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The Greater Good—Lessons from Governments and NGOs

Long Description Making the world a better place is no simple task. Especially when funding is in short supply. Leaders from government agencies and NGOs share how transparency and accountability help them do more with less on their projects and programs. Riaan Husselmann, director of enterprise portfolio management for the New South Wales Electoral Commission in Australia, shares how increased transparency can improve project delivery—and restore the public’s trust in its elected...


The Need for Speed—Delivering Rapid Response Projects

A rapidly shifting business landscape is forcing project teams to be more flexible. Global project leaders share how they deliver fast-paced results—without sacrificing quality. The PMO team from McDonald’s shares how it successfully delivering a massive digital transformation project that touched 20,000 global restaurants in just nine months. Dev Ramcharan, a program director at TD Bank in Toronto, Canada, explains how the full spectrum of project management approaches can help project...


The Long Haul—Future-Proofing Infrastructure

Smart tech investments in infrastructure take center stage in our discussions with project leaders. They discuss how they’re helping communities meet needs that last for the long haul. Frank Vieveen, program manager for the City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, shares how he selects smart city and digital economy projects that streamline city life. Sarah Hoban, a global project manager and lead associate for Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington D.C., discusses how project teams can...


Winning on Strategy—The Power of Project Delivery with guest Felipe Daguila

Insights from global experts for how project and program teams can respond to shifting priorities, when to pull the plug on an outdated project—and what it takes to deliver real strategic value. Felipe Daguila, the chief digital officer for Ooredoo Qatar, explains how increasing collaboration between the teams that create and execute on strategy improves the quality of project delivery. Dev Ramcharan, a program director for TD in Toronto, offer tips to help teams deliver successful...


Managing Volatility — Adapt or Fail with guest Jennifer Mercer

In this episode, global project and program leaders discuss how they deal with disruption and navigate uncertainty in a constantly shifting landscape. About Our Guests: Jennifer Mercer, program manager for arctic research support and logistics with the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. talks what it takes to manage projects in some of the world’s most extreme environments. James Stewart, vice chair for KPMG in London, discusses how project managers need to adapt their...


Career Development — Landing Your Dream Job with guest Manuel Salero Coca, PMP

Global experts discuss how to ace an interview, landing your next big promotion and the skills that set top-performing project professionals apart. In this episode, you'll hear from career experts ... Manuel Salero Coca, managing director for PIN Technologies in Mexico City, about what it takes to become a project leader in a global company—and even start your own business. Lindsay Scott, director of program and project management recruitment for Arras People in London, shares some of...


Innovation - Changing the Game with guest Alice Pollard

In this episode, global project leaders discuss how to make hyper-innovation happen, the do’s and don’ts of managing virtual teams and navigating an uncertain project landscape. Alice Pollard, chief of staff and innovation architect for Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Labs in San Francisco, shares the success factors that helps some of the world’s largest companies collaborate on game-changing innovations. James Stewart, vice chair for KPMG in London, talks how teams can navigate a new...


Women in Project Leadership - Gaining Ground with guest Jane Canniff

Jane Canniff and Carrie Fletcher discuss what it takes to be a woman in charge, and Lindsay Scott shares research on gender trends in project management. About our Guests — Carrie Fletcher, Lindsay Scott and Jane Caniff: Carrie Fletcher, PMP, is the senior director of health information management and the enterprise project management office (PMO) for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare...


PMI EMEA Congress Special Episode - The Demands of Digitization

During this conversation, recorded at PMI’s EMEA Congress 2018 in Berlin, John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen discuss how digitization is changing the way projects are run, the benefits project teams can expect to see in the near future— and what skills project and program managers need to develop to stay relevant. About our Guests — John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen: John Daly, PfMP, PgMP, PMP, is a Director in Cisco Advanced Service Global PMO, managing a global team of project and program...


IBM PM Center of Excellence — Staying Relevant with guest Jim Boland

Jim shares insights on the past, present and future of IBM's PMCoE, including its focus on attracting and developing tomorrow's project leaders, the challenge of balancing traditional methods with agile approaches, and the keys to remaining relevant over two decades. About our Guest: Jim Boland is the leader of IBM's Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCoE), which is celebrating its 21st anniversary as it serves over 350,000 "IBMers" —including dozens of PMOs and 40,000 certified...


Transformation — Momentum and Mindset with guest Kevin Murphy

In part two with transformation expert Kevin Murphy, Kevin discusses how project managers serve as big-picture change agents, developing a future mindset, how to instill new behaviors for creating a change-ready culture, and dealing with resistance. About our Guest: Kevin Murphy is a partner in Bain & Company's Washington, D.C. office, and head of its Center of Expertise for Co-Creation. He has more than 30 years of experience across multiple industries in leading large turnarounds and...


Team Leadership — Maximizing Potential with guest Andy Kaufman

Andy defines leadership and teams in this episode; discusses trust, conflict and alignment; touches on agile principles in leading teams; emphasizes the importance of finding meaning in the work; and offers advice on dealing with "bad apples" and bringing out the best in the teams you lead. About our Guest: Speaker, author and executive coach Andy Kaufman has worked with thousands of individuals from hundreds of organization to help them improve their ability to deliver projects and lead...


Transformation — Risks and Rewards with guest Kevin Murphy

In this episode Kevin defines transformation, describes what’s different for leaders moving through it, and makes a case that project professionals do their best work when they attend to the physical, mental and emotional space where co-creation can be achieved. About our Guest: Kevin Murphy is a partner in Bain & Company's Washington, D.C. office, and head of its Center of Expertise for Co-Creation. He has more than 30 years of experience across multiple industries in leading large...


Culture — Millennials in the Workforce with guest Dana Brownlee

Dana shares insights on building strong work relationships between millennials and managers. With perspectives from both sides, she identifies behaviors and mindsets to foster cross-generational collaboration and understanding. About our Guest: Dana Brownlee has served as project manager and strategy consultant for IBM and AT&T, among other organizations. She is president of Professionalism Matters and the author of the upcoming book The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Project Management...


2017 Project of the Year — Complexity and Risk w/ Guest Doug Greenwell

Doug shares experiences and insights from managing PMI's 2017 Project of the Year. You’ll learn how the team overcame dangers of the work environment and the technical, talent, and communications challenges of the project. About our Guest: Roland (Doug) Greenwell has led highly complex projects at U.S. Department of Energy sites for more than 30 years, bringing expertise in nuclear waste retrieval, safety-conscious work environments and continuous improvement. Doug shares experiences...


Social Good — Leading Development Projects with guest Jane Canniff

After building a successful IT consulting career in the corporate world, Jane invested a decade leading global development projects and programs for World Vision International and CARE USA. In this episode, Stephen Maye sits down with Jane Canniff who discusses how project management is changing and how it differs between the for-profit and global development sectors. Jane also shares what she's learned about transition, adaptation and finding purpose in work that can save lives. For...


Communication — The Path to Payoff with guest Oren Klaff

Picking up our previous conversation on "pitching projects," Oren practices what he preaches — diving right into describing "a path to payoff" to follow when running team meetings or presenting a solution to stakeholders. About our Guest: Oren Klaff is author of Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal and an investment banker who has raised more than $1 billion for entrepreneurs. For an easy way to stay up-to-date on Projectified with PMI,...


Digital Transformation — What It Takes with guest Anand Swaminathan

Anand Swaminathan, a senior partner at McKinsey and Stephen W. Maye continue their conversation about what digital transformation means today, and why it’s important to almost every organization’s future. Real-world business examples of digital transformation enlighten part two of our conversation with Anand, as we dive more deeply into the role of cross-functional teams and discuss the culture challenges that must be addressed. Anand Swaminathan is also one of the authors of Digital @...


Creativity — Part of the Process with guest Scott Berkun

Best-selling author of The Dance of the Possible, The Year Without Pants and other books, Scott is a former Microsoft project manager, a creative-thinking teacher, and a popular speaker. Episode Description: We return to the oft-neglected role of creativity in project management as Scott shares insights on bringing fresh-thinking and innovative problem-solving to your projects and teams, regardless of the work environment. For an easy way to stay up-to-date on Projectified with PMI,...


Agile Ways — An Ongoing Journey with guest Lauri Bingham

Lauri Bingham, Director of Technology PMO at T-Mobile. Responsible for managing over $100M across a diverse, high-profile portfolio of national programs and projects. Episode Description: Stephen W. Maye is your host for Projectified with PMI. In this episode, Stephen sits down with Lauri Bingham who shares insights and lessons learned on adopting and integrating agile principles and practices into a variety of work environments. Lauri also covers the PMO’s role in supporting teams,...