Gear reviews and tips and tactics for backcountry hunters

Gear reviews and tips and tactics for backcountry hunters


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Gear reviews and tips and tactics for backcountry hunters






Hunting the West with Jared Bloomgren

This week Rokslide writer Jared Bloomgren joins us to talk about hunting the west. We go from scouting and solo hunting to planning trips, to hunting elk and mule deer. Jared is a wealth of knowledge and fills his tag on the regular year to year. Download OnX Hunt maps on your phone and get a 20% discount on us using the code "Rokcast". Only valid on their website ->


Product Development with Jaime Dykman

This week my good long time friend Jaime Dykman joins us to talk about product development. Jaime and I worked together a number of years back on women's clothing and other products for a large outdoor company. Since parting ways with that we've kept good friends and she's put that knowledge to work with her own venture Solitude Boulevard. Get 20% off OnX Hunt maps with the code "Rokcast" off of the OnX website ->


Tipsy Tuesday – Early June

This week on Tipsy Tuesday: Crispi Attiva Mid GTX -> Mountain Lions are in town in the Wood River and Sun Valleys. Grizzlies are in the Southern Wyoming Range. We dive into some more Q&A's in this weeks Hot Minute. Use code "Rokcast" at OnX Hunt for 20% off! ->


Tracking Timber Bucks with Howard Mee

This week we are joined by Rokslide writer Howard Mee to talk mule deer. First we dive into his latest articles about the Kifaru Fulcrum pack and the Alpacka Packraft. Alpacka Packraft -> Kifaru Fulcrum -> Use code "Rokcast" at OnX Hunt maps for 20% off ->


Midwest Bucks with Nick Sabo

Today we're joined by Nick Sabo to talk hunting the midwest and low country bucks. Nick has had great success locating and shooting mule deer on the regular in the midwest using the tactics we talk about in this episode. We discuss scouting, terrain, behaviors, stalking and more. The Rokcast is powered by OnX Hunt Maps. Use code "Rokcast" at checkout for a discount ->


Tipsy Tuesday – May Wrap Up

This week on Tipsy Tuesday: Eastman’s Tag Hub review, Modern Hunting Knife shootout, OnX Hunt Maps, use promo code Rokcast ->


Application Strategies and Change with Scott Reekers

Scott Reekers with Eastman's Publishing and Tag Hub joins us today. We talk about short and long term application strategies, state tag changes, hunt opportunities and multiple things to think about for the future of drawing tags. Scott also talks about finding animals and narrowing down a unit and area to hunt. Eastman's Tag Hub review from Travis Bertrand ->


Tipsy Tuesday – Late May

On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday: Rokslide Giveaway -> Cheap Stuff that Works -> Basemap Pro review by Sam Weaver -> Motivation vs Self Discipline by Robby Denning ->


Mountain Turkeys with Jason Tarwater

Today's guest is Jason Tarwater of the NWTF. We talk about hunting turkey's in the west, NWTF projects and the latest membership drive with First Lite. Tune in for mountain turkey hunting 101 from locating birds to the setup.


Wildlife and Mule Deer with Jaden Bales

We're joined in this episode by Jaden Bales, a long time guest of the podcast. This time we're talking about wildlife changes in states like Wyoming and how to get more involved in the decisions being made. Naturally we transition broadly into mule deer and scouting.


Tipsy Tuesday – Early May

Welcome back everyone. In this episode of Tipsy Tuesday: Crispi Briksdal GTX boot review, Kyle Virgin, Maven RF.1 rangefinder review, Stone Glacier M7 review, Jake Potter, Crispi Resole Valdres review Jim Carr, Crispi Attiva Mid GTX ->...


Sleeping Bags and Pads with Trail Kreitzer

Trail Kreitzer with GoHunt joins us today to talk sleeping bags, pads and other gear. We catch up with him on his perspective of the hunter number increases throughout the west along with scratching the surface on his tag strategy. We then talk all things sleep systems.


Time Management and Hunting Life with Jake Downs

Hard working family man Jake Downs joins us again to talk about time management with family, work and hunting. We also dive into how he got his 4 year old daughter an archery turkey and preparing for his Dall Sheep hunt coming up in August. Jake works extremely hard at balancing life to get more time in the field and offers some great advice to those wanting to do the same. Rokslide Forums ->


Cold Bow Challenge – Tipsy Tuesday

This week for Tipsy Tuesday: Alaska proposal to shut down moose and caribou hunts to non-residents in units 23 and 26A. Vortex Tripod Review -> Robby's Best of Hunting Big Mule Deer film trailer -> Cold Bow Challenge ->


Do It Yourself Camping Meals with Jake Lamphier

Today Jake Lamphier joins us to discuss his latest Rokslide article called DIY Backpacking Meals -> We talk about the cost, equipment, process and meal ideas. DIY Freezer Bag Meals forum thread -> MtnTough Calorie Calculator ->


Tipsy Tuesday – April 6

On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday: Rent Guns n Gear, Davis Tent Go Tent review, Backpack hunting with diabetes, Kuiu Gale Force system review, Big Game Changes in Idaho Wyoming makes roadkill changes


2021 Bow Review with Jimmy Tippetts

Jimmy Tippetts joins us to go through a handful of 2021 bows. We cover fit, feel, draw cycles and tuning ease with each. 2021 Bow Showdown Review ->


Tipsy Tuesday – Mid March

On this episode of Tipsy Tuesday: 2021 bow showdown review -> Arrowhead Muzzleloader Breech Plug for Remington Muzzleloader review -> Iron Will single bevel review -> Rok Solid hunting rifle w/o breaking the bank ->...


For the Ladies with Tanya Avery

This week we have Tanya Avery on to talk about her comparison of "she-wee" devices for woman in the wild. Lea Piper hops on with Jordan as well. The trio talks all backcountry things for ladies including staying warm and navigating the tricky times.


Utah House Bill with Travis Hobbs

Our good friend Travis Hobbs joins us today to talk about HB 295 in Utah. This bill has raised a ruckus with some Utah hunters and Travis talks about why and where the bill stands today. We also briefly cover HB 143 in Montana.