Like a reset device a reset life can bring freedom, perspective and bring your back online fulfil your life and purpose. We all need a reset from time to time. Life is better when we realise we have this tool available to us.

Like a reset device a reset life can bring freedom, perspective and bring your back online fulfil your life and purpose. We all need a reset from time to time. Life is better when we realise we have this tool available to us.


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Like a reset device a reset life can bring freedom, perspective and bring your back online fulfil your life and purpose. We all need a reset from time to time. Life is better when we realise we have this tool available to us.






Surviving DV through a Mother of Eight's Heart [Donna Jaremenko]

When I spoke to Donna Jaremenko, all I could think about was the lady I knew as our friend and neighbour who always had an incredible smile. We would often see Donna with her 6, then 7 and now 8 children and be constantly amazed at how she managed and seemed to be doing it with style. What we didn't know was that behind the front door of their life was another story, a different and less desirable life with a controlling and abusive husband. Donna's story is one of survival and see the...


How to Escape Life's Dungeons. An Episode Dealing with Child Loss [Abbey White]

Grief is one of those reset moments that everyone would rather dodge, but you can't. Then tie that into a time of life that is meant to be hope-filled and wrapped with a bow of joy when parents are planning for and expecting a child (or two). How do you grieve the loss of a child? What's it like for a husband and wife seeking to raise a family? When they have to face the death of not one but two children? And if multiple miscarriages are involved how do you deal with the process of...


Living with a Life of Pain from Whiteboards that Attack [Mark and Lois Quick]

Imagine dealing with a pain so intense every day and not being able to 'switch it off'. Pain killers don't help, the Doctors don't know what to do and all of this from what appeared to be a minor workplace accident as a teacher in a classroom. Now add to that the loss of your favoured career, pressure on your family and a court battle that had you accused of faking all of this and calling the quality and integrity of your previous work into question. This week we walk with Mark and Lois...


From the Dairy Farm to the Classroom - How to reset career pathways [Gavin Hockly]

Gavin Hockly talks us through career changes that took him from growing up on a dairy farm and following in his father's footsteps, to find a life path that allowed him to work with young people in a variety of roles. While we can often see life as a series of steps, Gavin walks us through his journey as a series of layers that have built on each other to where today he has retooled, studying as a counsellor and now working with youth counselling. Along the way he sought and achieved an...


Working hard and avoiding red buses - How to reset our business tempo [Lee Jackson]

Lee Jackson is a leader in the entrepreneurial space. Based in Wellingborough in the UK, Lee has an agency, Angled Crown, supports other WordPress and digital marketing agencies through his Agency Trailblazer podcast and is now running the event, Agency Transformation. Listen to Lee's own podcast and you will hear a transparent guru on the run who places family first and is keen for others to learn from his mistakes as much as his triumphs. In this episode of Reset42, we look at how an...


Sailing the High Seas, Resetting Grief and Living [Gavin James]

Interviewing Gavin James, as he and his wife Shona sail from Croatia to New Zealand was a privilege to tell his story. Actually, its Gavin and Shona's story. While this episode will help us discover why someone might follow their dreams, it also deals with the reset needed when dealing with grief. Gavin and I have something in common. Gavin has the Mark Twain quote on his website; "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than those you did. So throw...


Stupid is as stupid does - How to reset after we've made a stupid decision

In this, the last episode of our introductory series where we have looked at six life triggers that indicate we need a reset, we are asking about why we make stupid decisions and how we can reset after them. Join me as we evaluate three areas that are commonly associated with us having a less than impressive day where a poor decision is made. Join us as we talk about ill-informed decisions, selfish decisions or those 50/50 calls that could go either way. Have you joined us on Facebook?...


Stalled Momentum - How to instigate new energy to keep moving

When we have allowed us to run down or let life get cluttered we can't breathe. The energy we need to move forward on our projects comes from various inputs in our lives, and without them we can go into a stall. Very similar to a plane who's fuel line is clogged a life without fuel or energy is a dangerous thing. So how do we 'unclog' the fuel lines into our life so that we can reset and keep moving forward. One of the keys in the episode is understanding the value of 'space'. Join us if...


Stolen Dreams - Life, People, Organisations have all stolen from us. How do we reset.

Probably more than any of the six triggers we are looking at for a reset life, Stolen is the most emotive and has a lasting effect on many. Sometimes this trigger is the results of "life and circumstance" and other times it comes because of the intentional or incidental acts of an individual or group such as a business or organisation. Either way, we feel the brunt of the event and while we may satisfy ourselves that it wasn't about the 'thing' that was taken there are some precious...


Stumped Life - What to do when life throws you a curly question

Reset42 - How to reset life This week we consider how to deal with those moments when life needs a reset simply because we're stumped. Like a contestant on a quiz show, we think we know the answer, maybe we do know the answer but we just don't know what to do next. What can you do when you can't see a solution to one of life's challenges? In these early episodes of Reset42 we are looking at six triggers that may show us life needs a reset. So far we have looked at an overview of Reset42,...


Shelved Plans - How to deal with dreams or plans we have put on the shelf.

This week continues our look at six triggers for life needing a reset. In this episode, we talk about Shelved Plans. For good reasons we may need to shelve an idea, but while this may be due to timing in life, how do we also determine the best time to get a dream, plan or project off the shelf and reignite it? Search for Reset42 on Facebook so you can join us in our private group to discuss this weeks episode.


Shifted Priorities - What to do when life or our priorities go off track.

This week we look at the first in our six triggers for a reset life. Shifted is a word that can refer to a life that has gone off course or slowly drifted because of a focus on different priorities. Sometimes we have taken our hands off the wheel of life and need to reset to bring back our sense of direction. We may have intentionally shifted direction as well. Search for Reset42 in Facebook so you can join us in our private group to discuss this weeks episode.


Reset42: Our introduction to a podcast about how you can reset life.

Welcome to the very first episode of Reset42, a podcast 10 years in the making. Reset 42 is a podcast aimed at 'everyone' which is a terrible marketing strategy but a reality that at some point everyone on life's journey needs to 'reset'. For reasons that range from health to business, from business relationships to lost dreams, personal to a wider family, we all have reasons to 'reset'. We're now on the road with this project and recording podcast interviews to teach, inspire and more...