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Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber dive deep into a wide range of NBA stories and topics.

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber dive deep into a wide range of NBA stories and topics.


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Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber dive deep into a wide range of NBA stories and topics.




James Harden Gets Traded to Brooklyn

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber react to the four-team deal that sent James Harden to the Nets, the massive haul Houston got for its star, and the potential ripple effects of the trade.


Sixers Test Positive, Kyrie's Leave of Absence, & Confrontation in Atlanta

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the newest wave of positive COVID-19 tests in the NBA, Kyrie Irving's unexpected leave of absence from the Nets in the wake of the insurrection in Washington, and the news of turmoil in the Hawks' locker room.


Warriors Search for Rhythm, Plus Sustainability of Early Trends

Just over two weeks into the NBA season, Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss some of the early statistical trends from around the league and determine which of them might be sustainable moving forward.


Anthony Davis' Evolution, Early MIP Candidates, and Combining NBA Players

A week into the NBA calendar, Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss what Anthony Davis' offensive evolution means for the Lakers, other players who have added to their games, and which players they'd like to combine into one. They also check in on the Lakers, Hawks, and Pacers, as well as other players and trends have stood out in the early days of the new season.


Early Returns on the Warriors & Nets

The NBA is back! Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the state of the Warriors, throw some cold water on the Nets' hot start, and look at where the Celtics stand without Kemba Walker.


2021 Western Conference Preview

Less than a week out from the start of the 2021 NBA season, Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber parse through a fascinating and likely competitive Western Conference, forecasting where each team will finish in the standings, the strengths and weaknesses at the top of the conference, and much more.


2020-21 Eastern Conference Preview

As the start of the NBA season approaches, Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber look ahead at the teams, players, and storylines that will shape the Eastern Conference in the 2021 season.


Giannis Signs the Supermax!

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss what Giannis Antetokounmpo's supermax extension with the Bucks means for Giannis, Milwaukee, and the rest of the NBA.


Harden Update, Paul George Extension, and Early Thoughts on the Preseason

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the latest in the James Harden trade saga, the pros and cons of Paul George's four-year extension with the Clippers, and Kyrie Irving's feud with "the media." Then, they bounce around the NBA with tempered observations about the preseason.


2021 Breakout Candidates

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber present and discuss some of the many players who could be due for a breakout season in 2020-21.


The James Harden Saga, Plus 2021 League Pass Rankings!

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss James Harden's late arrival to Rockets camp, what it could mean for his trade market, and whether Harden has handled the situation fairly. Then, they run through the teams they're most looking forward to watching on League Pass during the 2020-21 NBA season.


Clippers Turmoil & Most Interesting Teams of the 2021 Season

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber assess Paul George's comments after a recent story on the Clippers' internal turmoil, then discuss the teams they're most intrigued by heading into the 2021 NBA season.


John Wall for Russell Westbrook Trade; LeBron's Extension

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss what the John Wall for Russell Westbrook trade means for both the Wizards and Rockets, and whether the trade meaningfully changes anything for either team. Then, they discuss the implications of LeBron's two-year, $85 million extension with the Lakers and what it means for a potential on-court partnership with his son.


Top 10 Players in the NBA, 2021 Edition

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber rank and debate the NBA players they'd most want to have if they were trying to win the 2021 NBA title. The discussion includes LeBron James' decade-long grip on the top spot, which players just missed the cut, and the philosophical values that inform individual player value in the modern NBA.


Gasol & Ibaka To L.A., Bogdan Bogdanović to Atlanta

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the state of the Raptors and both L.A. teams now that Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka have signed with the Lakers and Clippers, respectively. Then, they look at what Bogdan Bogdanović's arrival in Atlanta means for an un-and-coming Hawks team.


Unpacking A Busy Start to Free Agency

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the most notable deals of free agency so far, the teams that have stood out, and how the landscape of the league has shifted.


Draft Recap, Sixers Trades, and Klay's Injury

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber break down the highlights of Wednesday night's NBA Draft, as well as the implications the day's trades could have and what Klay Thompson's potentially devastating injury means for the Warriors moving forward.


Bucks Go All-In, CP3 to Phoenix, & Harden Trade Speculation

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber discuss the Milwaukee Bucks' blockbuster deals on Monday night and what they could mean for the team's ability to compete for championships and retain Giannis Antetokounmpo. Then, they analyze other trades from around the NBA, including Chris Paul to the Suns and Robert Covington to the Blazers, before speculating on where James Harden might end up.


NBA Draft Preview with Brad Rowland

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber are joined by NBA draft expert and NBA jack-of-all trades Brad Rowland to discuss the 2020 NBA Draft, including which prospects stand out at the top, potential value picks later in the draft, which teams might look to change their draft positions, and much more.


Spurs, Blazers, Jazz, Kings, Magic, & Cavs Offseason Preview

Ben Ladner and Jon Sauber wrap up their 2020 offseason preview series with a smattering of teams with disparately promising short-term and long-term futures. They discuss potential trade destinations for DeMar DeRozan and how the Spurs can get back on a winning course, the likelihood that Portland rediscovers its 2019 form, and a quiet offseason in Utah before assessing bleaker futures for other teams.