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Podcast about the latest HR updates, issues, tips, and ticks.

Podcast about the latest HR updates, issues, tips, and ticks.


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Podcast about the latest HR updates, issues, tips, and ticks.








Webinar and Podcast: Navigating Your Employees Through the COVID-19 Crisis

As your trusted HR partner, Modern Business Associates has been issuing COVID-19 pandemic crisis updates to assist you in navigating your business and employees through these unprecedented times. In an effort to provide additional guidance, we have answered your most frequently asked questions and have offered best practice tips during this Webinar. Click here to listen in as we discuss this ever-changing landscape to help you stay up-to-date and compliant, or listen to the podcast, Raising...


Webinar and Podcast: Recruiting Strategies- How to Land “The One”

Just like dating, recruiting isn't as simple as it used to be. A multitude of websites and social media have changed the game when searching for great talent in a tight labor market. Join us as we discuss best practices and helpful tips for finding "The One". Check out Tamara's article in Tampa Bay Business and Wealth magazine! You can find it here! Topics include: Current Recruiting TrendsHow Good Recruiting Can Save You Time and MoneyMaximizing Your Resources to Find the Best TalentThe...


Webinar and Podcast- Level Up: Preparing for the 2020 Salary Increase

The Department of Labor recently finalized the salary level for overtime exempt employees. Listen in as we provide specifics on the final rule, practical advice regarding salary compression, and tips on how organizations can prepare for the implementation.Topics include: What is the salary level?Can bonuses and commissions help?What are the best practices? Listen to the webinar here or on our podcast Raising the HR Bar.


Webinar and Podcast – That’s a Wrap 2019: Answers to Your Year-End Questions

End of year can be a hectic time for business owners and their employees. With 2020 quickly approaching it is important to be proactive with year-end tasks. Listen below to an informative session that will ease the stress associated with year-end payroll practices and prepare you for 2020. Topics include: Bonuses2% Shareholders / Health & LifePersonal Use of Company Car (PUCC)Voided, Manual and Unclaimed ChecksAccessing the Employee PortalW-2 Process and other Tax ReportingMinimum Wage...


Webinar and Podcast – Bugged Out: How to Reduce the Risk of Communicable Diseases in Your Workplace

A communicable disease is an infectious disease transmissible by direct contact with an affected individual or the individual’s discharges. As an employer, you should have a general understanding of these types of illnesses because they not only affect your employees, but also can have a major effect on your community as a whole. Communicable diseases are also a hot topic right now due to recent outbreaks of Measles and Hepatitis A in the United States and with flu season right around the...


Webinar & Podcast: Recognizing a Request for an Accommodation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination based on disability and requires covered employers to provide effective, reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are modifications or adjustments to an employee’s work environment, which enable the employee to perform the essential functions of their job. Compliance with the ADA starts with knowing when an accommodation request has been made. Employers may not always recognize a...


Podcast: Payroll Best Practices & Properly Classifying Employees

Employers frequently have questions regarding the appropriate methods and practices to ensure payroll compliance. One of the primary concerns employers face is how to properly classify employees. Employee classifications turn on whether an employee is considered exempt or non-exempt. The key characteristics of an exempt employee is someone who is not entitled to overtime pay, who is paid a salary wage, and who earns at least $455.00 per week (certain states might vary on this number). On the...


Heat Stress: Know the Symptoms

Many of your workers are exposed to heat stress, and not just the ones with outdoor jobs like construction workers, fleet drivers, and lawn maintenance employees. Heat stress affects employees who work indoors too, like those in commercial kitchens, warehouses and factories. As an employer, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (“OSHA”), it is your duty to provide your employees with a safe work environment free from recognized hazards. It is an employee’s right to work in such an...


Webinar & Podcast: Celebrating Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity occurs when organizations recognize the benefit to having an organization with employees of different ages, races, genders, life experiences, and thinking patterns. Diversity refers to acknowledging the similarities and differences between individuals and leveraging these qualities to support the business objective. Quite simply, diversity allows for more innovation and creativity because there is a diversity of thoughts and ideas. The decision to hire with a diversity...


Webinar: Pump Up Your Workplace Culture

You have probably heard the word “culture” thrown around in the workplace, but what does it mean? Culture is the combination of a company’s values, beliefs, expectations, ethics, and goals combined. In essence, it’s the personality of a company. Workplace culture affects your business. Americans spend almost a third of their time at work, so their jobs can significantly impact their happiness and overall well-being. A negative workplace culture harms productivity and retention. With...


Webinar & Podcast: Unemployment Claims 101

Managing unemployment claims and the associated costs is a concern for many employers. Understanding how the unemployment program and claims process operates can make the difference in obtaining a positive outcome. Each state administers its own unemployment program. Therefore, benefit amounts, the number of weeks that benefits are paid, and eligibility/qualification requirements vary by state. Generally, benefits are provided to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their...


Untapped Markets and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program – HR Webinar and Podcast

There are significant tax incentives for employers to attract, hire, and retain individuals in specific untapped markets. To support these initiatives, the government sponsors the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (“WOTC”) – an employment tax credit to incentivize hiring individuals with certain barriers to employment. Check out our latest episode of Raising the HR Bar highlighting the benefits of hiring veterans, disabled veterans, and individuals with criminal records. Employers who hire...


Romance in the Workplace – HR Webinar & Podcast

Click Here To Watch The Webinar! Love is in the air, but what happens when it's in the office? Join us as we discuss the rules of engagement for how to address dating, marriages, and breakups in the workplace. Topics include: Overview of the Issues Involved in Interoffice Dating What is sexual harassment? Courtship at Work Best Practices for Dating and Keeping it HR Appropriate Hiring Married Couples What to do When Employees Break Up


Webinar: Conquering Challenges in the Labor Market: Hiring and Retention Strategies for 2019

View webinar by clicking here. The national unemployment rate is at a historic low. Employers across the country are experiencing the same challenge - finding and retaining the best employees. Join us as we share best practices for hiring the right talent and retention strategies that won't break the bank.


MBA HR Webinar: What Employers Should Know In 2019

Click here to view this webinar 2019 is right around the corner! As we look ahead to the next year, we are excited to share a few updates and predictions as to what employers can expect in 2019. Join us for this live webinar as we discuss what is on the horizon. Topics Include: 1. Status of the white collar overtime rule and proposed regulations scheduled for early 2019 2. Justice Brett Kavanaugh and past opinions dealing with employment related issues 3. The future of the ACA’s Employer...


HR Webinar: I-9 Audits and Workplace Raids: Preparation for ICE Visits

Click here to view the webinar recording The current Administration has increased enforcement of its immigration policy. In response, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) has expressed its intent to dramatically increase worksite enforcement actions. Employers must balance protecting employees’ rights and cooperating with ICE. Learn how to prepare for an inspection. Topics Include: Employer Responsibilities When Hiring I-9 and E-Verify Tips What does Immigration and Customs...


HR Webinar: Mental Health in the workplace

Challenging Stigmas About Mental Health In The workplace Join us for a discussion on mental health in the workplace. This webinar will address how to identify employees with mental health issues, ways to provide support, and strategies to having an open dialogue in a healthy work environment. Topics Include: Differentiating between mental health and mental disorders Addressing employee needs Accommodating mental disorders Creating healthy workplaces Click here to view the webinar


HR Webinar: Addressing Unconscious Bias

View the Webinar by Clicking Here Race. Gender. Weight. Hair Color. Height. Everyone has unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups. These beliefs are commonly referred to as biases which stem from the natural tendency to organize social groups by categorizing. Unconscious bias is the result of messages introduced into our subconscious from an early age. Many of these biases, which are deeply held in our unconscious, can influence how we act toward one another in our...


HR Webinar: Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace

View the Webinar by Clicking Here Description In our previous OSHA webinar we discussed the history of OHSA, important laws and injury reporting processes. In this webinar we will focus on the practical application of OSHA from workplace security to fire drills. We will also cover workplace wellness, the benefits of healthy employees, and programs you can implement to promote a healthy workplace. Topics to Include: 1. Safety in the Workplace 2. Wellness in the Workplace 3. What to do when...


No Bullies Allowed – Improving your Workplace Culture

Society is becoming more aware of bullying and it has become a major topic of discussion across the media. Bullying is not limited to schoolyards. It's a problem that many employees experience in workplaces across the nation, and it is more common than most people realize. It is important to be able to identify the different types of workplace bullying and to understand the serious impact on your employees and business. Please join us for this live, interactive webinar as we navigate through...