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Episode 72 - 'Healer' Ep. 1-4

Sorry we were a day late in posting this, but we think this show will absolutely be worth the wait. This week, we started the K-drama ‘Healer’ and we love it more than we even thought possible. Watch episodes 1 through 4 of this delightful drama and join us here as we say hi to some familiar faces, meet some new scene-stealers, and gush over our all-time favorite K-drama actor, Ji Chang Wook.


Episode 71 - 'Lovely Horribly' Bonus Episode

In our bonus episode for ‘Lovely Horribly’ we found a special new place to steal your opinions from! In this episode we share your reviews of the show, talk about how much we agree with them, and just generally rave about how smart and great our fellow K-drama fans are. If you finished ‘Lovely Horribly’ or simply could not with this show, join us here as we break down some of our favorite comments from Viewers Like You. Also, if you’d like to be a part of these bonus episodes, feel free to...


Episode 70 - 'Lovely Horribly' Ep. 25-32

We made it to the end of ‘Lovely Horribly’ and are back to review episodes 25-32. This week, we dive deep into what we loved, what we didn’t, and what we still cannot make sense of. Watch the episodes, then join us as we talk real villains, dysfunctional relationships, and how the perfect mom does exist.


Episode 69 - 'Lovely Horribly' Ep. 17-24

This week we review episodes 17-24 of ‘Lovely Horribly’! The theme of this show is “Spooky: but you don’t know what’s happening.” This conveniently applies to both our podcast show and the tv show! Join us as we talk villains who work, couples who really don’t, and the spin-off series we need to see. Also, can someone please explain to us what ‘Running Man’ is?


Episode 68 - 'Lovely Horribly' Ep. 9-16

We are back with eight more (30-minute) episodes of ‘Lovely Horribly’ and we love this show almost as much as we love trash-talking it. Watch episodes 9 through 16 and then join us here as we air ALL our grievances, cast a wide net of possible endings for the show, and debate PD Lee’s immortality.


Episode 67 - 'Lovely Horribly' Ep. 1-8

We are back just in time for Halloween with one of our spookiest dramas to date: ‘Lovely Horribly’! This drama is a fun, mysterious, and gnarly throwback to the dramas of yore where every little thing did not have to be perfect and we are so here for it. Watch the first eight (30-minute) episodes and join us here for our review!


Episode 66 - 'Her Private Life' Bonus Episode

This week we come to the end of the sweet drama ‘Her Private Life’ and we are here to give you all our feelings and, more importantly, read and weigh-in on everyone else’s feelings. We take a deep-dive into our shallow pool of knowledge and explain how time works, how fate works, and even how babies are made. And if you thought that after 16 hours of this drama that we would know the names of the characters, you are in for a neat surprise!


Episode 65 - 'Her Private Life' Ep. 13-16

We did it! We finished another lovely, adorable, hilarious drama and for some asinine reason spent most of our podcast over-analyzing the weird parts instead of just basking in its goodness. In all honesty, we loved ‘Her Private Life’ and through its ups and downs we really did enjoy it. Please bear with us as we tear it apart; we don’t know why we’re like this. Also, we got another co-host (aka, Raquel’s roommates got a doggo) named Aspen and she is a barker. Really sorry about the noise...


Episode 64 - 'Her Private Life' Ep. 9-12

What a turnaround this week! Your favorite hosts are back to review the next four episodes of ‘Her Private Life’ and everything has changed. (But mostly just their attitudes towards the show.) Also, if you’ve waited longingly for the day when Emily and Raquel finally give an analysis of world-class paintings, here it is. They bring their trademark eloquence to the table for this discussion of yet another topic they know nothing about. Watch episodes 9 through 12 and join us here for our...


Episode 63 - 'Her Private Life' Ep. 5-8

Emily and Raquel are back with another four episodes of ‘Her Private Life’! We laughed, we cried, we cursed and we felt all the feels this week (mostly frustration, but also the rest). Watch episodes 5 through 8 and join us here for our brutally honest and emotional review.


Episode 62 - 'Her Private Life' Ep. 1-4

We started a new drama this week! In this episode, we dive into the wonderful world of ‘Her Private Life’ where the actors are stunning, the animations and sound design are on point, and the tertiary characters are… meh. Go watch the first four episodes and then join us here as we nitpick our least favorite parts, overshare our personal lives, and gush over this gem of a show.


Introduction Episode 2.0

It has been a few years since Raquel and Emily started Play on K, so we thought it was high time to record a new introduction episode where we aren’t huddled around one $20 microphone in Emily’s dad’s basement rambling on about how much we love Korean dramas. We are real adults now who moved out, bought our own mics and live halfway across the world from each other. And now when we rave about K-dramas people listen. Why? We’re not quite sure. Whether you like us or like K-dramas or just want...


Episode 61 - 'Encounter' Bonus Episode

We have made it to the final chapter in this heartwarming love story called ‘Encounter’. Join us as we count the ways in which we loved this drama, misuse big words, and try to steal credit for all of your eloquent reviews. This extra-special bonus episode also has lots of toe-tapping in the background courtesy of our third host, Raquel’s dog, Maurice.


Episode 60 - 'Encounter' Ep. 13-16

We did it! We finally finished this beautiful, slow-burning show and are so excited to share our thoughts with you all! Go watch episodes 13 - 16 and join us here as we decide how important each character was to the story, struggle to pronounce Hye In, and plan Raquel’s dream wedding! Then leave a comment on our website (, send us a message on Twitter (@playonk), email us ( and rate, review and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes! Thank you as always to...


Episode 59 - 'Encounter' Ep. 9-12

We are back with our third week of ‘Encounter’ where we review episodes 9-12 of this ever-evolving drama! Join us as we groan at all the product placements then immediately turn around and talk about Subway for five minutes (for zero sponsorship dollars because we are fools).


Episode 58 - 'Encounter' Ep. 5-8

We are back with another episode of ‘Encounter’ this week! Join us as we delve into episodes 5 through 8 and discuss everything from ratchet (yes, we are bringing back “ratchet”) masks to overabundant flashbacks to good pasta.


Episode 57 - 'Encounter' Ep. 1-4

We're diving into a new K drama this week! Welcome to ‘Encounter’ which features the most beautiful leads we’ve ever seen, two of the craziest moms of any drama out there, and a few good good side characters all living in a magical, early-2000’s Indie movie. If you haven’t watched this one yet we can’t recommend it enough. Go watch the first four episodes of ‘Encounter’ and join us here for our review! We also have a new look! We’re excited to start a new chapter in our podcast journey and...

Episode 56 - 'Touch Your Heart' Bonus Episode

.All good things must come to an end and so we reach the final episode of our ‘Touch Your Heart’ coverage. Join us this week as we share the viewpoints of our fellow K drama fans, talk about our favorite secondary characters, and get distracted by Soompi quizzes.


Episode 55 - 'Touch Your Heart' Ep. 15-16

We finally finished ‘Touch Your Heart'! What is there to say about this wonderfully adorable show? Tune in here as we present our closing arguments on relationships at any age, overabundant product placements, and lackluster makeovers.

Episode 54 - 'Touch Your Heart' Ep. 13-14

We’re rounding into the finale of ‘Touch Your Heart’ this week! We cannot stop talking about this drama, so we’ve yet again covered just two episodes. Go watch episodes 13 and 14 and meet us back here to discuss plot points moving either way too fast or way too slow.