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Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.

Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.
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Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.




Episode 286 - Luggage Delays and Security Misery

Join Carlos, Matt and Micah for this week's programme. In today's show we learn that Europe's aviation governing body decide to make their own decisions about when the MAX should return to service, the UK's legacy carrier continues it's battle with their pilots as the fallout from a recent round of strikes continue and one low cost US carrier loses it's court battle over hidden bag fees. In the military we find Leonardo are to support the RAF with future counter drone technologies and...


Episode 285 - Check-In Woes

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for this episode. In today's show, we learn about a worrying statistic in the rise of drunk passengers onboard, we say goodbye to a french airline none of us have heard of and one of the low cost carrier's passengers takes the Captain's seat to save the day. In the military the Air Combat Command Airmen are responding to the danger presented by Hurricane Dorian and Canada's options for a new fighter have narrowed to just three. Carlos talks to Joshua and Alan...


Episode 284 - 60% Operational Capacity

Join Carlos, Armando and Nev for today’s programme. In this episode we learn that one American carrier decides to move their grounded MAX jets to Arizona, the ban on MacBook Pro laptops is extendend and a Gatwick bound A320 is forced to evade a drone. In the military we pay our respects to Pilot Cmdte. Paco Marin and Boeing celebrate the award of just under $1bn for 27 wing replacements on the Thunderbolt. We share with you our first interview from the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight...


Episode 283 - Strikes, yet more Strikes!

Join Carlos, Armando, Ben Jones and Matt for this week's programme. In this show we find out more about the various strikes taking place at the moment, our legacy carrier invests heavily in some new mobile equipment and Southend welcome another low cost carrier to their family. In the military there is some fascinating robotic pilot experiments and there's some great footage and the Red Arrows join the Thuderbirds for an aerial parade. We chat to Ben about his Cub and Grant McHerron...


Episode 282 - A Full House!

Join Carlos (yes, he's back!), Nev, Armando and Matt for today's programme. In this episode we find all about the Russian 'Miracle in the Cornfield', moronic passengers are at it again thanks to the booze and we learn that one Norwegian carrier has decided to end their transatlantic routes. In the Military there a very emotional moment as an american carrier's pilot flies his Vietnam Dad home and there's good news for the C130's as the majority return to service. Carlos takes a trip to...


Episode 281 - Working from 'Rome'

Join Nev, Armando, Matt and the lovely 'Jenny In Rome' for this episode. In today's show there is further talk of strike action for both a British and Irish carrier, the UK's legacy airline have another embarrassing IT meltdown and security concerns are raised over potential vulnerabilities in on-board flight computers and CCTV systems. Armando chats to the truly inspirational Tammy Jo Shults about her flying career. We love to get your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the...


Episode 280 - Two's Company

Join the skeleton staff of Nev and Matt for today's show. In this episode we learn that if strike action goes ahead with the UK's legacy carrier they'll be the most highly paid to go on strike, more pilots are arrested for being over the drink / fly limit and the East of England's main airport ranks highly amongst the world's worst delayed flights. In the military we discover that a famous navy squadron is turning 100 and the RAF targets April next year to resume Maritime patrols. Get in...


Episode 279 - Osh 2019 Fun and Games

Join Carlos, Matt and Max Trescott for this week's programme. In this episode we learn that the staff help buy their airline a new plane, there are disgruntled 'low cost carrier' passengers aboard a very hot Boeing 737 and we discover that some Airbus 350's are having to be turned off and on again due to some software bugs! We chat to Max about the Cirrus Vision Jet and his love of teaching while Armando chats to Amanda Simpson from Airbus. He also finds out about the amazing adventure...


Episode 278 - London Charlotte to London Appleton

Your hosts for today's programme are Carlos, Armando and Matt. In this episode we discover that one low cost carrier's passenger is hit with a massive fine for being disruptive, everyone's favourite budget airline renames their new planes and there is chaos at Terminal 5 after a glitch with their baggage systems. Armando talks to George from the Reno Air Races about how he found his love of aviation. We also talk planning with Colin Hitchins ahead of the Biggin Hill Festival of...


Episode 277 - Sneaky First Class?

Your hosts this week are Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt. In today's programme we listen to the ATC communications between two airlines at Amsterdam as they 'come together' on the ground, we watch the amazing footage a passenger took of an engine problem with an american carrier and there's some concerns over some older A380's and the Outer Rear Wing Spar. In the Military the Canadians take their maiden C295 flight and a swiss display team visit the wrong festival. Follow us on social media...


Episode 276 - Plane Talking US

Your hosts this week are Armando, Micah, Stephen, Robert and Matt. In today's episode we're learning about a suspected battery fire onboard a Virgin Atlantic flight, there's an interesting trial taking place in Edinburgh with Ryanair and we talk about the Kenya Airways flight and it's stowaway. In the military there are changes afoot at Bell as they consider shunning conventional helicopters and the Blue Angels are getting a C130J upgrade. We'd love to hear from you so please get in touch...


Episode 275 - The Car park is 'Maxed' out!

Carlos, Nev and Matt talk you through the big aviation stories hitting the headlines this week. In today's episode we discover one French carrier has decided to discontinue it's low cost airline, the ban on drinking your duty free is being enforced with everyone's favourite low cost carrier and it's sad news as one American company announces the end of their MD-80 service. In the military an Air India flight is escorted to Stansted by Typhoon Fighter Jets and Modern Observation Aircraft...


Episode 274 - Reno and Smith(sonian)

In the chair(s) this week are Carlos, Armando, Grant and Matt. In today's show we talk about the 'drone' incident in Iran, one of the biggest US carrier's become the first Americans to order the new Airbus and a survey of over 21.65 million entrants crown a new number one world airline. In the military, the V22 go on the attack at the Paris Air Show and Turkey now has it's own high-tech home grown fighter. Armando talks Reno and Matt chats to Micah about his annual trip to the...


Episode 273 - Finally! The Grey Stuff EXCITES Cap'n Al

Join Carlos, Pip, Al and Matt for today's show. In this episode everyone's favourite low cost airline buys an airline in Carlos's second home, The US announce their favourite carrier and we hear how some retired airframes go for a swim. In the Military, we find out which fighter has the Italians favourite number attached to it and the President's Marine One chopper gets a makeover. Oshkosh is around the corner and Pip and Al share with us their plans. Why not send us your feedback to...


Episode 272 - APG Assemble

Carlos and Armando are away this week so join Nev, Jeff, Nick and Matt for today's show. In this week's episode everyone's favourite low cost airline has a lot of ups and downs, Nev's favourite airline suffers yet another massive PR disaster and the airport we love to hate is in trouble with it's local council. In the military there's growing concern over a missing Indian Airforce AN32 and we look at the details of the D-Day 75 memorial flights into Normandy. In our last piece from...


Episode 271 - Tech, Tech and MORE Tech

Join Carlos, Nev, Armando and Stuart for today's show. In this episode we discover that the 737 MAX will be grounded until August 2019, there's alarm bells ringing as the UK's legacy carrier has a 'near miss' with an illegal drone at Heathrow and there's exciting news as a Brazilian air-frame manufacturer starts assembly of the first E175-E2. In the military the US Military enlists the help of MIT to sharpen their AI skills and the french accelerate acquisition of H160-M Helicopter. In...


Episode 270 - The One Where Matt Forgot to Press Post!

Join Carlos, Nev Armando and Matt for this 'released later than planned' episode. In this week's show we learn that our favourite low cost airline pushes back their MAX orders, our other favourite low cost airline boast that their A321 NEO's are the ultimate flying machines and we discover that the freighter conversion market totalled neary 1 billion dollars in 2018. In the military we learn that an F16 fighter crashes into a warehouse and a lack of 'Situational Awareness' is blamed for a...


Episode 269 - Food, Glorious Food

Join Carlos, Nev and Armando for today's show. In this week's programme we learn how one UK holiday operator has received multiple bids for it's airline business, our legacy carrier announces their first route for their new A350 and there's good news for chicken lovers as an airline announces their favourite brand can be enjoyed 'in-flight'. In the military, Armando chats to the crew of a very special WC-130J. The PSP / APG / PTUK Duxford meetup took place on Sunday 12th May. The weather...


Episode 268 - Anyone for a Gin?

Join Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt for this week's show. In today's episode we learn that the Russian plane crash communication transcript has been leaked, an Australian carrier becomes the first carrier to introduce zero-garbage flights and the final scheduled flights on an A310 are announced. In the military Armando shares with us his visit to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as we learn how they go about gathering their storm data. Sunday 12th May is the PTUK...


Episode 267 - Love at First Flight

Join Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt for this week's episode. In today's show we learn one UAE carrier's plan to remove the seatback TVs, a horrendous flight is met on the tarmac by police after a brawl kicks off for our favourite low cost airline and there is some very negative feedback posted online for the UK's legacy carrier regarding it's Business Class. In the military we learn about the recent F15 fighter crash, China teases that it's stealth jet may be ready this year and the french...