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Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.

Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.
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Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.




Episode 252 - The One Where It All Went Wrong!

Join Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt for this week's episode of the show. In today's programme we discover that one family is made to sit on the floor DURING their flight, there's a profit warning for one Irish Low Cost Carrier and heavy snowfall leaves a plane in tail-stand at one Californian airport. In the military, the US air force finally accepts their first KC46 tanker and British Apache attack helicopters deploy to the Arctic. Get in touch with the show by emailing...


Episode 251 - Free In-Flight WiFi? Yes Please!

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for this week's show. In today's episode we discover that 'Everyone's Favourite Low-Cost Airline' is rated the worse airline for the 6th year in a row, one Chinese captain raises security concerns as he seats his wife in the cockpit and an Indonesian carrier offers in-flight 'LIVE' music. In the military SAAB's second global eye makes it's flight debut and Russia shares pictures of it's improved IL78 Tanker. It's the final part of our great series where Captain...


Episode 250 - "The one with the Memes"

Join Carlos, Nev, Liz and Matt for their first show of 2019. In this week's programme we're discussing that drone incident, yet more strike woes are on the cards for everyone's favourite low cost airline and there is good news for the environment as Hi-Fly ban single use plastics. Part 5 of Captain Nick's interview with Sir Richard Johns as he explaining how Russia has emerged as a potential threat to peace and to the Baltic states in particular. He also discusses the premature retirement...


Episode 249 - Happy New Year

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt as they bring you a very special programme with some new content, some 'never before seen' bits and a look back at some of our favourite segments from this incredible year. The running order of this show is as follows : 1 - Part 4 of our incredible mini series where Captain Nick talks to Sir Richard John about his amazing career. 2 - Carlos Talks to Dan about his EZ during the Summer BBQ we had at Seething Airfield. 3 - This year we celebrated our 200th show in...


Episode 248 - The Plane Talking Airline Pilot Geeks Safety Layovers Christmas Show 2018

Join Armando, Brian Coleman, Captain Al, Captain Nick, Carlos, Dr Steph, Matt, Micah, Nev and Paul for a very special festive filled show. This is a recorded episode of our now annual multi-podcast online meetup which was recorded on Wednesday 5th December. With Pip and Al in the chair and the Old Curmudgeon on top form, this is a festive treat not to be missed. Armando corrected himself after the show; he meant to reference the US National Day of Mourning for George 'HW' Bush not George...


Episode 247 - The Last Live Show of 2018!

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for the last live programme of 2018. In today's show the subject of emotional support animals raises it's head again, one disruptive passenger receives a well deserved large bill and a bizarre item is found on the menu of the UK's favourite legacy carrier. In the military NORAD prepare for their annual tracking of Santa and a beach landing is attempted with an A400M. Part 3 of our exclusive series where Captain Nick talks to Sir Richard Johns about the record...


Episode 246 - Airline Bling!

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Episode 245 - Bolts from the Blue

Join Carlos, Nev, Grant and Matt for today's show. In this episode there is worrying news from one low cost Icelandic carrier, everyone's favourite Irish airline leaves their passengers out in the rain and Grant gets to mention Qantas several times. In the military there is a dispute between the UK's Navy and RAF as the latter pushes for new jets that cannot fly from warships and the RAAF say goodbye to the P3. It's the premier of our 6 part series with the legendary Sir Richard Johns as...


Episode 244 - 787 787's and Tiny Toilets

Join Carlos and Nev for this week's episode. In today's show Virgin Atlantic mull over rescuing Flybe, Emirates win 5 high profile awards in just one week and Malaysia Airlines receive a scathing review from a YouTube vLogger. In the military there's a record breaking drop for an Atlas A400M and a new dedicated F35a Demo Team is announced for the 2019 season. Nev brings us a very special interview with Trevor Hammond from Gibraltar's ATC. Get in touch with the show by email using...


Episode 243 - Cirrus Friends go Flying

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt as they look through this week's big aviation stories. In today's episode we talk about the poor passengers who's bags were left behind by one Asian carrier, a low cost carrier's website causes chaos as people can't check-in online and the FAA evaluates a potential design flaw in one airframe manufacturer's new craft. In the military an ex-RAF Hercules finds a new home and the UK confirms it's interest in some new F35-B's. Matt BF and Evan share with us their...


Episode 242 - The Unknown Warrior

Join Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt for a very special episode of the show. We have our usual trawl through the Commercial News stories hitting the headlines this week including United taking delivery of their first 787-10, Ryanair having a spot of trouble with the French Authorities and Qantas begins trials of a mobile phone passport technology. In the Military the Eurofighters pass the milestone 500,000 flying hours and MP's call for RAF Leeming to become the Red Arrow's new home. In our...


Episode 241 - Nap Time to Chicago!

Join Carlos, Ben, Stuart and Matt for today's show. In this week's episode we learn that baggage rules for one low cost airline are changing AGAIN, a craft beer maker creates a special aviation blend and the new A220 Delta configuration is revealed. In the Military the Russians flirt with our airspace again and a second world war bomber restoration nears completion at Cosford. Captain Al talks to Leon Evans at Oshkosh and Nev shares with us Gibraltar so far. Get in touch with the show...


Episode 240 - Caravans and Camping

Join Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt for this week's stroll through the world of aviation. In today's programme we discover a security breach affecting almost 10 million airline passengers, one special luxury flight is giving you the chance to see Old Year's Night twice and disgruntled passenger is detained for slapping cabin crew with their phone. In the military the Red Arrows are heading stateside as part of a landmark tour and the UK begins talks to buy some iconic helicopters. Pilot...


Episode 239 - Minecraft Matty!

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt (briefly) for this week's episode of the show. In today's programme we discover very sad news as another airline falls by the wayside, competition winners are bumped out of Business class by one legacy carrier and facial recognition trials begin at Heathrow Airport. In the military an RAF Voyager refuels an F35b in the UK for the first time and the official report into the Thunderbird's crash is released. Barbara talks to Nev about her recent experience with...


Episode 238 - Smarties and a Glass of Water

Join Carlos, Nev (eventually!), Jodi Armando and Matt for a very special episode. In a week where the longest ever direct flight takes off for the first time we discover that BA are planning to operate an A380 into Dubai, sweeping changes are promised at Delta and an Air India plane has a coming together with a wall. We are so honoured to have had Jodi Rueger join us on this week's show and we had a great chat about her love of flying, her career and the world of Acrobatic flying. You can...


Episode 237 - First Class, Second Class, Turd Class!

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for today's show. In this episode we're talking about the dramatic collapse of one low cost transatlantic airline, there's another rather amusing paint-job fail to rival Cathay Paciic and one airline decides to tighten the rules for emotional support animals. In the military it's exciting news for the HMS Queen Elizabeth and talks are underway between the UK and Boeing for their Wedgetail. Carlos talks to Graham, Captain Al, Fabian and Philip at Farnborough and...


Episode 236 - Anyone for a Layover?

Join Carlos, Nev, Paul from the Layover Podcast and Matt for this week's episode. In today's show we have the very latest on the Pacific Lagoon crash, a passenger is arrested for breaking through security and chasing his plane down the runway and it's the turn of a Hong Kong airport to have questionable baggage handling highlighted. Carlos talks to Pip and Mascha along with Harry at Farnborough 2018. We talk to Paul from the Layovers Podcast about how their show came about - It's a highly...


Episode 235 - Pip's Equipment Failure

Join Nev, Pilot Pip, Captain Al and Matt for an amusing stroll through this weeks big aviation stories. In a week where all the stories were chosen by our lovely listeners we take a look at the details on yet another BA Technical Glitch, rumours emerge over a merger between Dubai's main carriers and we discover that no one still knows what on earth is happening over a certain big event taking place at the end of May 2019! In the military accusations are rife over the shooting down of a...


Episode 234 - Rowing not Rowing!

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Episode 233 - Anyone for some data?

Join Carlos, Nev, Adrian and Matt for this week's episode of the show. In today's programme (recorded on 09-Sep-2018) we discuss the protests over plans to build a Flight Training Academy in Gloucester, the rules for hand luggage change yet again for one low cost carrier and we talk about that data breach for the UK's legacy carrier. In the military Singapore show off their new A330 Tanker and Boeing win their first major defence contract in almost a decade. Nev treats us to a trip on...