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Deborah Rodgers Discusses Composition Camp - Pearls of Piano Wisdom

Deborah Rodgers, our former PMTA President, is super-organized and creative. It was a delight to visit her home teaching studio! We discussed composition with students, the summer camp she runs every year, different "genres" of music, and more. Links to some of the things we talked about are below: Irina Gorin's Tales of a Musical Journey Noteflight Learn KITS Theory AirTurn


Igor Resnianski on Sound and Time - Pearls of Piano Wisdom

I caught up with Igor Resnianski in his office at West Chester University to speak a little further about Sound and Time, a program which he presented to MLMTA on January 9, 2018. From the program's notes: "Learning the notes is only half the battle. Knowing how to layer the voices for greatest musical effect and whether to play the notes on time or not on time are two issues with which pianists constantly struggle. During this presentation, Dr. Resnianski will lead us through the process...


Elaine Friedlander’s Multi-Teacher, Mixed-Suzuki Studio - Pearls of Piano Wisdom

Elaine Friedlander is a super-smart piano teacher based in West Chester, PA. She runs a studio with two teaching assistants who work for her, and they all work in the Suzuki method, but not exclusively! I was very curious to pull back the curtain on the Suzuki method a little bit, and Elaine was gracious enough to indulge me. She also talked about her long history teaching piano, and what she does with theory, technique, and the excuses of students who don't practice. Also, Elaine is the...


Dr. Richard Veleta Talks Intermediate Repertoire - Pearls of Piano Wisdom

What a treat, for my first interview, to spend time with the incomparable Dr. Richard Veleta, my own former piano teacher! Dr. Veleta welcomed me into his home studio, where we sat at the piano and chatted about intermediate repertoire. He played a number of examples, which was a delight for my ears, and then we improvised. He played grandly and I tried to keep up! A pearl from our interview: "The best intermediate literature was written by first-rate composers who had children--and liked...