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Lessons & Layers of Sensitivity with April Snow HSP Series part 4

There is something for all of us to take away and learn from this conversation. Every single one of us gets to pause and learn who we are in relationships with ourselves and who we are and how we show up in relationships with others and we also have to pause and learn our partners and loved ones. April Snow is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in downtown San Francisco. She believes thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) a matter of knowing yourself and making adjustments to...


Releasing Shame & Reclaiming Desire with Arielle Brown

Many people feel that they can’t be themselves in relationship, either because of society’s pressure on them to be and act a certain way, or the pressure they feel from a significant other who demands them to be something other than their true self. In this episode we’re talking about Releasing Shame & Reclaiming Desire with Arielle Brown so that our intimate relationships can allow for more alignment between our inner self and our outer reality. Arielle is a Relationship Coach and...


Relational Healing and Racism with John Edwards

In this episode, we're focusing on the experiences of immigrants and people of a color in therapy. My guest, John Edwards, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Gottman Method Couples’ Therapist in Oakland, CA, with over 28 years in practice. John’s an immigrant from the Caribbean and a gay black man, these personal experiences help him relate to clients who feel marginalized or unheard in society. He knows that there isn’t just ONE way for relationships to work and that...


Sacred Spiritual Relationships with Tamara Powell

Have you ever thought of relationships as sacred and spiritual spaces? Join us for a conversation that takes a deep dive into concepts you’ve never considered before and open your eyes to new ways to think of yourself and your relationships to others. My guest, Tamara Powell, LMHC, is a colleague, and past guest of the show. Her favorite topic sacred psychology -the intersection between traditional psychology with a focus on the holistic self, including the spirituality of a person-...


Supporting Transgender People And The People Who Love Them with Sarah Gilbert

What kind of support exists for transgendered people, those who question their gender identity, and the people who love them? Fortunately, there are therapists who specialize in these topics, offering support and safe spaces for the discussions and self-discovery that must take place in the face of the intense societal pressure put on this segment of our population. Today’s show tackles these issues and more. Sarah Gilbert, LCSW, is the owner of Transitions Therapy, LLC, a private...


The Ripple Effect of Childhood Trauma with Laura Reagan

Chances are that you or someone you love dearly has been affected by childhood trauma. The statistics are appalling as to the prevalence of childhood trauma, and unfortunately, we don’t seem to be changing the trend. Today we’re talking about childhood trauma and trauma informed care. My guest, Laura Reagan is an expert on how childhood trauma affects our lives. She’s also the host of the Therapy Chat podcast (a highly recommended fave of mine). Laura is a clinical social worker in...


Relational Politics with Brandy Brooks

We all have ideals, opinions, and expectations of our governing leaders---and sadly, often those ideals are not met because we elect “politicians.” Today’s show is about change---real change that can happen when the voice of the people is truly heard by community leaders and when the needs of every segment of the community are addressed and improved. This conversation is a breath of fresh air. Brandy Brooks genuinely has the heart and the determination to make these changes into...


Sensitive Leadership with Karina Antonopoulos

In part 3 of our Highly Sensitive Series we highlight the work of one expert in the area of HSP who shows that this trait comes with many desirable qualities in the areas of leadership and intuition. Karina Antonopoulos is a relationship coach for highly sensitive women. Her expertise lies in helping high sensation highly sensitive people find support in improving relationship quality, connection, and communication. She guides her clients in how to read the maps of life, navigate the...


The Evolution of Sensitivity with Julie Bjelland

20% of the world’s population is made up of people who carry a character trait called high sensitivity. That amounts to 1 in 5 people so the chances are high that either you or someone you love is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). HSP’s are often overloaded with the chaos of the world and more keenly impacted by both positive and negative experiences. Today’s show dives deep into the HSP trait and coping skills needed for HSP’s to thrive. My guest Julie Bjelland, LMFT, has a private...


Your Relationship with Money with Joanne Leffeld

How do you feel about money? Is it a subject you’re comfortable talking about? Most of us know money is necessary in today’s world, but we may not realize the sensitivity we carry around talking about this topic. And how many relationship issues are related to our views of money. Today’s show explores the psychology of our relationship with money. My guest is Joanne Leffeld, began her career as a Certified Financial Planner in the NY metropolitan area. Now in the Hudson Valley she’s...


Tending To Our Selves with Dave Conley

When is it time to turn inward? When we show up for the people that we love, our attention is diverted from other things. There’s so much in this world that is competing for our time and attention. The result of this attention-grabbing is that our inner center is often left unattended. When we focus outwardly, especially in a helping profession, we tend to ignore the important inner work that needs to happen in order to take care of ourselves. My guest today has done extensive work with...


Creative Spirituality and Sustainable Wellness with Lanie Smith

We are humans, we create. Treat your soul to some self-care today and join Lanie Smith and I as we explore creativity, self-knowledge, and how art and nature combine. We’re talking about the evolution of Lanie’s signature approach to wellness and self-care as a sustainable lifestyle, EcoArt Wellness. Sustainable is the key word here because for Lanie, creating art and communing with nature are as natural as living her life. Lanie is an art therapist, coach and consultant with a passion...


Vicarious Resilience TMI Project

I had the deep joy of chatting with Eva Tenuto and Hayley Downs today to discover just how transformative and powerful it is to share your story. Eva and Hayley have been hard at work developing the documentary, Vicarious Resilience, with the TMI Project, and I am so excited and honored to get to share that work with you. Working With Rebecca: Rebecca’s integrative mastermind for therapists is now forming. It’s designed to help release blockages, cultivate your vision and tend to...


Understanding Gender Identity with Dara Hoffman-Fox

Deep down, don’t we all want to be seen? How do we put into practice seeing each other? My guest today is Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC and Gender Therapist. Dara loves to talk about the invisible spaces, and no issue brings that to light better than the expression of gender identity. I’ve been wanting this conversation with Dara to happen for such a long time. Dara’s doing inspiring work as a Non-Binary Gender Therapist specializing in gender questioning, Non-Binary, and Transgender...


Impactful Mothers with Annie Schuessler

I’m talking with Annie Schuessler, host of Therapist Clubhouse podcast, about how our motherhood journeys entwine with our work and how we impact our corners of the world. Annie helps private practice entrepreneurs build profitable and fulfilling businesses by leveraging their unique superpowers. We’re discussing how we strive to stay present with our families, tend to and model self care, protect against burnout, find our rhythms, want to feel, craft our livelihoods, what we give energy...


Brave Worriers, Disarming Anxiety with Elizabeth Cush

If you’re like many modern women, you learned to swallow what you need. Maybe you don’t even know what you need. Maybe it oozes out of you sideways in the form of anxiety. In this episode Elizabeth (Biz) Cush, MA, LCPC, joins me to explore our relationships with anxiety and discomfort and how to tune into what you need even when it’s buried below the surface. As a trauma therapist in Annapolis, MD, Biz incorporates mindfulness and meditation into her psychotherapy work, her blogs and its...


Shamanism and Self-leadership with Dr. Carmen Roman

As we look into ourselves we seed the very transformations we desire to manifest in the world. So it’s worth noting, the deep work of healing our own wounds is often so ripe with potential to affect outward ripples of change. In this episode I’m talking with Dr. Carmen Roman a bilingual and bicultural psychotherapist with 25 years of experience working in both Mexico and in California. She combines both cultures and both worlds in the work and specializes in creative expression as a form...


Liberation-Focused Healing: A Call to Action With Shawna Murray-Browne

Conversations around dismantling systemic racism are becoming increasingly urgent and persistent. But for some of us, we can feel lost on how we can contribute, even when our intentions are good. No one wants to do it wrong. We are all needed in this movement nonetheless. So, what does this mean for therapists, healers and change-makers? We have to start by asking the question: What needs dismantling within my own life and what needs expansion? Does therapy look the same for all...



Earlier in this season on the Practice of Being Seen, Molly Merson, MFT, and I initiated a discussion around the “American collective unconscious”. It’s such a complex, layered subject. And though we covered quite a bit of ground in in that hour of conversation, there still is so much more to explore. And so many questions to open up to possibility. Through this exploration of our collective unprocessed traumas and the deep healing we need, we’re really talking about witnessing in a...


Dissociative: Finding the Calm with Stacey Steinmiller

The term “dissociation” can drum up quite a bit of fear in people. Many will immediately think of what we used to call “multiple personalities disorder” and respond: “Hey, I’m not crazy!” But in truth, we all dissociate from time to time. So what exactly is dissociation? You might misplace your keys now and then or you might shut down in a heated argument with your partner, but how do we know if this is a disconnection from self? From time and space? It turns out, the clues are in...