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The Unscripted Episode

It's been a while since we've uploaded an episode but we are back in full force! Since there hasn't been anything interesting in theaters for the past few weeks, we decided to just sit down, talk and record. The results were... interesting. Our unscripted episode covers a wide range of topics, from Maria's opinion of Vin Diesel to Adonis's strange Netflix selection, to Bridget's love of Shark Week. We didn't have a particulat topic in mind so we just decided to talk about movies, our...


Ant-Man and the Wasp and Sicario 2 Reviewed

In this week's episode of Part-Time Characters, the girls get together to talk about the latest summer sequels, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Sicario Day of the Soldado. Funnily enough, they both give the same rating to these two very different movies. Bridget takes over the Marvel part of the podcast as she reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp, starring Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp. They discuss why Marvel decided to release Ant Man after Infinity War and not before. Will...


Are Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2 Worthy Sequels?

It's been a summer of awaited sequels and the past few weeks we got Jurassic:World Fallen Kingdom, the second installment of the Jurassic World franchise, and Incredibles 2, fourteen years after The Incredibles was released. In this week's episode of Part-Time Characters, the characters and our special guest, Jerry Rodriguez, have a lot to say. Are we getting the sequels we deserve? Did we even need any of these sequels? We start off by discussing our love for the original Jurassic Park...


Supernatural Movies [Retro Reviews]

This week Part-Time Characters goes back in time to review some classic horror/supernatural movies. We did our best to keep a brave face. It's another special episode of Retro Reviews, where we each pick a movie we haven't seen but we have been meaning to watch for quite some time. Then we all discuss them and decide if they live up to the hype. One of us watched the original Ghosbusters, a perfect blend of comedy and horror, but they were less than impressed by it. Can you guess who it...


A Solo Review and Star Wars Fatigue

We. Are. Back! After a very long break, Part-Time Characters is back and ready to talk about new movie releases, Netflix recommendations and pop culture. We decided to start with a bang and talk about Star Wars latest attempt, Solo: A Star Wars Movie. Joined by Bridget and Adonis, we talk about our new Han Solo, the terrible way he got his name, the new characters and how Donald Glover is annoyingly great at everything he does. How did you feel about the Solo movie? Don’t forget to tell us...


Netflix Shows Worth Watching

With so much to choose from, it's hard to sit down and pick one Netflix series that's worth watching. Not to worry! Hopefully Part-Time Characters can help with any indecisiveness. While Maria works the solo shift in this fictional video store, recurring guest and video store client, Jerry Rodriguez, joins this week's episode to talk about Netflix shows and specials that are worth a try. We start off with a brand new Netflix Original, Godzilla, a computer animated film about humanity...


The January Movies We Hate

Nobody likes to go to the movies in January. Apart from the Oscar Nominations that have expanded their release, there is just a lot of random horror movies and terrible romantic comedies. In this week's episode, we talk about all the January movies we hate and some that didn't disappoint.


Is the Disney-Fox Deal Good or Bad?

In our first episode of 2018 and we are back discussing some things we have watched during our holiday break and our opinions about the Disney-Fox deal and the repercussions it might create. We start off talking about our Christmas break what we have been up to. We also briefly pick our favorite holiday foods and traditions. This is when we all realize Adonis has never had the distinct pleasure of tasting Baileys. After we each discuss the movies and series we have been watching, we talk...


Holiday Episode: Outtakes and Bloopers

It is the end of 2017. It is time for fresh starts and welcoming 2018 with open arms. But before we could do that, Part-Time Characters wanted to take a trip down memory lane. This week's episode is a special holiday treat where our listeners get to hear all of the mistakes we make before the final edit is done. The episode includes all the outtakes and laughs we had throughout 2017. You will hear all of Sam's sketch ideas for Gandalf the Wizard, Adonis's attempt to roast a meat and...


The Last Jedi [Spoiler Review] #NotMyLuke

Star Wars Episode VII came out in theaters a week ago and Part-Time Characters is finally ready to talk about The Last Jedi with all of the spoilers and rage. Accompanied by our guest, Jerry Rodriguez, we let the hate flow through us as we discuss the out of place humor, the new character pairings and 'the twist' that people either love or hate. Be warned. We talk about every little detail of this movie. There will be all the spoilers. If you haven't seen this movie yet and don't want it...


Movies About Making Movies

This week in Part-Time Characters, we talk about movies about making movies, filmmaking and show business. In honor of the Disaster Artist, a movie about the production of The Room, we discuss our favorite movies that concentrate on the art of making a movie, the struggles behind the scenes and the final product the audience gets. Before Sam and I reveal our top five movies about making movies, we have a quick catch up about what we have been watching in our spare time. Sam watched 88...


Rewatching Movies from 2016

How many 2016 movies did you mean to watch but never got around to it? In this week's episode, we discuss movies from last year we only recently saw for the first time. We also talk about movies we rewatched and if our opinions changed at all. We start all the way back in January 2016 with movies like The Revenant and Kung Fu Panda and finish with the end of year Oscar Nominees like Hidden Figures, Moonlight and La La Land. It should be warned this episode was recorded back in October, a...


Un Poco Loco for Pixar's Coco

It is that time of year when Pixar brings us an original animated movie and as expected, we all went un poco loco for Coco. Joined by our 'general manager' or better known as that Pixar Theory Guy, Jon Negroni, we discuss the film's design, music and characters. We start off the episode with a quick game of Lightning Round where we ask the question: What is your favorite Pixar character? We move on to talk about the originality of Coco's premise and if it's in any way similar to The Book...


Justice League and Thor Ragnarok Reviewed

In our shortest episode to date, Bridget, Adonis and I talk about superhero movies, both Marvel and DC. Adonis does his best to defend Justice League and their CGI over Henry Caville's moustache and Bridget pretends she is not head over heels over Thor. Neither were very successful. Before we get into any of the superhero stuff, we break the ice playing a short Lightning Round. The question: What movie has made you cry? ANNOUNCEMENT: We are thinking of making a confession game. We are...


Stranger Things 2- Season Review

The One Where We Come Back Quote: Yup, Moms... They just do things. [Bridget Serdock] We are so sorry we disappeared on you! October was a tough month for us all but thanks to Hurricane Maria, it was a lot harder to get together, record or even upload. But now things are looking up and we are here with a lengthy review of our favorite Netflix Show: Stranger Things 2. Joined by our geekdom connoisseur, Jerry Rodriguez, we analize the whole second season of Stranger Things, including new...


Top 10 Movies of the 80s

It's been a little while, but Part-Time Characters is back, and they've taken on a heavy task: deciding what their top 10 favorite movies of the 1980s are! Adonis, Bridget, and Sam hash out their lists, and there are plenty of surprises along the way. Send us a message! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and Sam will read them next week. You can also send us your thoughts to our email parttimecharacters[at]gmail[dot]com. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook so you can send us...


Retro Reviews 3 - Sound of Music, Yojimbo and More

This week on Part-Time Characters we delve into the old movie shelf and pick up some classic movies to talk about. Yup! It is time for our third Retro Reviews episode! Bridget talks about a sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Jenny watched the strangest movie ever made, Fantastic Planet, Sam watched one of the most praised musicals, Sound of Music, and I (Maria) watched the great Mifune in Yojimbo. We also Comment on your Comments from last week's episode of Horror Remakes and...


Horror Movie Remakes and IT Review

This week on Part-Time Characters we face our biggest fears, whether it's watching a horror movie from our childhood or talking face to face with Jerry-Garry-Larry. The gang gets together to discuss the remake of IT, adapted from Stephen King's novel. We bring in a special guest to review the film and compare it to the classic TV movie from 1990 starring the one and only Tim Curry. We also bring back Lightning Round for our first segment. This time Sam calls the shots and fires a question...


GoT S7E7 Recap: The Dragon and the Wolf

We didn't want season seven to end and go unnoticed by Part-Time Characters. Bridget and Maria get together one last time to recap the season finale of Game of Thrones, The Dragon and the Wolf. The main characters finally leave their usual locations and meet in King's Landing to discuss alliances and joining forces to fight the army of the dead. Bridget continues to be upset about the lack of hypothermia and direwolves. Maria tries to dissuade her anger to no success. They celebrate...


Top Sci-Fi Movies from the 70s

This week the Part-Time Characters get together and discuss some of the best scifi films from the 1970s and how their creativiy paved the way for other amazing classics. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is celebrating its 40th anniversary which inspired Sam to select this week's topic and show Bridget and Maria how many 70's movies they need to watch. We also introduce a new segment to start the conversation called Lightning Round. Basically, we select a topic (this week we chose our...