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Paul, Matt, and JR take you on a trip through the NFL, NFC North, and all things Green Bay Packers. No other football podcast blends film study, analytics, and goofy nonsense quite like this. These Packer Fans are locked in to everything going on in Titletown.

Paul, Matt, and JR take you on a trip through the NFL, NFC North, and all things Green Bay Packers. No other football podcast blends film study, analytics, and goofy nonsense quite like this. These Packer Fans are locked in to everything going on in Titletown.


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Paul, Matt, and JR take you on a trip through the NFL, NFC North, and all things Green Bay Packers. No other football podcast blends film study, analytics, and goofy nonsense quite like this. These Packer Fans are locked in to everything going on in Titletown.






Reporting as Eligible - Shanahanadingdong

On this episode, Paul, JR, and Matt discuss the amazing last second win over the 49ers, the impact of penalties and Jerome Boger, poor clock management, Eric Stokes and Jaire Alexander, the resurrection of Preston Smith, Kenny Clark improving the entire line, two of the best inside linebackers in the league per PFF, Bob Tonyan’s monster blos, Aaron Rodgers as a top ten receiver in NFL history kind of, Yosh Nijman rallying to have a pretty good game, and why the defense was good even though...


Reporting as Eligible - Joe Barry, We've Had Enough

Hold On, Hold On Paul, Matt, and JR discuss the Packers’ first win of 2021, and whether beating Detroit really counts. Was the offense really good or are we being bamboozled by a good quarter and a half? Aaron Jones saving the day, MVS’s early struggles, Josh Myers quiet good play, the hopeful ascension of Eric Stokes, the dominoes that fall if Stokes is actually good, De’Vondre Campbell’s veteran presents, Allen Lazard as the new Marcedes Lewis, and whether Aaron should have hit Lazard...


Reporting as Eligible - The Manbun of Quarterbacks

Reporting as Eligible – The Manbun of Quarterbacks In this week’s episode, Paul, JR, and Matt discuss bad hair, no hair, how you can’t actually evaluate much when people just play poorly, Aaron getting punched in the jiminy crickets, two-safety looks, game theory and running against two-safety looks, Joe Barry being terrible, but the Packer defensive front also being terrible and not technically his fault. Kevin King as Yuniesky Bentancourt, and also as a river-crossing scorpion, Rashan...


Reporting as Eligible - Hurricanes Blow

Matt, Paul, and JR preview the upcoming game against the Saints, how it may be a bit of a preview of the 2022 Packers, why Jameis Winston is underrated, the still good Saints defense, whether Allen Lazard will have more receiving yards than MVS, Bakhtiari v. Jenkins, Kevin King on the depth chart, Joe Barry impersonating better defensive coordinators, Josiah Deguara as a playbook expander, and of course, listener questions! Intro: I’m Walking to New Orleans – Buckwheat Zydeco Outro: King...


Reporting as Eligible - The Packers kept their punter LOL JK

Matt, Paul, and JR discuss the trade for Corey Bojorquez at length, how they called it last week, and how cool they all are for doing so. They then move on to the surprises of cutdown day, particularly on the offensive line, and in the secondary, where things look a lot like they did last season. Why is Jake Hanson still on the team? Will Hunter Bradley be on the team by the time you listen to this? Why did PFF grade the preseason line so well if Jordan Love was under pressure all the time...


Reporting as Eligible - Benkert and the Jets

Matt, Paul, and JR are all back for the 3rd preseason game, unlike everyone else in the NFL. They go over the big change at inside linebacker with Kamal Martin gone, and Oren Burks maybe improving, the Ka’dar Hollman trade, the upcoming Trubisky-to-Kumerow show, punters who could replace JK Scott, awful special teams, Kylin Hill, Malik Taylor, and the idea that one day Kurt Benkert may meet golfer Ben Curtis and have a confusing introduction. Also, Matub’s never seen The Royal Tenenbaums,...


Reporting As Eligible: DVOA Whips it Good

Nerds think running and inside linebackers don’t matter, but the Packer playoff experience begs to differ. It’s just Paul on vacation, traveling the Midwest as he provides a preseason primer of advanced stats, what they mean, why EPA really is more of a team stat, DVOA, CPOE, why certain attempts by Pro Football Focus to quantify positional value sometimes contradict other attempts by Pro Football Focus to quantify positional value, the mess that was the Adam Gase Jets, and the return to...


Reporting as Eligible - A Question of Love

Paul, and JR discuss the Aaron and Jordan, then, now and into the future, why Matt LaFleur may not need a great quarterback, but can’t survive with an actively bad one, and why the division should remain open for the foreseeable future. Will the Smiths bounce back? Who is a threat to take Kevin King’s spot? Is Houston the worst franchise in major American sports? Why should I care about Kylin Hill? All of this, plus listener questions and more, as season 3 of Reporting as Eligible kicks...


Reporting as Eligible: To Old Friends and New Faces

Matt, Paul, and JR discuss the Aaron Rodgers drama, the causes, the fallout, the love of Jake Kumerow, and what they would do if they were in charge. If you’re curious about the cap ramifications, the true market value, Jordan Love, and Rodgers’ longevity, this podcast is for you. The boys also discuss the draft, the Packers’ non-reliance on RAS, how their picks really seemed to be more for need than “best player available,” how taking Amari Rodgers right between Dyami Brown and Nico...


Reporting as Eligible: Draft Punk

Paul and JR talk all things draft, including the Packers love of big people, the Packers’ greatest positions of need, cornerbacks they should take, receivers they should take, how the draft is like Buffalo Wild Wings for good and ill, Jacob Harris as Jeff Janis, finding Jonathan Marshall while watching Feleipe Franks, Mac Jones and Kyle Trask as Bears, Jordan Love, late round offensive linemen, and how the team may tick us all off by overdrafting a mediocre tight end. Plus, listener...


Reporting as Eligible Draft Special Part 1 - QBOPS and Secret Good Quarterbacks

In this very special episode of Reporting as Eligible, Paul discusses how he goes about assessing quarterback prospects, why QBOPS is more useful than it has an right to be, the two types of prospects, why some guys don’t get the respect they deserve, and why Feleipe Franks and Tyler Huntley were better prospects than most people realize. Paul also discusses how "toolsy" quarterbacks tend to fall more than is often warranted, and how college offense has drastically improved over the last...


Reporting as Eligible - Jonesin' for Jones

On this very special episode of Reporting as Eligible, Paul, Ryan, and Tex discuss the extremely surprising Aaron Jones contract, the short and long term impact on the salary cap, whether Jones is one of those rare cases where it’s worth it, if Jamaal Williams was the smarter play, what this means for AJ Dillon, and exactly how mad Paul will be this week, and for how long. They also discuss the general importance of backs in the Packer passing game, Kyle Juszczyk’s extension, Josiah DeGuara...


Reporting as Eligible - Sports Info Solutions to Sports Ignorance Problems

On this episode of Reporting as Eligible, Paul interviews Nathan Cooper and John Todd of Sports Info Solutions about the Packers big needs in the draft, likely targets, whether Jordan Love was a good idea, if the quarterbacks in the 2021 draft would have been better options, and a bunch of receivers who sounds like they would fill the Tyler Ervin role beautifully. They also preview the 2021 SIS Rookie Handbook, now available, or wherever you buy your yearly sports...


Reporting as Eligible: Barry the Lede

This week, the guys discuss how good Leroy Butler was as a modern, well-rounded safety, and how unimpressive John Lynch was as a concussion machine who garnered the favor of HOF voters through a front office position. Paul also tells the tale of new defensive coordinator Joe Barry’s long and spotty trek to land the job, which mostly involves being friends and relatives with better coaches. In more positive news, Maurice Drayton has the makings of a good special teams coordinator, the team...


Reporting as Eligible: Future Endeavors

Paul, JR, and Matub wrap up the season in a nice little bow by discussing the potential replacements for the deposed Mike Pettine, with special attention on Ejiro Evero, Jim Leonhard, Jerry Gray, and Wade Phillips, even though we know it won’t be him. Paul discusses the difference between Leonhard and Pettine in Collision Low Crossers, Matt touches on why Kris Richard was not one of our favorites, and boy, does Maurice Drayton have his work cut out for him. The guys also answer tons of...


Reporting as Eligible - The Swallowed Whistle

Following the crushing loss to Tampa Bay, Paul, Matub, and JR discuss the future of Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love being bad, and contract restructures before moving on to Will Redmond being bad, and Kevin King being bad, Mike Pettine being bad, Clete Blakeman being bad, Allen Lazard being bad, the tackles being bad, the play calling being kind of bad, Davante being kind of bad, and Tom Brady being terrible. They also did raise the positives like Jaire and MVS, and break down the now famous...


Reporting as Eligible: Devin White Lies

We’re a win away from the Super Bowl! This week following the Green Bay Packers’ utter destruction of Los Angeles, Paul, Matub, and JR review all of the good stuff, praise the spirit, if not the actual decision of JK Scott, check into whether PFF knows what Devin White even does, explores whether pre-snap motion and the pony-pro-set can cure what ailed the Pack against the Bucs, and talk about the big changes from last time, from Allen Lazard to Vita Vae. The guys also compare Drew Brees...


Reporting as Eligible - Bonus Content! - Rams Preview

With the game kicking off shortly, here's a special free minipod. If you're getting set up to watch, making your old-fashioneds, etc, and could use one more preview, pop this on your earbuds and find out just how good the Rams are. Paul previews the best defense the Packers have faced all season. The Rams are #1 in weighted DVOA, they're talented, smart, and peaking at the right time. Can Rodgers and LaFleur solve this riddle, and can Mike Pettine's crew shut down an offense that's likely...


Reporting as Eligible - Kupps and Robbers

This week, Paul, Matub, and JR make fun of the Bears. They also preview the Rams in great detail. Should they attack the Rams deep-right? No! Does Cooper Kupp matter? A lot! Does Jalen Ramsey lock down number one receivers? Surprisingly, no! Find out why all of this is so, plus, the guys figure out who is scarier between a one-handed Goff, a neck-less Wolford, and a talentless Bortles, if the Rams’ defense would be just as good with Packer personnel, why the Tampa game should scare you, why...


Reporting as Eligible - Sweet Georgia Brown, The Packers Win The NFC!

Green Bay wrapped up the number one seed in the NFC, and Paul, JR, and special guest Tex Western discuss just how they did it. Paul rips on David Montgomery, Tex discusses all of the scouting positives that Mitch had coming out of the draft, and everyone relishes how fun it is to smoke Chicago, and the likelihood of getting to do it one more time. The gang also discusses the most valuable Packers, Jaire’s dominance, Aaron’s many many records, the differences between this season and last...