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Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone was able to get out to the flying fields to celebrate Independence Day with a BANG! The boys certainly did, AZ Mike got a new AMA waiver with the help of Spencer and Jay and AK Mike spent the long weekend "power flying" to get in maximum stick time...


AZ Mike gets a Fun Racer Too

After having so much fun with AK Mikes fun racer, a huge box shows up on the door step in the form of a Birthday Present from AK Mike. Join your hosts as they talk about the new addition to Michael's fleet. The new paint and a 4s lipo make this racer a rocket.


AK Mike Visits AZ -part 2

While the last episode talked about the build and painting of AK Mikes fun Racer, this week we join the hosts as they discuss the fun racer flight. Happy birthday flying all around as they head to the park to fly with the guys. Mike's visit is coming to an end and the wrap up of the fun makes for good conversation between the hosts. AK Mike learns a valuable lesson during the troubles of getting the fun racer back in the air.


AK Mike In AZ

AK Mike has come to Phoenix to attend his daughters graduation from NAU. While waiting to attend the festivities he and AZ Mike decide to do some building and flying during his stay. AK Mike has brought a new Multiplex FunRacer that debuted at the AZEF and has really grabbed his attention. The model comes ready to fly but needs some Painting so off to the shop to try his hand at Air Brushing with AZ Mike. Join your hosts as they talk about the creative process in getting the FunRacer ready...



Philip, the newest member/media director of the ParkFlyer podcast goes off to Miami to interview members of the AMPS - Aero Modelers of Perrine during their WWI fly-in called the "Dawn Patrol." AZ and AK Mike are hanging out for the week of shenanigans as well.


Texas Visit – part 3

Join the guys as they wrap up Mike's visit to Texas. Two weeks have just flown by, but fun was had by all. We got lots of flying in and was able to help Jim trim out some of his airplanes and get Jay comfortable with his new L-39. Hard to believe time is up but the look back over all the experiences and fun brings a laugh or two. Mike heads back to AZ and is able to attend the 1/8th air force event for one last day of flying. Thanks to everyone who was able to share their flying experience...


Texas Visit – Part 2

This first week has just zipped by for Michael and Jay. With all the ups and downs of getting out to the flying field and having radio problems that was actually easily fixed but a week late, the time has just been to fast. This week the guys are able to head down to San Antonio to the Alamo Radio Control Society and fly with the guys down there. The field is amazing and Bill P, was able to join the broadcast and talk about his field. Its amazing that this club has been around for such a...


Texas Visit

As it turns out Michael sent a nice big box down to Jay for his birthday in the form of a Freewing L39. Not wanting Jay to have to go it alone Michael heads down to Texas for a visit and some RC Fun. Join the guys for a look at the first week of the visit. Jay talks about the arrival of the gift and assembly and the maiden flight. Michael discusses the weeks flying with Jim and loosing the tiny Whoop quad. Lots more have happened but we only have an hour so sit back and enjoy the ups and...


Arizona Electric Festival – part 3

Sunday morning brings SupaTim to the show, Northwest RC owner and avid 3D pilot Tim Hanstine joins us to talk about his new line of RC products. We are excited to see some of the new SkyWing products that will be coming out this summer. Along with the Extreme Flight product line Tim will be adding to his line up with the new arrivals. Shannon visits us as the show closes and gives his thoughts on the weekend. Back in the studio we give Jay a call and recount the weekends highlights. Thanks...


Arizona Electric Festival – part 2

-photo by Teik-Ee


AZEF – Part 1

This is the 15th year for the AZEF and Shannon and his staff did not disappoint. The podcast crew arrived early thursday and participated in the set up and fun fly. Friday was the start of the event and Shannon explains the program and excitement for this year. Big Mike Calloway over from California displays his incredible building skills with his two large scale planes. The 14ft Cessna was the star of the show. Although it arrived in all its glory, we had no idea that it had not been...


Philip Visits AZ

We are always pleased when our listeners get in touch with us. Philip Hinkle decided to give us a shout and let us know that he was in Phoenix and would love to fly with us. We spent the whole day out at the RC club and go to fly a few airplanes. Philip shot some video that can be found on our listeners group on Facebook so head on over and take a look. AK Mike talks about the new 3D printed park flyer he was able to see at his club and we are getting ready to head out to the AZEF for our...


Xicoy Weight and Balance

Have you ever thought to use a scale and a ruler to find your CG? AZ Mike tells a tall tale of Spanish "high tech" hockey pucks that determine the CG on his huge "Dumpster dive" salvaged 3D Katana project. AK Mike has been contributing to the INAV Open Source community by giving them a "Fork" and Jay has been modding his Taranis transmitter by building some new batteries.


Welcome To 2019

Well we are starting a new year and the podcast is still going strong. We are excited about several events this year and a few visits to some new fields as well as listeners reaching out to us to fly at our fields. Give us a listen this year and keep up with the guys as they explore the RC hobby and enjoy each others company. Season 4 is up and running don't miss an episode. Check us out on Facebook and we are now on Spotify and Google Podcasts so don't forget to subscribe. Now on with the...


Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas everyone, we hope your holiday is a wonderful one filled with RC toys for all good girls and boys. Our hosts touch base this Christmas Day to see what was under everyones tree. The holiday season is meant for giving and the guys react to their gifts from one another. Its been a fabulous year for us here despite some Health scares and personal vacations but our season wraps up with our Christmas episode. Enjoy your holiday and join us next year for our new season. Please let...


Welcome Back AZ Mike

Well Michael has returned from his trip abroad and joins the guys talking about his Trip. AK Mike brings up new regulations and asks AZ Mike what he got for Black Fly Day. Jay is still working on his flight controller board and getting ready for the new podcast season. Hard to believe that we are moving into season 4 and looking forward to some great episodes. Special thanks to Doug LeRoy for filling in for Michael during his absence and its always a pleasure to have him on as a guest. The...


Black Fly-Day

The Parkflyers are trying to recover from their self-induced Turkey comas and are down a man. Luckily, help comes from a former guest and the boys discuss attending Flitetest Texas and give "helpful hints" for the listeners to give their loves ones for that special RC Christmas gift!


ASW28 – Jays New Glider

I know we have talked about this on several podcasts before, but Jay finally gets to talk about his new ASW28 Glider he received from Bangood Hobbies. They recently had a sale and being a good plane broker he sent us all a message with coupons to get the glider on sale. Jay received his within 3 days of order and got busy building and modifying the plane to suit his needs. Join the guys as they discuss the mods Jay was able to make and what he thinks of the new addition to his fleet.


Best in the West Jet Rally Part II

Happy Halloween everyone!!!....Its Saturday night and it has been a fast and furious fun filled couple of days here in CA and the jets were awesome. Join Michael, Spencer and Barry as they walk back through the event and discuss the Best of the West. Saturday was "lets make a deal" day and there were lots of toys for sale. Several jets were bought and sold and some of the pilots went home with new projects. We were no exception and found a few items we just couldn't leave behind. Lucky for...


Best in the West Jet Rally – part I

Michael, Spencer and Barry loaded up the trailer and headed out to the Best in the West Jet Rally in Buttonwillow, CA. There were a 161 registered pilots at the event and over 300 aircraft. The days were fast and furious, with lots of fast movers and very impressive scale jets. The Thunderbirds F-16 seemed to be the overall favorite aircraft since there were several models on the flight line almost all the time. The scale B2 was the highlight of the show with several flybys and an emergency...