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Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.

Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.
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Carlos and Matt bring you a summary of the big aviation stories doing the rounds this week with a focus on what matters to us here in the UK.




Episode 229 - Lets try that one again!

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for this week's later than scheduled show. In today's episode we go over the details and dangers posed by airport staff after an unauthorised takeoff at Sea-Tac Airport, our favourite A380 from the Farnborough Airshow goes out on wet lease to Norwegian and a Boeing 747 gets a new lease of life helping to fight fires. Matt chats to Dana about his visit to the UK when we all met up at the Farnborough 2018 Airshow. In the Military the search for a new home for the...


Episode 228 - BeepJets

Join Carlos, Nev, Matt, Eoin, Brian, Mila and David for a very busy show. In today's episode we're talking about a new Lego Safety video that's been done for Turkish Air, concerns have been raised about the use of slides during a 737-800 evac and retirement plans begin for one carriers 767 fleet. In our latest segment from Farnborough 2018, Pip walks us through the Falcon X8. David shares with us his progress as he works towards obtaining his commercial license and Mila tells us what...


Episode 227 - The Power of the Dirty Socks

Join Carlos and Matt from the Lounge Studio this week as they take trawl through the big aviation news stories that have caught their eye. In today's programme we find a very disgruntled passenger with their shredded suitcase, BA launch a direct flight to Pittsburgh and as the usual weather returns to the UK a Chinese Airline is forced to make an emergency landing due to extreme hail. In the military we say goodbye to a WW2 legend who passed away this week and a rare glimpse into the...


Episode 226 - Farnborough 2018 LIVE!

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt along with a whole plethora of extra special guests LIVE from the home of British Aviation. In today's episode we discuss one low cost carrier's continuing problems with Pilot Strikes, the usual legacy carrier celebrates their new 777 order and the Dutch government take a bold step by introducing an airport tax. Captain Al takes us on a tour of his favourite food vendors and we discuss dry cleaning options with the Prince of HarpJet. Join us if you can in the...


Episode 225 - Flying Plant Burgers

Join Carlos, Nev, Grant McHerron and Dave Homewood for this week's episode. In today's show we discover that it may well not be your imagination in regards to the restrooms in the air, the summer offers for passengers are rolled out by one legacy carrier and the Beluga XL gets it's maiden flight details released. In the Military the RAF are celebrating taking delivery of their 20th Atlas Transport and Airbus demonstrate their automatic refuelling system. We're looking forward to...


Episode 224 - Taking one for the "Juroff" team.

Your hosts for the show this week are 'Sir Nevil of Bounds', the 'Prince of HarpJet', the 'Flight Fear King' and a rather drunk Matt. In today's episode a radio station in Alesbury meet a man with 4000 foot arms, details of strike action with one of the big low cost carriers emerge and more information on a long running buy-out negotiations involving one of the big aviation manufacturers are made public. In the Military we're talking more of the RAF 100th Flypast, the US Navy are adding...


Episode 223 - Top Gear vs Top Gun!

In a change to the advertised programme, join Nev, Pip and Matt for the usual trawl through the aviation stories hitting the headlines this week. In today's episode one business class passenger is offered an Nutri-Grain bar for his breakfast, the Dolphin mark 2 leaves the paint shop in preparation for final testing and one low cost airline uses some German misfortune to fuel their latest advertising campaign. In the Military the US Air Force Elite are training in Wales and there looks to...


Episode 222 - The one after Nev's Nuptials

As we welcome Nev back from his wedding related break, we take our usual trawl through the big aviation themed stories this week. In today's show we discuss one flight with a vomiting mist, JetBlue's founder raises funds for a new low cost airline and Cathay Pacific as an A350-1000 to it's fleet. In the Military we discuss the US President's Space Force, the KC46 finally sets a delivery date for their first tanker and details of the RAF100 schedule are released. Matt Bunting-Frame...


Episode 221 - Swoop not Poop Cap'n

Join Carlos, Captain Nick, Captain Al and Matt for this week’s trawl through the big aviation news stories this week. In today’s episode we get wrapped up in the excitement of a new Canadian low cost airline receiving approval for their maiden flight, there’s a new base being opened at London Southend for one Irish carrier and a German carrier is assessing the damage of their A340 after a tug fire. Matt shares with us his audio diary of his three days in Rome and Carlos treats us to...


Episode 220 - She's a Brown Eyed Girl!

Join Carlos, Armando and Matt from the Kitchen Studio as they take their trek through the big aviation related stories of the week. In today's episode we discuss a duty free ban of alcohol on-board, windowless aircraft are being considered with a UAE carrier and an abandoned airport is making heads turn. There's also an incredible sale on thanks to on of the big middle-eastern carriers. In the military we're talking F35's and a near miss involving a C130 and a microlight. Pip talks us...


Episode 219 - The FIRST broadcast from the NEW Studio!

Join Carlos, Dr Steph, First Officer Stu and Matt for the first ever broadcast from the new studio! In today's shorter than usual show (mainly because it took Matt forever to get us reliably online) we discuss the lack of interest in the privatisation of India's National Carrier, a new transatlantic speed record is set and Europe's biggest low cost carrier looks set to get some stiff competition. Nev treated us to a little teaser of the great content we have to look forward to following...


Episode 218 - Matt's Obsessed; it's Lazarote LIVE!

In a week where one Nordic airline is boasting about being the launch customer for the latest Airbus jetliner Carlos, Nev, Brian and Matt take you through their usual wander through the world of aviation. We're discussing the challenging environment ground crew work in as we cover two tarmac wing collisions at two airports, everyone's (not so) favourite American carrier are trialling a new private terminal at LAX airport and Boeing announce folding wings for their Triple 7. Pip reminds...


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Episode 216 - 'The one without THE HAT!'

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for their usual trawl through the big Aviation stories of the week. In today's episode we discuss a very healthy boost in profits for one UAE carrier, Nev adds yet another article to his 'Media Fails' podcast courtesy of a Luton based low cost carrier whilst one of their rival Captain's deals with a sharp manual overspeed correction. In the Military we learn that the F16 gets it's service life extended and work commences on ways to protect transporters and other...


Episode 215 - Polishing Nev's Banana!

Join Carlos, Nev, Eoin, Captain Nick and Matt for today's trawl through the big aviation related stories. In a week where another carrier retires their last 747 we're talking the issues being generated by some low cost carriers when land luggage is going in the hold, another passenger opens the emergency exit on the tarmac and one company is touting new restraints for that 'difficult' passenger. In the military it's sad news involving a C130 crash and it's a tense time for German forces...


Episode 214 - 'The one that nearly got lost'

Join Carlos, Nev, Neil Lanwarne and Matt for this week's episode of the show. In today's programme we are talking WOW Air's search for a vLogger, our favourite low cost airline takes up their options on the Max 8 and Airbus decide to increase their production of their very successful A320. In the Military the KC46 finally completes testing and Eurofighter look to make some upgrages to their Typhoon engine. We talk to Neil about his 'Labour of Love' - The fascinating Super Guppy'. Get...


Episode 213 - NevTec goes 'After Dark'

Join Carlos, Nev, The awesome Pilot Pip and Matt for this week's episode of the show. Today we are talking about that Southwest flight, Kids fly for free with one carrier but there is a catch and the First BBJ Max takes off from the factory. In the military we the RAF 100th celebrations come to an end stateside and an F22 Raptor skids off the runway. Armando is at the Aero Expo 2018 and brings us the first of several great interviews, this week starting with TAF3 Flamingo. Get in touch...


Episode 212 - 'And our survey says ... Cesna 172 Model Pee'

Join Carlos, Nev, Stephen Ivey and Matt for this aviation related show. In today's episode we discuss THAT United Flight AGAIN as this time one of the flight crew is now suing, sleeper bunks are being imagined in the cargo hold with one European manufacturer and we're also talking battery operated aircraft and special inspection drones. In the military we learn there is an increased budget for the remodelling of Air Force One and a revised Red Arrows schedule is released. Would you like...


Episode 211 - Did someone say BOM?

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt as they take their weekly trawl through the big aviation stories. In today's episode we discuss a Portuguese Rental specialist take delivery of their first 'wet-lease' A380, one low cost carrier celebrates ten million passenger traffic for March 2018 and one Middle Eastern carrier is now accepting bookings via Facebook Messenger. In the military we celebrate the RAF's 100th Anniversary and we pay our respects to the Thunderbirds with their recent sad news. Andy...


Episode 210 - Introducing our new cologne 'Jet Fuel'

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for their usual trawl through the big aviation stories of the week. In today's show we discuss passengers sending in the Bailiffs to get their EU261 compensation, we're looking at some new interiors for a couple of airlines and one passenger gets a well deserved fuel bill. We have some great feedback from Captain Nick regarding Matt's recent 'error', Andrew Wilson shares with us a great interview and Nev talks a very disappointing BA flight in his latest...