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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Arthur and Donovan.

Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Arthur and Donovan.


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Welcome to Radio Free Tote Bag! A weekly relationship advice podcast hosted by Arthur and Donovan.




#114 Butt Stuff: A Shark Week Tradition

Wooooo we took a week off and now things are way different! Donovan's in the big city and Arthur's not drinking anymore cause quar is fuckin with us. But hey this is truly and improvement and we're stoked about it! So stoked that we simply MUST answer these questions. YES QUESTIONS inluding a man who feels he has been made inadequate by his own sex toy, whether condoms are really that big a detriment to fuckin, fear of face sitting due to having a larger flesh prison, a fella who's going...


#113 Surely They Will Look At The Ass!

Whatup Tote Gang, we're goofin' hard on this episode. Sometimes you just need the goof, ya know? We've got some great questions this week though, like how to get better at dirty talking, lubricant choices, insecure feelings in a marriage, and of course butt stuff. We also debate the husbandability of Timothy Chalomet and the other guy. We're glad you're with us, and we hope this episode can lift your spirits a bit on this bitch of a Earth. Our Patreon is now live, second bonus ep coming next...


#112 In Which Luigi Gives Good Hat

So fun fact, Arthur and Dono have air for memory-brains and forgot to post this episode after we recorded it five days ago. BUT hey we were here all along and we've got a great episode for ya, complete with 8-bit fellatio. ALSO we have launched our Patreon and the first bonus episode is live on there now! If you're like to support us on there, head to We love you all, we appreciate you all, we hope you're all doing alright out there.


#110 Kiss Edging feat. Mark Adkins of Pocket Monster Radio

AY! YOU! Fuck TERFs fuck cops it's Radio Free Tote Bag! And we're glad you're here. Unless your name is J.K. This week we've got Mark Adkins, host of Pocket Monster Radio, a Pokemon fan podcast. Check it out at the links down below. Mark tells us about their most embarassing first time experiences and about their experience as a non-binary person in the dating world. We then get into the questions - insecurity about the coloring of one's own genitals, hair's impact on eatin the coochie, how...


#109 Dads feat. Dads

Dads Nah jk here's a real description: Dads! They're here! With us! Yes as a father's day special we pulled some strings, paid some appearance fees and got DonoDad and ArthDad on the pod! We learn how Dono's parents met and where Arthur was conceived, truly a heartwarming time. Oh yea and we also answer relationship questions or some shit. No spoilers check it out, and thanks to our wonderful dads.


#108 Rabio Freeb Oat Bag feat. Daddy (The Threepeat)

Folks! This week Dylan aka Daddy aka Big Daddy Threepeat joins Arthur live in the studio for a Donovanless episode. Troop barbecue, online dads, chlamydia medication! This one's got it all (minus Donovan,) folks! F O L K S !


#107 Please Don't With The Facial Acting feat. Kyler Jae

Howdy folks, this week we've got friend of the show Kyler Jae joining from LA (hey that rhymed)! Kyler talks about his experience the past week in the LA BLM protests, his relationship life, and also about Dono's shithouse past. Oh no. We also hit the question box with some listener questions for Kyler and for all of us, including our cringiest sex moments. Finally we hit some questions on Reddit - a husband lying about an OnlyFans subscription, a gal wondering if a friend likes her, and an...


Eight Minutes, Forty-Six Seconds

BlackLivesMatter Contribute to the National Bail Fund at the link below. National Bail Fund


#106 If The Chunky FILA Fits feat. Caroline Shumate of Stasney Mav and Clinton John

THIS WEEK, returning to the show, one of our favs, Caroline Shumate of Stasney Mav and joining us for the first time, her frequent collaborator and fellow musician Clinton John! We discuss Caroline and Clinton's recent single "Solo", their experiences as queer musicians in Nashville, and of course, chunky FILAs. We have so many question box questions this week I can't even begin to write them all down but here are the relationship question highlights: Is it ever kosher to end a relationship...


#105 The Yellow Rose of Toteland

Yeehaw! Our friend and yours, superfan Ryan joins us on the pod to discuss a truly heinous question regarding home-made porn, as well as other questions that didn't turn out to be kind of a bummer! Did George Strait have all the answers regarding partner locations? What is feminization? What is your ideal date? Do you hold hands? Like, a lot? Like, an uncomfortable amount?


#104 Radio Free Street Fight Radio feat. Brett Payne

Tote Gang we are very excited that we finally have one half of Street Fight Radio on the show, it's fellow Ohioan Brett Payne! We ask Brett questions about his show, his relationship experience, and why Ohio is actually good. Then Brett joins us to answer your questions and a couple questions from Reddit. From the question box, we're asked our feelings on pegging and whether a listener should disclose to their new partner that they've not had sex in years. Off to Reddit, a guy in a...


#103 THICK AND PLENTIFUL feat. Jake Flores

Welcome, denizens of the Roni Wastelands! It's RFTB time and this week we have comedian Jake Flores, host of Pod Damn America and Why You Mad, with us to soothe your broken hearts. We talk about podcasting in the time of Covid, stand-up, and of course, Jake's most embarassing dating story. Then we head into this week's relationship questions. First and most importantly, how does one render their cum more thicccc and also plentiful? Pineapples? Fuck idk. We then learn what cock nursing is and...


#101 John Fucking McAfee feat. John and Janice McAfee

FOLKSSSS Dono is back in action! And by some bizarre twist of fate, our guests this week are John McAfee and his wife Janice. This is pretty strictly an interview episode. We ask John how different countries prison experiences stack up and hear about how he and Janice got together. Suffice to say, it is the wildest relationship story we've ever heard. We say this in the episode but I reiterate, this is not an endorsement from us. I encourage you to research John if you're not familiar, there...


#100 Hundred Episode Clip Show!!

Blast off a celebratory airhorn because it's episode 100! Arthur guides you on this trip down memory lane, sharing some of the best moments of RFTB episodes past, with such great moments such as Boogie Wallz! The Halloween Power Hour! Gump! Enjoy!


#99 I Miss The Outside Times

Howdy folks, we talk COVID and Crossing (of animals). Also relationships. I'm half asleep right now so I'm killin the description here. Hey as Arthur said NEXT WEEK we will be putting together our 100th episode clip show! If you have any moments you want included shoot em to me or Arthur or the Qbox or the RFTB Twitter/Insta. Thanks for listening, we're stoked to hit 100!


#98 Fun Sexy Treasures feat. Savannah White

Yeehaw my Q-tine gang it's RFTB! We had technical issues that killed the episode last week but we're back again with friend of the show Savvy White! We discuss how the quarantine is affecting dating, relationships, and even breakups. We also hear from a gf whose bf is demanding more BJs when he won't get go down on her! And a shitty husband who's still not kissing his wife a FULL MONTH after she ate his butt. Pun intended. Thanks for being here with us, send in your stories and questions as...


Radio Free Bonus Bag #1 feat. Savannah White

Arthur and Savannah and nobody else talk about buttplugs and isolation. Please seek out Modeselektor for their track Dancing Box feat. TTC which provides us the groove for this episode.


#97 Eugene! feat. Hershel Nardini

Hershel Nardini, creator of Eugene! and also our logo joins us in a secure location to discuss his process and also Arthur's hairline. Relationship questions are answered.