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Aircraft Maiden F-15

Join your Hosts Michael, Jay and AK Mike as they talk about new additions to their fleet. Michael gets his F-16 finished and talks about flying it, along with his new F-15 from FreeWing. Jay has two new Gliders in the shop, and being modified and AK Mike has a few still in the box from his move down to Texas. Rain in Texas has the guys in the build mode but good weather in Phoenix allows Michael to head to the field. Join the guys as they discuss their flying stories at the Field.


Wings Over Springs Review

Join your hosts as they review Wings over Springs with Doug LaRoy. The Holly Springs Radio Control Group had its annual wings over springs event for the town of Holly Springs. Doug joins your hosts and gives his review of the event. Good times were had by all and Doug takes us through some of funny stories during the event.


Composites with Spencer – part II

Join the Hosts of the ParkFlyer Podcast as they continue the discussion with Spencer on building techniques using composites.


Composites with Spencer – part I

Join your hosts Michael, Jay and AK Mike as they sit down with Spencer to discuss the F-16 intake. Spencer has the Lxi F-16 and designed and built an intake out of composites and has sold them on the internet. We find our hosts chatting about the process and how this gets done. Spencer is a wiz at the fiberglass and carbon fiber process and walks our hosts through the entire process of mould making and glassing the intake for this build. We are also pleased to have Doug LeRoy return and give...


Motor Size and Kv

This week Michael and Jay are joined again by AK Mike as they discuss the questions, what size motor do I put on my airplane and what is Kv. Our hosts explain that Kv is how many RPM will turn per 1 volt. AK Mike and Jay discuss the watt meter and its importance to figuring out your Motor, battery, prop combo. Michael gives some ranges for his fleet, to give an idea of what type of combo to put on your project. Don't forget to stop by our new Facebook page and leave some input and what you...


My P-51 has Shot

Michael and Jay talk about trying to fly the Comanchee. It helps to bring the right battery connectors. Flying the comanchee off grass is a bit of a new experience. However the flight did not go as planned and wound up in a fatal crash for this airframe. The guys discuss what might have caused this mishap. Then off to the Hanger 9 P-51 to discuss the weight issue that Jay has tackled with buckshot. The aircraft was built for a glow but Jay has converted it to electric and needs more nose...


Happy 4th of July from Texas

Now that AK Mike lives in Texas he takes the opportunity to drive down and see Jay for the Holiday weekend. AK Mike and Jay spend the week at the flying field with the guys from Jays flying group. The guys recount the fun had by all and discuss some of the mishaps that happened along the way. Jay and AK Mike fly the tuff wings and have a midair collision. Jim over stresses his Zagi and breaks it in half. Lots of fun flying and a few crashes has everyone telling stories.


AK Mike moves to Texas

AK Mike moves to Texas and the team talks about packing your planes for shipment, the benefits of living in the Lower 48, foam planes and batteries in the heat and other various items.


Charleston RC Society

Jay takes a road trip to see the Kids. While there he has the opportunity to visit the Charleston RC Society and visit with Founder Rich Jackson and President Edward Yeash. The Charleston RC Society has had an AMA charter for 50 years and we are excited to talk to Rich about it. Please check out their club at . You can also check out their YouTube channel here ! Thanks to everyone in South Carolina that hosted Jay as he traveled and looking forward to hearing...


Jim Bourke Stops by the Podcast Studio

We are pleased to announce that AK Mike is officially moved to TEXAS! Congratulations and welcome to Dallas. As AK Mike makes his way around his unpacking duties we are lucky enough to have RC Groups Creator and Real Flight owner Jim Bourke on the show. As we mention in the Podcast Jim is the inspiration behind the Parkflyer Podcast. We enjoy catching up with Jim and his Airshow career, new software arrival, and his thoughts on the changes in the industry.


AK Mike Visits Texas

AK Mike visits Jay in Texas! Join in as they talk about how AK Mike's first FPV solo flight goes!


Flying on Floats

Michael, Jay and AK Mike are able to pull from the Mail bag and grab a new topic. Thanks to Bernard Adderley, one of our listeners, who reached out to us and asked us to do a podcast on Flying on Floats. Summer is coming and its a perfect time to put that airplane in the water, so to speak. We discuss some of the things needed to get your float plane ready to fly and relate some of our stories we have had flying at the lake. Enjoy the summer get out and fly and thanks for sending in your...


Spektrum iX12 First Look

Spektrum has come out with a new radio, the iX12. Michael and Jay sit down with Matt Ventura to take a look at how the Android radio is making its way into the RC markets.


Holly Springs Episode

Hey all, sorry about the audio on our release, today we were experiencing technical difficulties in the upload. We have since sorted it out and the new audio should have been pushed to the various podcast engines. Enjoy and thanks for your support.


AZEF part 3- Wrap Up

Michael, Jay and AK Mike sit down and discuss the highlights of the weekend. It was a great show and we were able to meet lots of old friends and many new ones. We each give our thoughts on the weekend and look forward to next year.


AZEF – Part 2 – Saturday

Welcome to Day 2 of the AZEF, where the guys are able to do more interviews and more flying. Jay and AK Mike get to talk to John Kohne who has the new E-flight clipped wing Cub and they get to test fly it. AK Mike and Jay were able to be a part of John's you tube video be sure to check out our post from part 1. We also have Supa Tim from Northwest RC with us again this year with the Debut of the 120" Bushmaster from Legacy RC. Tim takes us through some of the new products and gives us a...


AZEF part 1 – Friday

Welcome to the Arizona Electric Festival 2018 here in Mesa AZ. Join your hosts Michael and Jay along with AK Mike as they take part in the Festivities. This Episode is Day one of the 3 day event and we are pleased to have Clark, a scratch builder on with us today. He has put together a HUGE concord foamy with two 90MM EDFs to power this amazing plane. Jay has an opportunity to talk to Steven and Jason who build their Star Wars inspired Star Destroyer which was a big hit with the crowd. AK...


Jay arrives in Phoenix for the AZEF

We are excited this week to have Jay and Mike arrive in Phoenix to attend the Arizona Electric Festival. Jay arrives in time to join Michael in preparing for AK Mikes arrival and getting prepared for this weekend. Join the guys as they discuss what to bring and what they are excited to see fly this weekend.


Alaska Mike heads to California

Alaska Mike travels down to california to see his sister. During his stay he is makes arrangements to visit a few of the RC fields close to his sisters place. Join the guys as they get a report of the adventures along the way.


Winter Flying with Alaska Mike

Join the host of the Parkflyer Podcast in discussing the winter flying season. Please feel free to share your RC adventures as well. Looking forward to a great 2018 season.