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Reflection 65: My Monthly Focus for July 2017: Reduction

We are constantly adding things to our lives. This month my focus is all about lightening the load I carry daily. I hope this will increase the value (flavor) of the things that I do. The Drawing Board - Udacity PodcastReal Talk with Ashley 466: Doing it Your WayAndrew Huang - Mary Had a Little Lamb


Reflection 64: Staying Committed to Yourself

Staying committed to a morning routine is critical to success. Sleep, exercise, and meditation are all important. I am committed to staying on a schedule. Some interesting listening/watching: The Sleep Revolution7 Ways to Maximize Your Misery How to Be Miserable Connect with Tiffany That Mac Nerd That Mac Nerd - Twitter That Mac Nerd - Facebook @TiffanyW_412 on Twitter This content and more is available at


Reflection 63: Too Much Automation and Figuring Out What Works for Me

I lost a podcast episode for the first time. This was due to too much automation happening. GeminiHazel App I also have come to the desicion that I'm going to be sticking with analog productivity for the forseeable future. It's what works best for me and while I'm still figuring it all out, I think I'm on the right track.


Reflection 58: So Many Distractions

I found out the drain from our house has finally worn down. This and many other distractions have made getting anything done this week very hard.


PITReflections 49: NEW FORMAT - Coaching from Lee Stetson

We are kicking off a new format for the PITReflections. I have decided that I will be enlisting the help of a productivity coach. This year, quickly becoming the "year of guidance", I will be working to make myself and Productivity in Tech better in 2017. Lee and I will be chatting three days a week and two of the three will be recorded while a middle of the week update will be available on our blog! Be sure to check out Lee's coaching page on Lee Stetson Coach.meThe...


PITReflections 48: The Balance between Planning and Executing

Yesterday I was encouraged while planning my next moves on a project at work. I reached out to a friend in the field and as I began to explain my potential solution, he let me know that I was working outside of the realm of his job and knowledge. There are plenty of things that we want to see happen in the productivity space, but we can't limit ourselves to being just an productivity planner and a productivity architect. We must ensure there is balance.


PITReflections 47: 2017 PIT Resolutions

title: 2017 PIT Resolutions tags: resolution episode_number: 47 media_url: duration: 14:18 I normally don't do resolutions for the new year, but this year I have made a few resolutions for Productivity in Tech and its community.


PITReflections 45: They Threw a Bunch of Stuff at the Fan, But it was Cool

Yesterday, a lot of things came my way, but it was okay. I can definitely see the benefit of journaling in my personal growth! Here is a recap of yesterday! Productivity in Tech PodcastMartin St. Macary A special thanks to everyone that listens to the reflections and lets me know their thoughts. The emotional rollercoaster of this day would have been a lot for me, but thanks to these reflections I am starting to get a better grip on my file and responsibilities. Again, A HUGE Thanks!


PITReflections 44: I Understand Why the Holidays were so Silent

Sorry about not having many episodes last week. Food poisoning and fatigue got the best of me. I made the decision to not release Productivity in Tech Podcast episodes over the Christmas and New Years Holidays. I've noticed that I haven't been giving enough time to my family and I really want to make sure that I am balancing my life. So although I will be upset that there are no podcasts for me to listen to, I will also not be publishing (except for these! I like doing these!).


PITReflections 43: Don't Let Yourself go Unchecked

So I couldn't let PITReflections 42 go unchecked. Man that thing was DEPRESSING! I made yesterday sound absolutely terrible and that's not fair so I decided to do a second reflection for yesterday. After my meeting I had a pretty quiet day and was able to put in some focus tracks (DJ Okawari is the best). After dinner (Fried Chicken and homemade french fries), I completed the PITPodcast for next week! So excited to have that already done.


PITReflections 42: PSA About Anxiety, and My Personal Struggle Yesterday

I had one of my regular meetings. I tdidn't think I was prepared for it. Everyone seemed okay with the amount of information that I presented and there was even some greatitude for the work that I put in. I sat down with my boss who was also in the meeting for some mid-day reflection. He reassured me that I did very well but also reminded me that it is okay to be wrong (see PITReflections: 24). This got me wondering about my own anxiety. Why did I not think that I had done enough. maybe...


PITReflections 39: I Need to Own Up to My Mistakes

The past few days have been full of mistakes! PIT Reflections 38: I'm not Perfect, but Nobody Said I wasPIT Reflections 37: Get that Frustration out Before you Make a MistakePIT Reflections 34: 34: Don't Let False Starts Ruin Your Performance Yesterday was another painful experience. Today, my negligence landed me with a $450 bill for a service that will not help me in any way. At first I was angry at them, but after a while I realized that I had no one to be mad at but myself. TakeAways


PITReflections 38: I'm not Perfect, but Nobody Said I was.

I lost part of a podcast file. It sucks because that means I cannot release that episode. It also sucks because to me it makes me feel bad. I'm supposed to be one of the productive people. I feel like it reflects poorly on me to not be organized and lose stuff. Overall I'm reminded of a few things. TakeAways


PITReflections 37: Get that Frustration out Before you Make a Mistake

Yesterday, I got really frustrated and it started affecting my performance. Instead of exploding and being irrational, I decided that I would post my frustration on a service that people wouldn't see (at least not for very long) Follow me on SnapChat Also I'm still not ready for 2016 to end. There's so much to do. @kayla_hollatz oh man I'm still working on 2016.... Is it already time to start thinking about next year?!? December 2, 2016 Links Kayla HollatzCreateLounge Podcast...


PITReflections 35: Ask for Help! How I Struggle with My Own Advice

I had people offering to help me handle some of the administrative work that I do for NCSD Entrprenuers. I'm not used to having the help but I'm thinking that I will do it. Links NCSD EntreprenuersPIT 17: Empowering your team with Lucas MilesPythonMonthly Takeaway for Today:


PITReflections 34: Don't Let False Starts Ruin Your Performance

Yesterday I had a terrible start to my day and it carried on into the rest of the day. I definitely let the false start ruin my performance. Takeaway for Today:


PITReflections 33: Dedicated Time is Awesome

For the first time in a very long time, I was able to focus on projects without distraction. This was because I allotted the first half of my day to focus and knock out some of these goals. Takeaway for Today:


PITReflections 26: Thanksgiving Makeup Episode

Takeaway for Today:


PITReflections 32: Making a Template From What Didn't Work

Yesterday, I was asked to make a banner for work. The image that they gave me wasn't the right size and I was then asked to find a replacement image that would be suitable. Instead of just starting from scratch, I took the image that I had and made it into an approriate template. I cut off the pieces that I didn't need and then used the square as a starting point to figure out what my file would need to look like. Takeaway for Today:


PITReflections 27: Be Like Oolong and Get Better with Each Attempt

I was a part of the first ever San Diego North County Entreprenuers meetup. I had a great time with the people that showed up. We not only talked about businesses and the issues that we see with them sometimes, but we also discussed something that I enjoy but am not too familiar with, Tea. I decided to purchase an oolong tea set. The cool thing about oolong is that you make several cups quickly and the tea gets better over time. My #oolong #tea setup A photo posted by Jay Miller...


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