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Episode 55 - Alan Rosenberg

Alan Rosenberg has volunteered at local animal shelters for years, helping those animals in need. With Alan's background in accounting and finance he uses his skills to focus on animal advocacy and shelter reform. When Alan is not busy with his day job, he's pulling public records to research various topics and he shares his findings through his blog to shed light on what is going on in shelters today across the state of New Jersey. Looking specifically at New Jersey, the kill rate has...


Episode 54 - Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton

In 2008 Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton decided to resume her career after a 13 year career break to raise her children by starting Hamilton Law and Mediation. She created her own niche field, employing collaborative law and mediation to address civil conflicts including special education, contract and animal conflicts. Listen in as she gives some great advice and steps you can take to protect yourself and your pets.


Episode 53 - Amy Burkert

Co-founders of "", Amy and Rod Burkert travel full-time with their two dogs, Buster and Ty, in their motorhome and write a blog about their adventures. In 2008 they already had Ty, their Shar-Pei, but found a stray German Shepherd, whom they named Buster. They wanted to travel around with their dogs but couldn't find a suitable guidebook, so they created their own. Their mission is to make pet travel easy and fun - because pets deserve vacations, too!


Episode 52 - Eileen Smulson

Eileen Smulson from Operation Blankets of Love joins us today. Before starting Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) Eileen was a former school teacher and founder of a singing telegram balloon delivery business as well as working in the non-profit world for 20 years in Los Angeles, CA. Celebrating 10 years they currently support 60 organizations and have 65 drop-off sites in the Los Angeles, CA area. Being extremely involved in their community and the LA area, they also have many additional...


Episode 51 - Lorien Clemens

Lorien Clemens from PetHub joins us today to talk more about the benefits of PetHub and her role in the organization as the Vice President of Operations & Marketing programs. Learn more about lost pet prevention month and how you can keep your pets safe during the busy summer months. She also shares with us what PetHub is working on next, interested in keeping your safe? Take a listen and learn how technology with PetHub can help keep your pets safe!


Episode 50 - Carole Feeny

Carole Feeny who Co-Founded Project Blue Collar talks with us today about the global movement that celebrates rescue dogs. Project Blue Collar started back in 2012 as a way to identify rescue dogs and to hear their story. Carole shares with us the inspiration behind the movement and what they are looking forward to next.


Episode 49 - Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck is an award winning author, radio show host & creator of Sunny-Dog Ink who joins us today to talk about first aid & pet preparedness for your furry family member. She shares 3 important key categories to help you get ready in case of an emergency and what's involved in each one. We encourage you to listen in and learn more!


Episode 48 - Aubrie Kavanaugh

In this episode, Aubrie Kavanaugh talks with us about animal welfare topics. She created Paws 4 Change as a platform for humane education and brings awareness to 6 important topics. She is also part of No-Kill Huntsville which started in 2012 and is comprised of local animal welfare advocates, rescuers and shelter directors who seek better for their community. Thanks to their work and partnership with city officials animals in their shelter now have a greater chance of making it out alive.


Episode 47 - Beth Frank

In just over 4 years Community Cats United has grown globally with over 23,000 members. Beth Frank shares with us how she started the group, their accomplishments to date and what they are focusing on next. To learn more about community cats and how Beth is focusing on spay/neuter clinics please listen in. They are doing wonderful things for the community cats that are out there! You can reach her through the Facebook group @communiycatsunited.


Episode 46 - Tom Quigley

Tom has spent the last 5 years volunteering his time to save animals by transporting for Kindred Hearts Transport Connections (KHTC). While he loves transporting the animals he also serves on the Executive Board and runs their online shop. Tom shares with us some of his favorite stories and talks about how he found KHTC and how easy the process was to get started.


Episode 45 - Diane Rose-Solomon

Diane Rose-Solomon, a certified Humane Education Specialist & Author of 3 award winning books joins us today to talk about the 2nd Edition of her book "What to expect when adopting a dog". This book is a one stop shop for anyone looking to adopt a dog. She offers expert advice from rescue specialists, organizations, veterinarians and many more. Her passion is education and bringing awareness to others on the adoption of rescue animals. Check out her FaceBook page for her adoption tips &...


Episode 44 - Elaine Nash

Elaine Nash, launched Fleet of Angels back in 2012, with the idea to create a place where people could go if they needed help saving horses, in just a few short years she has built a nationwide Fleet of Angels who help save lives everyday. She and her Angels are also on call during some of our countries greatest disasters, as in hurricanes, wildfires & other natural disasters. When the need arises, Elaine and her team of Angels are on the front line to help where they can! She shares with us...


Episode 43 - Lynn Molnar

Lynn Molnar joins us today from Thankful Paws, a pet foodbank located in Baltimore Maryland who has been helping people in need for 7 years. Learn about the inspiration behind the start of this wonderful organization, the challenges as well as some tips on how you can help your local community!


Episode 42 - Brigitte Thompson

VT Dog Rescue has been around for just 3 short years and is targeted to triple the amount of dogs saved this year! You'll learn how they make the adoption process personalized for each adopting family. Brigitte shares an inspirational adoption story for a fire-fighter who was at Ground Zero and how the local community came together to share the special moment. Brigitte and Chris talk about the problems of transportation and ideas on how to move dogs from the south to the north. There are...


Episode 41 - Antoinette Rodriguez

Rettung’s Haus Shepherds, located in Kenosha, WI is a volunteer based rescue that takes in German Shepherds who are left in high-kill shelters. Not only does she take them in but with some specialized training, many of these dogs go on to serve their community. Antoinette has also established a community outreach program for the youth, called Operation K9 Truth for Youth which is designed to teach fact from fiction regarding the bully breed nation. Please join us as she shares with us more...


Episode 40 - Christine Exley

Join us today as we talk with Christine Exley, an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Business School and Co-Founder of Wagaroo. Christine will be talking to us about Wagaroo's Family2Family program, vs surrendering their beloved pets to a shelter. She'll share with us the story of how she met Pepper, her beloved brindle pit, with the unshakable love for life. "As a dog lover and an economist, I hope to find ways to save more dogs by overcoming market failures.


Episode 39 - Gerda Silver

Gerda Silver with GER (Gerda’s Equine Rescue) has been saving slaughter bound horses for 12 years and since the conception in 2005 she and her team have saved over 1,000 horses! She’ll share with us her background and dedication to these majestic creatures along with what it means to adopt and the steps involved. The organization also has some upcoming events to share and ways for you to help! Please joins us as we learn more about Gerda and the wonderful work she is doing at GER.


Episode 38 - Kim George

Kim George with Kane’s Krusade in Springfield, Massachusetts shares with us her mission to keep dogs with their families by directly addressing the root cause of surrender – economic, behavioral & tenant/insurance issues. Kane’s Krusade practices the HomeFirst model. We will also learn from Kim how Kane’s Krusade was created, what it takes to keep it going and what the future holds for them. Many of the people that they serve also volunteer with Kane’s Krusade, now that’s paying it forward!...


Episode 37 Kathy Pobloskie

Kathy Pobloskie, Director and Co-Founder of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is committed to reuniting owners with their lost dogs. She is also a Co-Founder of Lost Dogs of America an umbrella organization that is helping other Lost Dog state groups get off the ground, with currently 35 states participating. While much of what Kathy and her team do on a daily basis depends on their memory, they also have many resources and tools they use on their website, to help the owners of lost pets be reunited.


Episode 36 - Mike McCarthy

This week we talk with Mike McCarthy about Rescue Express, an initiative of MGM Animal Foundation. With a shortage of adoptable dogs in the Pacific Northwest, his organization has been involved with taking animals from high-kill shelters in southern California & driving them north through CA, OR, WA and even into Canada to find their forever home. They have been providing animals their “freedom rides” since February 2015 & are now working to add a tractor trailer to their fleet.