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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.

Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.


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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.




What We Learned from Pregnancy 10+ Years Later with JoAnn & Brie from the No Guilt Mom Podcast – Episode 087

Pregnancy can be a long battle with submitted our will’s to both the baby’s and mother nature. What can you learn from that experience that will help you on your pregnancy journey! Today’s guests are Brie Tucker & Joann Chron from The No Guilt Mom (both the website & the Podcast where they teach you how to love being a mom again. Do NOT miss their free homework checklist. My daughter did it and it REALLY helped her regulate herself and her homework routine. Big thanks to our sponsor The...


Using a Direct Primary Care Membership with Dr Bradley Shumway – Episode 086

Using a direct primary care membership changes how you utilize healthcare. It can help you manager your health better and it can reduce your overall healthcare costs while also making healthcare more convenient. Today’s guest is Dr Bradley Shumway. He is my DPC practice physician. You can find his practice at Shumway Family Medicine. He is a DO family physician in the Phoenix area and has found a lot more joy in his work as a doctor with the DPC model. Be sure to check out my podcast...


How Stress at Delivery Can Affect Your Baby – Episode 085

Being stressed out at delivery has complications you may not be considering right now. Let’s talk about pain mangement options that allow you to be in control during your delivery. This episode was inspired by my post on stress at delivery. Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples — if you’re looking to stay in control and decrease your stress at delivery, TAKE a prenatal class. Understanding the steps along the way, and what’s a normal bump in the road will TOTALLY...


What does a Church of Jesus Christ Missionary Do All Day? — Bonus Easter Episode with Sister Pope

You might have had them knock on your door, or you’ve seen them in the grocery store or on the streets. What do missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do all day? What can they do for you, even if you don’t want to get baptized? Today’s guest is my niece — Sister Grace Pope of the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission (and her compaion Sister Whitmore). She was kind enough to come on and tell us about her day and what things are like being on a mission during Covid. If...


Pornography Addiction in Adults with Stephen Moore from The PBSE Podcast – Episode 84

Today we’re extending our talk about pornography use in adults. Is it OK for use in a marriage, and how can couples understand if it is a problem? Today’s guest is Stephen Moore — he is the co-founder and co-host of the weekly podcast, PBSE, which offers a raw and real forum for the discussion of the issues, obstacles, and solutions for healing dealing with trust, intimacy, and attachment issues. (www.daretoconnectnow.com) Stephen is also the co-author of The Pornography Paradox: Why...


Kitchen Redesign – Episode 083

Re-doing a kitchen takes a lot of time, money and attention — not to mention all the inconvenience of being without a kitchen can cause. How do you pick what to change and what to invest. Kitchen Redesign on a Budget Big thanks to our sponsor The Organized Home — if you’re looking to have your home support you (rather than you supporting it) it’s the thing that can help you out! In this episode How we decided what to change in our home (and no, we’re not getting white cabinets — even...


Things to Know About Your Prenatal Care & Health History – Episode 082

Know what is happening during your prenatal care is so important. So often patients let their doctor control that information, so knowing what you need to know about yourself puts the power back in your seat. Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples — I’ll engage you as I lead you towards your confident delivery where you can be an expert in your own care! Things to know about your prenatal care In this episode: Things to know about your prenatal labs: Things to...


Sunscreen Safety with Samantha Radford from Evidence-Based Mommy - Episode 081

Using the wrong type of sunscreen can seep into the pores of your sweet little children and hurt them long term. What are the RIGHT types of sunscreens we should be using, especially with our kids (and frankly, for our own faces). Today’s guest is Dr Samantha Radford from Evidence-Based Mommy. She is a former chemist with focus in public health. She has a whole course on safe chemical usage for families. I love that she has the science to tell us what’s safest for our families. Big thanks...


The Husband Stitch & Other Myths with my nurse friend Chantel – Episode 80

Today we’re talking about all the myths in labor and delivery. So many people have heard about the husband stitch, but there’s lots of pregnancy & labor myths that we’ve heard as two labor nurses. Today’s guest is my friend Chantel. She’s been a nurse for ten years, with the last five being in both postpartum and labor and delivery. She’s one of my favorite nurses I’ve ever worked with. This episode was inspired by my labor and delivery myths and induction myths on The Pregnancy...


Why Organize Your Bedroom? – Episode 079

Bedroom organization can be a huge investment in YOURSELF that a lot of busy moms don't make because they think organizing other spots in the home will be more worth their time. Time, to make an investment that STICKS in YOUR room. Lets' do it! This episode was inspired by my Bedroom Organization post -- lots of good ideas in there! Big thanks to our sponsor The Organized Home with a BRAND NEW bedroom chapter with assignments and challenges to get you going in your own home. Guys, I...


Preparing for Your Postpartum Stay with My Friend Julie - Episode 078

After you have your baby you stay in in the hospital up to 4 more days with the couplet care nurses. How can you get the most out of this stay and get the information you need from them. Also, what can you bring or prep ahead of time for that part of your hospital stay? Today's guest is my friend Julie. She's worked in nursery, couplet care and gynecology for over 24 years and has a TON of experience. I'm excited to share it with you! This episode was inspired by my post on postpartum...


Preventing Porn Addiction in Teens with Stephen Moore from Dare to Connect Podcast – Episode 77

Teens are on screens now more than ever, but how do we make sure that they are prepared to make good choices online and keep connections with people vs just screens. Today's guest is Stephen Moore. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a strong background in addiction-related treatment and program development. He is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), Certified Partner Trauma Therapist (CPTT), and as a sex addict in successful recovery himself. He owns Ascension Counseling...


How to Know if Your Water Broke -- Episode 076

Please remember this episode is for entertainment purposes, and at no point you should you take the advice in this podcast over the information your provider gives you. This episode was inspired by my Is My Water Broken Quiz (which is super handy also). Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples In there, we dive deep into your water breaking, and I give you a no-fail equation to when you should head to the hospital that families just love! How to tell if your water...


3 Things to Make Organizing Easier – Episode 075

Make organizing easier with these simple things. They're just a few supplies you likely already have around the house. Grab these to make it easier to organize, and you'll need less motivation to organize next time. Make sure to get on my 5 Word Organization Challenge This episode was inspired by Big thanks to our sponsor The Organized Home. It's being updated through 2021 (and into 2022), with challenges, plans and more! It's a great way to get your motivation to get started (and...


Things you NEED for Your Newborn with Valerie Trumbower from New Parents Academy – PCP 062

What do you REALLY need for your newborn? When budgets are tight, or you'd just prefer to be a minimalist -- let's talk about the most important things! Today’s guest is Valerie Trumbower — the creator of New Parents Academy and a postpartum doula. She has a free expecting parents workshop — and a SUPER helpful class on newborns called Expecting 101. She also has a free workshop and a class for adoptive parents (LOVE THAT). You can also get tons of tips if you follow her on...


Raising Teenagers with my 20 Year Old Son -- Episode 73

Today's guest is my 20 year old son. I thought he would be a good vantage point as to what we can concentrate on when raising teenagers. Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines -- if you're looking to focus more on the experiences and the parenting, family routines will help give you that time! In this episode How to handle privacy and the internet for teenagersHow my fear as a parent affected how I parented Other things that might interest you My review of The CircleSending your kids...


Movement in Labor with Mandy Irby, The Birth Nurse – Episode 72

Moving during labor is one of the most important things you can do help the labor process. But, how do you do it at home, in the hospital or if you have an epidural Today’s guest is Mandy Irby (second time Mandy is on, she was also on this episode on how to go into labor and this one on saying no). She’s The Birth Nurse on Youtube and on Instagram and does trauma-sensitive nursing and childbirth education in the Roanoake, VA area (and also does Spinning Babies classes — which are super...


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Episode 071

I want to wish all the listeners of The Pulling Curls Podcast a very Merry Christmas. We're talking about bringing goodness and light into our lives during this holiday season. In this episode we're talking: Little House on the Prairie Christmas Hanukah Miracle Dinner Producer: Drew Erickson


The Covid Vaccine & My Experience in the Study – Bonus Episode #3

This episode is about the Covid vaccine and my experience with it. Along with what I have seen as far as studies of the vaccine during pregnancy. This episode was inspired by Covid Vaccine in PregnancyCovid Vaccine Study In this episode: I share how I signed-up to get into the study What my symptoms were like with the shot How being in the Covid Vaccine Study Works Producer: Drew Erickson


Decreased Dinner Pressure – Episode 070

Covid revealed the fact that making food for my family was putting so much pressure on me, and I finally broke. I had to figure out a way to get my family more involved in dinner prep. This episode was inspired by my post on getting your family to help with dinner more. I think you'll love that post as well! Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines -- if you're wanting to get you family more involved -- THAT is the course for you! Getting Your Family to Help with Food More In...