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WMoT Session 19 Pt 1 - Seek The Psukolith

In Session 19 Pt 1 we find Darvon leading Korrthass, Silver, Daz, and newcomer Cora on a mission deep into a mysterious place known as the Fen of Memories in search of a magical component required to bring their lost Tor back! Thanks for giving a listen! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter @redhandroleplay! You can also find us on the Dragonheist megastream at, check with out friends @variantroles on twitter for more information! Thanks to Allison for editing this...


WMoT Session 18 pt 3 - Three Ravens

Welcome to another episode of Red Hand Roleplay! The Party is about to make a major discovery in the search for Tor. Also, I sing a little bit, Sorry about that. The Dragon Heist Mega Stream is still going strong, Check it out on! And find us on twitter @RedHandRoleplay! Thank you all for listening! Keep being awesome!


WMoT Session 18 pt 2 - Ghost Mouth

In this continuation of Session 18 our party is still wandering the forest in search of their friends. They have recently come upon the corpse of a holy man, and begin fearfully approaching. By the end of the night fear will be a well known friend. Thanks for listening! Check us on twitter @redhandroleplay! Watch the Dragonheist mega streams on, now with giveaways! Keep being awesome and see you next week!


Session 18 Pt. 1 - The Second Search

In Session 18 we find Zorathil, Keflex, Paavu, Daz, and we also have Woodson as Kulenov joining us from half a continent away as the party takes the second path in search for their long lost friends! Check out the Dragon Heist Mega Stream at Follow us on Twitter! @redhandroleplay Send us a 5-star review on Itunes! Thank you all so much for listening, have a great day. Long Live the Gamers!


WMoT Session 17 Pt 2 Tor and Silver Too, Where are you?

In Part 2 of Session 17 we have Korrthass, Cuthulion, Darvon, and Ludmila traipsing through the wilderness seeking any sign of their lost friends, before running into an unexpected visitor, who might have some clues. Thanks for listening! Get in touch with us @redhandroleplay on twitter, and while you are at it check our friends @variantroles who are running the Dragon Heist Mega Stream on twitch where you can see Alison and Jonathan on Monday nights, Ryan on Thursdays, and Woodson on...


WMoT Session 17 pt 1 - Old Friends lost, New friends found.

Follow Cuthalion, Ludmila, Darvon, and Korrthass search into the forest to find their lost friends, what they find may be much, much worse. This episode features our brand new theme song composed by the wonderful Breck McGough, you can find him @therealbreck on twitter The second week of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist presented by Variant Roles has begun, Find us on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays as we romp through Waterdeep trying to find that hidden treasure! More info...


WMoT Session 16 Pt. 3 - Torn Apart

Tor, Silver, Korrthass, Maybel, and Zorathil are way out of their element. They are attempting to sleep inside of the momument which they have stumbled upon and about to have a very rude awakening. Thank you all for listening! We love each and every one of you! Next episode be ready for some new music composed ad recorded just for us by the wonderful Breck McGough! Holy Crap! Also be sure to check out the Dragon Heist Mega Stream going on for the next several weeks with our friends...


WMoT Session 16 pt 2 - Beware of NIGHT

Tor, Silver, Korrthass, Maybel, and Zorathil find themselves deeper into the forest beyond the sign that warns to beware of Night and soon find themselves in strange dealings upon a mysterious site surrounded by seven obelisks. A mystery which will change the trajectory of the rest of their lives. Next week, starting Oct 1, you can catch a bunch of us from the Red Hand on a huge Mega Stream as we play through the Waterdeep: Dragonheist game with our buddies @variantroles! There are going to...


WMoT Session 16 Pt. 1 - Maybe It's Maybeling

Hello everyone, We did have some audio issues this session. I am truly sorry and we have dover everything we can to iron them out. I hope you will find it in your hearts to look past it. We will do our best to make sure it doesnt happen again. I hope you will look past it all the more because this is one of the most pivotal sessions we have had! I don't want to giv too much away but I bet it will leave you shocked by the end! Anyways, please join us as we follow Tor, Silver, Zorathil,...


WMoT Session 15 pt 4 - Fresco Chango

Oh Snap, Y'all! This one starts with rolling for initiative as our heroes are in a pinch against some monstrous foes! Having now travelled across the land, braved weather, built their own raft, crossed the river, Learned about their neighbors and invaded the Tower our party now has to fight just to survive! After that, the Dm gets to use that Liberal Arts degree(s) he paid for! Thanks for checking us out. Our next episode will be the beginning of Session 16, By the end of the session The...


WMoT Session 15 Pt 3 - Hunters Hunted

We pick up with Paavu, Cuthulion, Keflex, and Darvon as they cross the river and run into unexpected company leading to some insights about this new land and soon enter the strange multilayered tower they have treked so far to find! Once they step foot into this tower they realize how ancient it might be and yet again that they are not alone! We also want to announce that we are going to be working with our friends Variant Roles to help with a huge Mega Stream celebrating the release of...


WMoT Session 15 pt. 2 - Wight Water Rafting

Come join the adventures of Darvon, Cuthulion, Paavu, and Keflex After checking in on Wulfa (Played by our Co-DM, Reiswig) they continue on their quest to explore the mysterious many layered tower that lies across the river each layer seems stripped from a different time, but getting there alone is an adventure in itself! We want to hear from you! Come chat with us on Twitter and Facebook, leave us a review on itunes, let us know how we are doing and what you want to see further in the West...


WMoT Session 15 Pt.1 - Towards the Southern Tower

In the beginning of this self contained session of the West Marches of Thule, our intrepid adventurers Darvon, Paavu, Cuthulion, and Keflex, head south to check out this mysterious tower they spotted while building Wulfa's Hut. Travelling through the burned out area where they were waylaid before by the mysterious invisible creature raises some suspicions. As they camp under the full moon they realize they didnt actually make plans how to get across the river. Plans form for some......


WMoT Session 14 pt. 3 - Those Clucking Birds.

In this rousing episode of the West Marches of Thule we see Chunt, Barad, Paavu, Korrthass and Darvon returning home from their exploratory excursion. But on the way they run into some interesting trouble that leaves them stunned. Found out more in The West Marches of Thule! Next week brings a new session and we are getting closer to some truly game changing events. We hope you are all enjoying it and we would love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter at @redhandroleplay. Thank you...


WMoT Session 14 Pt. 2 - West is Best

It is always a hilarious time when the Sailors are up to their hijinx. Follow Chunt, Barad, Paavu, Darvon, and Korthass and they attempt to gain their bearings and make their way south to explore the mysteries that there await. Thank you for listening! Congrats to Jade Throne Podcast for winning the Grand Kotei at Gen Con, Congrats to Hayley and Dalton from Malthaus Games for Hayley's presentation on the Psychology of games, and congrats to all of you for managing to be so wonderful. Long...


WMoT Session 14 pt. 1 - Somewhere over the river

In this episode Paavu, Chunt, Barad, Darvon and Korrthass have been feeling a lot stronger and are becoming more adept at navigating and surviving this dangerous land, so they head south to explore and quickly become desperately lost. They struggle to find their bearings before something more terrible finds them! Welcome back to the West Marches of Thule! After our interlude in Rokugan with Shey from The Jade Throne Podcast we are happy to be back home in our old stomping grounds! Hope...


L5R One Shot - Pt. 3 - Duel Lingo

Our wandering Samurai have travelled far - all The way to the Kaiu Wall to track down a dangerous murderer. And rather quickly our proud Lion Bushi wishes to take justce into her own hands - attempting to end the matter rightly in an honor-bound duel. Once the matter is resolved it is time to lend effort to the wall itself and a coming onslaught which offers only curruption or death unless the brave soldiers can find a way to survive yet another night. Thank you very much for listening,...


L5R One Shot - Pt. 2 - The Hunt Begins

The Fun continues in our crossover event with Shey from The Jade Throne Podcast After making our characters A Lion Clan Bushi, Crane Clan Courtier, and Dragon Clan Tattooed Monk set out to try and solve an old fashioned murder! after asking some of the townsfolk about what happened the investigation pulls us towards the Kaiu Wall which holds back the Darkness of the Shadowlands from the noble empire of Rokugan! Thanks again to Shey and the rest of the Jade Throne Podcast for coming in and...


L5R Part One - Character Creation

Hey everyone! Time for something a little bit different! Today we have Alison, Jared, and Jonathan creating characters in preperation for our introduction to the Legend of the Five Rings RPG led by Shey from The Jade Throne Podcast! We ended up with a Courtier from the Crane clan, a Lion Clan Bushi and a Tattooed monk representing the Dragon Clan. We had a lot of fun putting this together and over the next couple of weeks we will be putting out the recordings from the one shot. We hope you...


WMoT Session 13 pt 4 - This New Old House

Our intrepid band have treked through the burned out forest, encountered a slippery creature that managed to set fire to multiple tents an the equipment inside - a catastrophic loss. The party nevertheless chooses to soldier on in order to help build wulfa his hut and in the process wind up uncovering another mystery of this strange land! Wow! We have just been blowing through download thresholds one after another it seems like every week we have broken through some goal that I never really...