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Paper View is where I review the papers and big headlines over the week and place events and headlines in their true context in a weekly podcast.

Paper View is where I review the papers and big headlines over the week and place events and headlines in their true context in a weekly podcast.
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Paper View is where I review the papers and big headlines over the week and place events and headlines in their true context in a weekly podcast.




Paper View - Episode 33

In this episode, I feature the Skripal story. Britain say they have identified 2 Russian agents from the GRU, a Russian military organisation, who they say were responsible for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. There are lots of questions to be asked about the official story. Protestors have been branded racists and vandalists for posters on bus stops claiming Israel is a racist endeavour. I talk about why the protestors are *correct*. AI is the greatest threat to our...


Paper View Episode 32

In this episode, I feature stories on small business, transgender, energy drinks, air pollution and social media. Bailiffs are visiting by more than 81,000 firms struggling to pay business rates, meanwhile giant corporations like Starbucks and Amazon, who pay virtually no tax, avoid punishment. This is the Hunger Games society once again. Ivy League Brown University has removed a study claiming some young people are deciding they're transgender after their friends do the same and that some...


Paper View - Episode 31 - Capitol Gains

In this episode, I feature stories which are expressions of the Hunger Games society. At a time of increasing homelessness and food bank use, both of which feature in stories I cover, the taxpayer is paying for Princess Eugenie’s wedding (who?) just as they had to pay for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This is symbolic of the difference between the masses and the elite living in the Capitol in the Hunger Games movies. Capitol gains indeed... The Hunger Games society involves...


Paper View Episode 30

In this episode, I cover Israel, social media censorship, Brexit and Monsanto. Former Labour MP Jim Sheridan has been suspended following comments about Israel, namely, what he calls the ‘Jewish Community’ but actually it’s (Revisionist) Zionist groups. Sheridan was also talking about the anti-semitism row aimed at his former party. Social media giants could be forced to delete extremist material within an hour or face fines under plans proposed by Brussels recently. I talk about what these...


Paper View - Episode 29 - Manufactured Ignorance

In this episode, the theme is manufactured ignorance. One of the biggest stories of the week, Boris Johnson's burka comments which set off the PC brigade. I look at this story from a different angle to what you'll see or hear in the mainstream media. I also talk about climate change. Earth is said to be at risk of entering a 'hothouse' state, from which there is 'no return', a scientist warns. I covered climate change in episode 18 and here I share some more information giving a very...


Paper View - Episode 28 - For The Few, Not The Many

In this episode, I cover examples of how the world is run for the few, not the many. I cover Zionism again. Shadow Chancellor in Britain John McDonnell has backed the founding of an anti-Zionist group accused of anti-semitism. The opposition party in Britain, the Labour party, has been accused of anti-semitism and refuses to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance new definition of anti-semitism. I talk about why (Revisionist) Zionism fits the theme of the episode this week....


Paper View Episode 27 - Fakes, Frauds & Fallacies

In this episode, I cover fake news, child abuse, the continuing Hunger Games society and Asian and Muslim sex gangs. Figures show increasing numbers of young people get their news and information from social media. The increase in fake news means more and more people are finding it harder to discern fact from fiction. Social media is also dictating what information people see and what they don't see. Silicon Valley has the greatest level of censorship the world has ever seen. Household debt...


Paper View Episode 26 - Genetic Engineering

In this episode, I focus on examples of how the human form is being changed and genetically engineered and I talk about why this is happening. Brexit may bring with it a lifting of food regulations. This could have implications for commercialisation of GM crops and GM food being grown in Britain. I talk about the bigger picture behind this story. Transgender is in the news again. Autistic children are being prescribed sex change drugs by the NHS, as they feel their difficulty fitting in may...


Paper View Episode 25 - Diversion & Inversion

In this episode, I feature examples of diversion & inversion. Donald Trump's recent visit to the UK prompted protests. I cover this story and talk about why Trump himself is a massive diversion. Sir Nicholas Carter, an army general, has said recently that, in the face of the threat from Russia, Britain needs to up the stakes of its military force. More demonisation of Russia. I talk about the bigger picture behind the demonisation of Russia. Political correctness strikes again! A doctor has...


Paper View Episode 24

I cover one of the big stories of the week - the latest on Brexit. I also cover a story about bus route budgets being cut and why there’s far more to this story than would at first appear to be the case. This is why I do Paper View. DNA and AI come together in a story about scientists creating, in effect, living AI. This is much closer to the fully self-aware AI I’ve mentioned before. I talk about how DNA is a target for the elite and how it plays into their agenda. Transgender then follows...


Paper View Episode 23 - It's Not Such A Long Road to Oceania

In Orwell's 1984, the main character Winston Smith lives in Oceania, one of three superstates in the 1984 world. I talk in episode 4 about how we live in a 1984 world. In this world, we have the European Union and I talk about how migration plays into the European Union agenda, which plays into the 1984 world, and a sense of national identity being eroded, which is crucial to the 1984 world. Migration fundamentally plays into the megaregion agenda of the United Nations'Agenda 21. We have...


Paper View - Episode 22 (re-edited)

In this episode, I talk about a proposal approved by the EU to tax links and ban memes. This will have massive implications for the internet as well as information communication outside the mainstream media. I also talk about 5G radiation and an article asking whether wireless devices and technology could cause health problems. I have talked about this before on Paper View. Property prices are rising higher and higher and I explain the bigger picture behind this happening. I also talk about...


Paper View - Episode 21

In this episode, I cover migration, education, video games & technology and political correctness. George Soros is in the news again. Soros has been criticised by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban of fuelling the 'ruination' of Europe. I explain why Orban is correct. Parents were outraged in January this year after Phillip Morant School in Essex banned homework. The school has since reinstated homework. I talk about why the school made the right choice the first time. Kids' lives outside...


Paper View Episode 20 - The Men (and women) Who Steal The World

In this episode, I feature examples of stealing the world. I talk about 5G again. 5G is a fundamental part of the reason for the agenda to cram people into Smart cities and under the UN's Agenda 21. The EU is also featured in this episode. The EU is part of the structure the elite plan for the world and I explain why. Then, I feature literal stealing ... of children. I cover the issue of social services stealing children from loving parents. This happens on a much bigger scale than people...


Paper View - Episode 19

In this episode, I cover the story of the Visa payment system crashing and also feature another very interesting news story about Visa. Also, on the subject of money, I cover a story on how banks are closing branches when customers need them open and energy bill price hikes. High speed rail travel may be coming to the UK by 2026 and I explain how this fits into the elite's agenda. More demonisation of Russia features as Russian news channels have been accused of communicating false stories...


Paper View - Episode 18 - Creative Destruction

In this episode, I feature the Tommy Robinson case. George Soros is back again! Soros is behind another bid to stop Brexit and I talk about this story. The EU is about destroying sovereignty and freedom in Europe. I talk about genetically modified food and how that plays into the agenda to clear people off the land under the UN's Agenda 21. The idea is also to destroy human health in line with the depopulation agenda. I cover a story about abortion after Ireland celebrates the Yes vote...


Paper View Episode 17 - Cover Stories

In this episode, I feature issues that appear to be about benefitting the people but are actually all leading to a very sinister end. Smart meters are being pushed on customers by energy firms with the claim that they will make tracking energy use more efficient, when many concerns are being voiced by consumers. I talk about the wider agenda behind Smart meters. They're not being introduced to save money but for a far more malevolent reason. Statins are promoted as helping tackle...


Paper View - Episode 16 - Tech Talk & Free Speech

In this episode, I talk about Donald Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and the bigger picture behind this story. I also talk about technology. Mobiles could be made compulsory to carry. I talk about how this plays into the wider elite agenda and why mobiles, particularly smartphones, are part of an agenda to take over the human mind with technology. Boston Dynamics, a company previously associated with Google, are developing robots for law enforcement and to help around the home....


Paper View Episode 15 - Post-Democratic Society

In this episode, I feature examples of state intervention, especially within the education system. Parents are being told their kids have to sit SATs exams even if their kids are sick and need a first aider close by when taking the exam and kids in one primary school are being punished for not bringing in dinner money and being offered only bread, water and fruit to eat. Kids are starting school without a decent grasp of vocabulary and poor reading and writing skills that was not evident in...


Paper View Episode 14 - State Intervention

In this episode, I cover the biggest news story of the week, that of the recent announcement by North and South Korea that their countries are at peace and have pledged denuclearisation. This is just what the world needs right now at this very volatile time. I also cover the tragic death and treatment of Alfie Evans and the valiant attempt by his parents to get him to an Italian hospital for treatment. This story connects into other areas than have been covered on and in the news, which I...