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7: Bull Moose

1912 was a really important year. For Progressives, it was the year that a century-long agenda was formalized as the party platform of the Bull Moose Party. It served as something of a checklist of legislative achievements that we’re still working through today. And the man that spearheaded this new agenda and a new (albeit short lived) political party? Theodore Roosevelt. What are some of the progressive victories Teddy never lived to see? What has yet to be accomplished? If TR were alive...


6: An Evolving Topic

Humans are animals—animals with rights. So what kinds of rights do non-human animals deserve? The right to liberty? The right to nurse their young? The right to socialize? In this episode, we interview two animal rights experts and ask them about chimps, cats, and personhood. We discuss common law, Jurassic Park, Ancient Rome, Woolly mammoths, and the Animal Welfare Act of 1966. This is Robot F. Kennedy. SHOW NOTES This episode is Part 2 on the topic of animal rights law, and its future...


4: the Original 1st Amendment

How did the original First Amendment in the Bill of Rights get lost to the sands of time? Don’t you want to know what the ONLY unratified amendment of the original TWELVE in the Bill of Rights was all about? In this episode, we cover Congressional apportionment, Puerto Rico, Mitch McConnell’s game of Risk™, China’s National People's Congress, and nihilism. This is Robot F. Kennedy. SHOW NOTES Steve King’s horrible, racist tweet:


3: An Act of Nature

Would it be wise for humanity to clarify its ethics regarding the treatment of animals before artificial general intelligence (AGI) knocks humanity off the top of the pyramid? In this episode, we cover the intellectual property of monkeys, Ireland, the Book of Genesis, slavery, dolphins, 3D printed food, and robots who program pain for themselves. Also, Nick and Eddie call BS on themselves at least once and plan on a sequel episode with interviews of experts in the field of Animal Rights...


2: The Things That Get Measured

How do you measure the success or failure of a president? Maybe it’s the one practice from the business world that Donald Trump seems least likely to carry over. In this episode, we look at KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators. We pick apart some of the KPIs that are commonly used to measure presidencies, and suggest some new and novel ones we might use. Also featured in this episode: Martin O’Malley, obesity, aliens, the staggering decrease in worldwide combat deaths since WWII, Ronald...