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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.

Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.


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Simplifying pregnancy, parenting home & family travel life.




Thriving in the Corona Virus Atmosphere — PCP 034

Today we're talking about taking care of yourself during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) and how to make good choices for yourself and keep the faith. Grab my schedule to help your family stay in a routine right now: In this episode: Acknowledging that it's hardThe time to "do" is overOur facade of control is crumblingUsing faithFocusing on the positiveFinding ways to "do you" (and my weird way to do it)Connecting with others Items Mentioned: The bookDeep & SimpleMy Positive Self-Care PostMy...


Getting Kids to Clean with Katelyn Fagan from What's Up Fagans — PCP 033

Today we're talking about getting your kids to pitch-in and clean! Today's guest is Katelyn Fagan from What's up Fagans (she has two Instagram accounts -- @GoalOrientedMoms and @What'sUpFagans. She is also the author of Speed Clean the Deep Clean (which is my bible for cleaning up stuff). Psst: The fun thing about this interview is that I had JUST found out that Katelyn was pregnant, and then a few weeks later we found out she's having TWINS (her second set). SO, getting kids involved in...


Healthier Family Meals with Becca Ludlum from My Crazy Good Life — PCP 032

Today we're talking about making family dinner a bit healthier, plus getting kids to still eat it. We know it's a lot harder than it sounds, so let's untangle it. Today's guest is my friend Becca from My Crazy Good Life -- do NOT miss her on Youtube where she really takes family favorites and makes them healthier, you can also find her on Instagram. Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines, if you're looking to get your family into a routine that makes life easier -- do not miss...


Shaving During Pregnancy — PCP 031

Shaving during pregnancy is a HOT topic that no one wants to talk about (funny how that happens). Today we're talking shaving, waxing and creams to get rid of leg hair, belly hair and even pubic hair. It's a *tangled* situation... :) This episode is inspired by my VERY popular shaving during pregnancy post. Because the #1 question is what the medical staff "want" at delivery. Today I'll share the answer! Big thanks to our sponsor The Online Prenatal Class for Couples. If you're looking...


Parenting Through Stillbirth with Winter Redd — PCP 027

Today we're talking about parenting through the hard things. Stillbirth is a heavy weight to carry but it can be even harder when you have another person to take care of. Today I want to talk about how moms fight through that to still be present with their kids and slowly emerge from their grief. My guest today is Winter Redd whom I have known since high school. We have reconnected as podcasters. She has two, Hungry Squared and the more relevant one is called Still a Part of Us: A podcast...


Overwhelmed with Mess with Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose — PCP 029

Keeping a house can be OVERWHELMING. Especially when you have small children. Today we're talking about what to do when you get that sinking feeling that you just don't know HOW it's going to all get done! Today's guest is Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose. AND, if you're a blogger you can find her in the group Blogging Like We Mean It. She's also the mom to two little people who like to get all. the. things out! This post is inspired by my How to Clean your Kitchen post -- which I...


The Marathon of Motherhood with Joan Kimmel — PCP 028

Motherhood is long. A long, long time and it can be overwhelming to think of the whole spectrum, but I also think it’s really important that we do just that — to remember that there are many ups and downs but it’s a long-term game that we have to keep our eye on the horizon. Today's guest is Joan Kimmel, and yes -- she had that famous last name first. She's the mom of Jimmy Kimmel from the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live. But, to me she was just a volunteer with our carnival for a couple...


How to Say No in Labor with Mandy Irby? — PCP 027

HOW do you say no as a patient, when can you say no and how does it all work. We want to be sure that you UNDERSTAND that you can say no at any time and the hospital staff are just there to support you! Today’s guest is Mandy Irby (second time Mandy is on, she was also on this episode on how to go into labor). She’s The Birth Nurse on Youtube and on Instagram and does trauma-sensitive nursing and childbirth education in the Roanoake, VA area (and also does Spinning Babies classes — which...


Organizing for Family Trips with Kim Fidler from Get Away Today— PCP 026

Getting organized for a family trip is often so overwhelming that parents can’t get over it and relax on that trip (btw, a get away with kids is a trip — not a vacation, am I right?). I love the tips and tricks in this post to help you get ready quickly and easily for your next trip Our guest is Kim Fidler from Get Away Today, where she is the Internet Marketing Director. She’s also the writer behind my Pregnant at Disneyland post. She’s also one of my VERY favorite people to hang out with....


Where to Start Organizing? — PCP 025

The #1 question I get from participants in my 5 Word Challenge is WHERE TO START? In today’s episode, I am sharing a few ideas on where to start and get going on making a change in your home! This episode was inspired by a recently-written post — Where to Start Organizing? It’s a great post that gives more details on this big question. ** Don’t forget to leave me a review just like Turtle03 did! Just some stars, or a few words — it is SO helpful for me! Big thanks to our sponsor The...


Setting Goals with Kids with Camille Walker from My Mommy Style— PCP 024

Today’s episode is on setting goals with kids. How can you motivate them, while also helping them find their own self-motivation? Plus, how do goals with kids change as they age? I have a special guest on — one of my favorite people. Camille Walker from My Mommy Style. We met at a blog conference, she is so happy and positive. She also has kids of different ages than mine, so I think we are a good combo for this episode. Camille has a few products that might help you set goals with your...


Fetal Movement & Kick Counts — PCP 023

Why ARE kick counts so important, and what can they do for you? Today I’m talking about how to do kick counts, when to do them, and the benefits you’ll find from them (not the least of those benefits being getting out of cleaning up dinner dishes). Let’s untangle this one. 🙂 This episode is inspired by my decreased fetal movement post. Big thanks to our sponsor, The Online Prenatal Class for Couples — if you like things simplified, just like I did kick counts today, this is the course...


New Years Resolutions — PCP 022

Let’s talk about using your spouse to help you make resolutions. How your “goal buddy” can help you take action with the things you need to change. BIG thanks to everyone who has reviewed my podcast, I really appreciate it! Today’s guest is my husband, Drew Erickson — he was also my episode on splitting chores (009). Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines. If you are looking to make goals, one of the BEST things you can do is to create more margins in your regular life — and getting...


A Very Merry Christmas— PCP 021

Today I want to share about what Christmas means to me, along with a few of the lessons I learned from my favorite Christmas movie. Mentioned in this episode: LighttheWorldChristmas Eve on Sesame Street Producer: Drew Erickson


The Glory of Good Enough. — PCP 020

I think sometimes working towards the BEST thing takes more time than two or thing good things would do. The glory of good enough is that it is DONE. Let’s untangle it. This episode was inspired by one of my favorite posts — The Glory of Good Enough. Big thanks to this week’s sponsor, The Organized Home. If you’re looking to just GET STARTED, it is the episode for you! Can’t wait to see you inside the course (because I’m there to help)! Mentioned in this post: Good, Better, Best...


Using a Paper Planner to Organize & Love Your Life— PCP 019

Today I want to talk about using a paper planner to create an organized, happy life. It has made a huge difference for me, and I want to share with you how I use mine. Using a paper planner has helped my creativitiy, my intention and my gratitude to help build a life and business that I love. Big thanks to this episode’s sponsor Family Routines. If you’re looking into getting safe routines that gives you more margins for the chaos that having a family brings. Mentioned in this post: I...


Postpartum Recovery with Katie Clark from Clarks Condensed -- PCP Episode 018

This week’s episode is going to focus on what happens after baby. What’s normal, what to watch for and I even have a guest on who JUST had a baby and is one of the best moms I know (but also struggling to keep her head above the water with baby #3). I can’t wait to share it with you! This week’s guest is Katie Clark from Clarks Condensed. If you remember, I actually Katie on a few weeks ago on episode 005 right before she had her new baby to talk about getting ready for baby, and I wanted...


Disneyland Audio Scavenger Hunt -- PCP 017

Guys, today I am SO excited to do this Disneyland scavenger hunt with you! we’re gonna walk through the park listening to some of my favorite sounds. Of course, we love going to Disneyland — we book with Get Away Today and we JUST returned from a trip at Christmas time. It was magical as all get out. I’m still swooning from all the fun we had. And yes, I have used them since 1998. Mentioned in this post: Headphones for loud rides Christmas at Disneyland Things that might scare your kids...


Gratitude at Home — PCP 016

Gratitude is my superhero. It saved me when nothing else could, and today I want to talk about how I bring gratitude into my day, to give you some ideas on how to spark gratitude at your house! This episode was inspired by a lot of things, but this post on hope kind of outlines how hope saved me when I was lost (and how it can save you too). In this episode we’re talking about the many ways that I incorporate gratitude into my day. Some links you might find helpful: How I use my...


How to Prepare a Will or Trust in Case You Die -- PCP Episode 015

Just thinking about your own death is hard enough, but plunking down cold hard cash about it is almost too much to think about. Today I’m going to give you specific steps to get your will & living trust created, no matter your budget! This post is inspired by my post on creating a Living Trust. You can find it right here: https://www.pullingcurls.com/will-living-trust/ Big thanks to our sponsor Family Routines — if things like wills/trust get you crazy inside, simplifying family life will...