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Your New Favorite Podcast. We're Here to Tell Tales Of The Paranormal, True Crime and All Things Weird.


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Your New Favorite Podcast. We're Here to Tell Tales Of The Paranormal, True Crime and All Things Weird.




That Creamy Nougat Center – The Story of Anatoly Moskvin

Ceramic clowns, mummified cats and sex swings…oh my! This weeks Queen City Creeps episode dives into some of the weirder things we’ve found lying around the house and how that compares the Russian Nesting Doll Creepfest that is the story of Anatoly Moskvin.

“Well That’s a Literal Bloodbath – The Elizabeth Báthory Story”

Kicking off the new year The Creeps tackle the true life tale of Elizabeth Báthory. A Hungarian Countess with a penchant for unconventional bath bombs as well as a multitude of other vices.

Infamous Adjacent – The True Life Tale of Pablo Eskobear

This week join the Creeps on the so crazy it must be true tale of Pablo Eskobear. It’s full of thrills, chills and more cocaine than you can shake an eight-ball at.

Queen City Creeps – Live at Culture Flock

Recorded on October 19th: The Queen City Creeps are hosted by Culture Flock and tell three Springfield local legends; two are true, one is a lie. Can you tell which is which? Check out online (https://cultureflock.com/) or in person at Galloway Village

Cloudy with a Chance of Star-Crossed Lovers – The Lead Mask Case

On this fine Thanksgiving week the Creeps are super thankful for our buddy Adam, who fills us in on the details of The Lead Mask Case. Cool sunglasses, killer climbs and conspiracy abound!

A Pretty Bad Case of the FIV – The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

In this weeks episode the Creeps get personal and discuss their biggest medical fears, touch on Feline leukemia and the horrifying details of the exorcism of Anneliese Michel. Trigger warning…Jennifer makes us listen to a creepy youtube video.

My Family Trouble Is An Ominous Whisper – The Bell Witch

Is there really a difference between a family tradition and keeping it in the family? Yes there is…there really is. In this episode the Queen City Creeps talk near brushes with celebrity, butt stuff and the Bell Witch.

Take Out Your Axe and Jazz It – A Tale of Italian Grocers

This week the Queen City Creeps dig deep into the mystery of the Axeman of New Orleans, disrespectful roommates, and tasty Louisiana cuisine.

Bologna in the Park – The Issei Sagawa Story

What could be better than bologna in the park? What about human flesh?

Netflix and Shill – Unabomber: Manhunt

All Hail Netflix! In this episode the Queen City Creeps discuss their current pop-culture addictions, a bunch of actors you’ll probably want to google, and generally antagonize the intern.

Make Mine A Resurrection Bloody Mary – Bonus Episode

In anticipation of the Queen City Creeps live show we decided to put together something a little different for you…Enjoy! Story excerpted from Folktales and Legends of the Middle West by Edward McClelland (Belt Publishing, 2018)

Water Beds Are More Fun from the Top – The Girl in the Box

This week the Queen City Creeps delve deeper into their love/hate relationship with waterbeds with the story of Colleen Stan.

Daft Jamie and a Necessary Evil – The Story of Burke and Hare

In this episode the Queen City Creeps cover the gruesome details of the Burke and Hare murders. It’s not nearly as darkly humorous as Simon Pegg would make you think.

Couples Who Slay Together, Stay Together – The Canadian Werewolf Murders

This week the Queen City Creeps discuss the Richardson family murders, Hot Topic, Sarah’s hatred of mash potatoes and Canada’s garbage custody laws. Looking for a reason why a werewolf would need a vial of blood around his neck? You won’t find it here…

A Fouke-Ton of Liars – The Beast of Boggy Creek

This week the Queen City Creeps discuss the notorious Beast of Boggy Creek, leather jerkins, aggressively friendly dogs, and rape-y dolphins.

65,000 People and an Unknown Number of Cobras – The Springfield Cobra Scare

Back in 1953 Springfield, Missouri was set upon by a plague of cobras. The Queen City Creeps discuss shitty pet shop owners, snake ears and how midwestern gumption saved the day. Well…that and a couple of garden hoes.

40 Souls in a Desert of No Fun – The Anthill Kids Cult

This week the Queen City Creeps discuss Canadian Cults, Boy Bands and the power of peer pressure. Woohoo!

Queen City Creeps Live! at Moon City Pub

In late July the Queen City Creeps met up at one of our favorite local spots and told some spooky stories. It took a little time but we’re finally ready to share it with those of you who couldn’t make it out. Enjoy!

Did you ever Prance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? – Stull Cemetery and the Gateway to Hell

The Queen City Creeps discuss the origins of the Stull Cemetery legends. Famous for dancing devils, wolf-boy ghosts, and the Winchesters abandoning their half-brother in hell.

Lonely Hearts and a Good Turn of Phrase – The Tale of the Giggling Granny

On the lookout for a new love? Check out this weeks episode of Queen City Creeps for sure-fire dating tips from Nannie Doss. Oh an also murder…lots of murder.