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"War is the health of the State"- Randolph Bourne

"War is the health of the State"- Randolph Bourne


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"War is the health of the State"- Randolph Bourne




The Ochelli Effect – Star Trek Blazing Rattles Continued

From Ochelli.com Mike and Chuck discussed the strange new worlds they saw as children while watching Star Trek on TV. How crazy is the Epoch Times? Is the red scare 2.0 going to be the go-to strategy of the new Trump party or just the tired reboot of the GOP? Can we whip ourselves into […]


The Ochelli Effect – Con Man Culture Vultures

From Ochelli.com The Great Mike Swanson returned to the show on Tuesday Night to talk about the latest scratch-off in the American Casino. Are you itching for a new scratch? Mike Swanson’s new ventures will be fascinating to follow. The new business plot from the great deal-breaker has run wild in the culture of conmen, […]


The Ochelli Effect – Worldwide Contractions Abstract Dysfunctions

From Ochelli.com Glenn Viklund filled in for Miks Swanson on the Tuesday Show. TYRs’ Day is the best day to discuss the doom and gloom of the global economic contraction currently happening. Why is inflation not being represented in the statistical analysis of most economists? Is Chuck overstating things based on his personal experiences? How […]


The Ochelli Effect – History Narratives Current Strange

From Ochelli.com Mike Swanson and Chuck take a deep dive into the pool of 20th Century History. What is the difference between the narrative we are taught, and the truth? What is the contrast between the roaring 20s of the last century and the decade we are currently experiencing? Pearse Redmond arrived in the second […]


Age of Transitions Bonus Podcast 035, Pearse Redmond, Controlled Demolition of the Sears Tower

This month I am cheating a little bit and posting my recent appearance on Aaron’s monthly Patreon bonus podcast as my bonus podcast. Rest assured you will not be disappointed. From TheAgeOfTransitions.com Pearse Redmond returns to the bonus podcast. Here, he and Aaron talk about how popular it is to market your independent media […]


Uncle the Podcast #203 – Resolving Attitude Problems

From: TheAgeOfTransitions.com With Pearse Redmond as his guest, Uncle has to work out some family quarrels with side kick. The broadcast is a great forum to resolve issues of all sorts. Download episode


The Ochelli Effect – System With Technical Issues Tuesday

From Ochelli.com Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond take the wild ride with The Ochelli Effect hardly functional. Pearse was part of Mike’s hour but we had two good hours of discussion. It will be an interesting 70 days we endure. Are you ready for the season finale of The Trump Dope Show? Download episode


The Ochelli Effect – Massive Selection Night Coverage 2

From Ochelli.com 10-11 pm Eastern we heard from the best to be best. Ted, Chuck, and Pearse did their best to continue reporting on the Selection process. 11 pm-12 am James Corbett gave us the Anarchist perspective and a preview of his upcoming JFK Lancer presentation. Chuck ended up making some word salads and asked […]


The Ochelli Effect – Zombie Biden Trump Horror Show

From Ochelli.com Be aware, Chuck is armed. Joe wants all to know, few are welcome in his yard. There is an ad for Trump literally arguing Biden is a Zombie. Putin doesn’t love the Hunter Biden disinformation, but Borat loves Rudy. Porkins came on in the second hour and talked a bit about the Jews […]


Uncle the Podcast #199 Attack of the Celebrity Robots

From Uncle the Podcast: Uncle welcomes back Pearse Redmond, the policy man, back to the show. Bobby Vaughn also joins the conversations as things come dangerously close to son-in-law’s hour. Download episode


The Age of Transitions – Uncertain Times

From TheAgeofTransitions.com Pearse Redmond returns to the show to help us all take a look around at the strange place we find ourselves in now. QAnon has come a long way since the days that Pearse and Robbie Martin would talk about it on a weekly basis. American foreign policy has taken a political backseat […]


The Ochelli Effect – Gangs That Won’t Shoot Straight

From Ochelli.com Tuesday was a bit different this week. Porkins took Mike Swanson’s slot and after an update on The Epstein saga, Chuck and Pearse answered chat questions and gave the audience a rundown on US political corruption in the one-party system. Our Media Death Star is almost back to a fully operational battle station. […]


The Ochelli Effect – Jefferson’s History Current Mysteries

From Ochelli.com In the first hour of our Tuesday show Authors, Mike Swanson and Carmine Savastano discussed Thomas Jefferson. When did the narrative of judgment shift on this founding father? Has the revision of American history gone amok? Are Jefferson’s ideas about racial identity anything special when compared to his contemporaries? Is the icon or […]


The Ochelli Effect – Founding Fathers Convention Fools

From Ochelli.com After some Technical issues, Carmine and Mike joined Chuck to try and take an honest look at the founding father’s concept and the strange adoption of the iconic figures that lack substance. Isn’t it strange that monuments today and the concept of the standing military are nor what it appears any of the […]


The Ochelli Effect – China Syndrome Time Belarus

From Ochelli.com Is the coming or existing cold war with China the new way of the world? War is always a racket. Mike Swanson and Carmine Savastano joined Chuck in the first hour to break down the current state of the States in conflict. Is China the right enemy at the right time? Is the […]


PPR Bonus podcast ep 42 Jacob Wohl, Ghislane Maxwell, and alien DNA with Ed Opperman

Ed Opperman joined me for a jam packed episode dealing with all the recent developments since the arrest of Ghislane Maxwell. Ed and I start off with the recent bail hearing which did not go in Maxwell’s favor. We discussed her seemingly awful legal advice as well as the notion that she is not the […]


The Ochelli Effect – Mad Mad Mad World News

From Ochelli.com No Mike Swanson this week. So keeping with the Tuesday tradition on the show of being highly informative, Chuck and Pearse packed as much news and information into two hours as they could From Bill Barr on Capital Hill to Explosions in Iran, Porkins and Ochelli covered the wild world on sportsman-like conduct […]


The Ochelli Effect – High Finance Low Maxwell Smart

From Ochelli.com Mike and Chuck discussed the upcoming financial woes due to crash like a violent wave of punishment upon the shores of what was once America. How’s the virus treating you? Are you ready for another lockdown? Does anyone have the ability to predict what will come next? Pearse Redmond was the guest in […]


The Ochelli Effect – Justice Peace Probably Unrelated

From Ochelli.com Mike and Chuck have a bit of trouble getting connected. Without question, there was only one thing to discuss in the news. There is little justice in the land, yet peace is more wide-spread than the MSM would like to sell. Is everyone enjoying the slow mission creep into Martial law? Could Agent […]


The Ochelli Effect – Shotgun Shells With Anchovies

From Ochelli.com Oil is worth less than zero? Mike Swanson explains this and the reality of cabin fever on a Tuesday night. How many financial instruments are broken? Does anyone remember the end of America What is life going to be like in the new surveillance state? Will the economy hit the ground running or […]