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Podcast 606 - "Michael Pollen Discusses Psychedelics"

This is an excellent and very informative interview on several levels. While Michael Pollen is somewhat new to the psychedelic scene, he nonetheless has tapped into its essence, and some of his observations, coming from one who hasn't been embedded in the scene for decades, carry some interesting ideas that the old-timers may find interesting to think about. In 2010, TIME magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. In today's podcast, Michael turns his attention...


Podcast 605 - "Microdosing: Benefits, Risks, Unknowns"

Today's podcast centers around microdosing psychedelics, LSD in particular. Much of today's interest in microdosing psychedelics blossomed after the publication of The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide, which was written by Dr. James Fadiman, who has been featured here in the Salon in the past. And we are fortunate today to listen to a conversation between Jim Fadiman and Ayelet Waldman, author of A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life....


Podcast 604 - "Healing With Sound"

Today's program features a conversation between frequent guest, writer, and musician Matt Pallamary and René Jenkins who among other things is a ceremonial sound practitioner. During their discussion you will learn about the work that they have been doing with music during medicine ceremonies. They also discuss their gratitude for the guidance and teaching they have been given by world musician Tito la Rosa.


Podcast 603 - "Treating Opioid Addiction with Ibogaine"

Today's podcast features a recording of a recent session of the Psychedelic Salon LIVE in which our guests were Dr. Andrew Tatarsky and Lakshmi Narayan. In an interactive conversation with several of our fellow saloners, Andrew and Lakshmi told of their work in beginning the process of rescheduling ibogaine in a medical category that will better facilitate the work of treating opioid addictions.


Podcast 602 - "RAW Theology"

There truly is no way to succinctly describe a talk by Robert Anton Wilson. This is one that you will want to listen to more than once.


Podcast 601 - "The Secret of Psychedelics"

Today's podcast features a recording of Alan Watts speaking about the imporatnce of psychedelic medicines.


Podcast 600 - "Elders from the Sixties Discuss LSD"

Today's podcast features the audio track from the well-known last gathering of several of the men whose work was done in the very early days of what today is becoming known as the Psychedelic Renaissance. These men, who included Myron Stolaroff, Sidney Cohen, Al Hubbard, Timothy Leary, Oscar Janiger, and Humphry Osmond came together on a February day in 1979 and talked about some of their research, and some of their adventures, during the early days in which widespread use of psychedelics,...


Podcast 599 - "The Psychedelic Hospice Movement"

Today's podcast features the talk that Lorenzo delivered at the recent Imagine Convergence held on Orcas Island. The Imagine Convergence was a gathering of change-makers, intellectuals, innovators and cultural creatives who explored cross-disciplinary solutions to our current global complexities. Lorenzo's talk focused on end-of-life issues and what he calls The Psychedelic Hospice Movement.


Podcast 598 - "A Conversation with Nick Sand"

Today's podcast features an interview given by legendary chemist Nick Sand, the creator of Orange Sunshine LSD. In this interview, given a few years before Nick's untimely death, we hear him explain what led him to become a psychedelic chemist as well as the many trials and tribulations he suffered over many years of incarceration as a prisoner in the War on Drugs.


Podcast 597 - "Terence McKenna on Art Bell" Part 2

Today we continue with the March 1998 Art Bell interview with Terence McKenna. This segment features questions from the nation wide radio audience of the Coast to Coast radio program. Topics include DMT, yoga, cannabis, aliens, and Artificial Intelligence among other things. At one point Bell asks Terence why the U.S. government has not yet assassinated him, and McKenna's answer is not to be missed.


Podcast 596 - "Terence McKenna on Art Bell" Part 1

Today's podcast features an interview that Terence McKenna did on the Art Bell radio program on March 19, 1998. This conversation begins with an interesting discussion of how Terence was living off the grid at the time, but it then proceeds to cover such topics as: Sandoz acid, technology, culture, artificial intelligence, aliens, UFOs, psychedelics, DMT, War on Drugs, television, coffee, politics. And this is only Part 1 of this interview.


Podcast 595 - "The Edge Runner" Part 2

Today's podcast features the second part of a talk that Terence McKenna gave in May of 1990. Rather than follow a script for this talk, Terence answers questions from the audience which feature such diverse topics as the family, education, ayahuasca, DMT, history, language, and psychedelics.


Podcast 594 - "The Edge Runner" Part 1

Today's podcast features a May 1990 talk by Terence McKenna in which he declares himself to be "an edge runner." What he means by that is that, while he lives mainly in the default world, it is at the edges of this world were he focuses his intentions. One of his more controversial quotes from this talk is, "If our god is omnipotent, omniscient, never wrong always right, utterly unforgiving, this is a jerk! Who needs this? We don't need this. Our image of deity is pathological. Our image of...


Salon2 056 - "The Harvard Psychedelic Club"

Today's podcast from our Psychedelic Salon 2.0 track features some epic stories from a psychonaut who’s seen it all. His name is Gunther Weil. Gunther escaped the Holocaust, worked with Tim Leary on the LSD Concord Prison Experiment, worked on Aerosmith’s first album, recieved a Ph.D. from Harvard, and hung out with Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, and Ram Dass. These are his tales of adventure, curiosity, betrayal, and triumph. Gunther Weil shares with us a life of stories and adventures from...


Podcast 593 - "Understanding the Chaos at History's End" - Part 5

Today we continue with the June 1989 Terence McKenna workshop session in which he sets out his ideas about history and time in his Timewave hypothesis. And while we now know that this idea of his will never actually become an actual theory, as it is sometimes said to be, nonetheless, he points out several instances in which history appears to be following a fractal pattern. As far as I know, this particular Timewave lecture hasn't been released on the Net before.


Podcast 592 - "Understanding the Chaos at History's End" - Part 4

In this fourth installment of a 1989 Terence McKenna workshop he begins with one of his more detailed accounts of the meme he launched about a transcendental object at the end of time. After first examining what humanity might be like without the clothing of culture. Although this most likely came up before, it is the first time that I remember him saying that his hypothesized transcendental object at the end of time was not an object but rather was more like a being. Here is his exact...


Podcast 591 - "Understanding the Chaos at History's End" - Part 3

Today we pick up with ending of the morning session on the first day of a weekend workshop featuring Terence McKenna. This takes place on June 24, 1989, and he begins with an exploration of what he calls "a frantic search for substitutes for the goddess". In the afternoon session Terence begins with an exploration of the phenomenology of the psychedelic states. Here is one of my favorite quotes from this program: "You may have the notion that we are a minority that feels this is important...


Podcast 590 - "Understanding the Chaos at History's End" - Part 2

Today we continue with a workshop that Terence McKenna led at the Esalen Institute in June of 1989. Although he begins with an exploration of ideas surrounding the use of sound during psychedelic experiences, he also tells some great stories, including one of my favorites. I'd only heard it once before, and for me it's the funniest story I've heard him tell, and this is a new version that you won't want to miss. Additionally, this may be one of the earliest talks in which Terence addressed...


Podcast 589 - "Understanding the Chaos at History's End" - Part 1

Today marks the official beginning of the 3.0 track of the Psychedelic Salon. The main difference between Salon 3.0 and the earlier podcasts from the salon is that this 3.0 track on will be where you will hear the programs three months before they appear on the "classic salon" feeds. So to mark this new beginning I am playing a recording of a Terence McKenna weekend workshop at the Esalen Institute that, as far as I know, has never been published before. Two interesting quotes...


Salon2 055 - "Matt Pallamary Live in the Psychedelic Salon"

Today's podcast features a recording from a recent live session of the Psychedelic Salon in which writer and ayahuasca researcher Matt Pallamary regaled us with his tales of jungle adventures.