was interesting to hear about Tim’s journey with hobbying and also about how he has ended up where he has, it has been far from the usual straight line journey. It was a pleasure speaking to Tim and I hope you enjoy our chat. Patreon:


Ep 69: Jon Halter (All Miniatures Great & Small Youtube Channel)

This week I talk to Mr Jon Halter of the All Miniatures Great & Small You tube channel. As you will hear in the show Jon does Bat reps for warhammer 40k and flames of war mostly. With unboxing videos and other bits and bobs along the way. I personally really enjoy Jon’s style of videos and his demeanour. He is laid back and his bat reps are informative, fun, and I appreciate all of his work. I recommend checking them out if you havent already. As ever it was great to talk to a guest with...


Ep 68: Ben Lee (Art Director @ Blue Manchu)

This week I talk to Ben Lee of Blue Manchu games. You may remember in episode 63 I spoke to Jon Chey the owner of Blue Manchu, well Ben works there as an art director. Blue Manchu is most renowned for its free to download and play video game called Card Hunter, a dungeon exploring game with lots of interesting twists and takes on. One such idea is that you are not just playing the game, you are playing someone who is playing the game, and it is a tongue in cheek hark back to all the...


Ep 67: James Hewitt (Needy Cat Games/Hellboy Boardgame)

This week I talk to James Hewitt formally of Games Workshop & Mantic, but most recently stepping out with his own company Needy Cat Games. I am not going to list his works, we talk about those during the show but what I will say is that it is fantastic to see him forging ahead with his own company and my biggest take away from the chat is that James is a great bloke and he is highly thought of by a great many people within the industry. One final thing about James is that his most recent...


Ep 66: Joe McCollough (Frostgrave, Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, Oathmark)

This week I talk Joseph McCollough, the creator of Frostgrave, Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, and the up coming Oathmark, which I am pretty excited about personally. Joseph’s story into the industry is interesting as he started at a very young age, as you will hear, but then entered the industry via writing and not games design. I pretty much always say this, but it doesnt lessen the feeling or the meaning, it was amazing to talk to Joseph about his history and his insight, i genuinely...


On Geeking Part 3

Hey everyone, Ever wondered what games and painting inventions are swirling around my brain? Well let me remove that wonder and give to you 4 of my tabletop/boardgame ideas and 4 painting inventions to improve, motivate, & enable your mini painting. I am joined by Joe Veltre of the Acceptable Casualties YouTube channel and he brings 4 of his game ideas, and 4 of his inventions also. Please remember this is for fun and none of these terrible ideas or games are intended to offend. We do talk...


Ep 65: Charles Trahan (PATM Page member and Community Shaper)

Hey, This week I talk to Charles Trahan, a local of Baton Rouge, Louisiana about his journey into the hobby plus also boardgames involving minis, and also attending games cons & why he likes them. Was fantastic talking to him, a great guest with an interesting story. Please consider support the show via patreon and allowing us to share more goodwill in the group. Patreon:


Ep 64: Gav Thorpe (Award Winning Fantasy/Sci Fi Writer)

This week I talk once again to Mr Gav Thorpe about 3 of his recent/upcoming releases in the Black Library. They are 3 diverse subject areas and mediums covering audio & written format and 3 totally different sets of characters. Its always fun to talk to Gav as he is really open and gives great opinions about his craft and his work. A fun chat again and I am sure his releases will all be big hits. It was really interesting to hear his opinions on audio books/dramas and the differences...


Ep 60: Stephan Rath (Award Winning Painter/Paint Handle Creator)

This week I talk to Stephan Rath, a native of Germany. Stephan is such a modest person, he explains amazing feats as mere trifles. He is not only a multiple slayer sword winning painter but he is also the creator of a great range of painting handles. Painting handles as you will hear in the show allow you to brace your hands for fine paint work and also enable you to manipulate your model and paint it without actually touching it yourself. I really enjoy Rathcore holders and backed his...


On Geeking Part 2

Hey, Josh and I get back together after another few months of gaming to chat about what we enjoyed. Remember this is just us and our thoughts, no product placement, advertising, or structured/well thought out reviews. Literally us just chatting over what we have played over the last few months and the things that stuck with us. Hope you enjoy!


Ep 59: Léonidas Vesperini (Mythic Games/Solomon Kane)

This week I talk once again to Leo vesperini of Mythic Games. I spoke to him back in episode 54 so if you havent listened to that then I encourage you to do so before you listen to this one. In our previous chat we talked about 2 kickstarters both he and Mythic Games had been involved in but we didnt really talk about him. So it was great to be able to speak to Leo again to find out more about his personal journey. His experience differs from a lot of other people in the sense that he got...