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Challenging Mosby, Vignarajah pledges to clean up the Gun Trace Task Force mess (episode 381)

Thiru Vignarajah, challenging incumbent Marilyn Mosby, says the Baltimore state's attorney has "no idea" how many criminal cases have been tainted by members of the notorious Gun Trace Task Force. Vignarajah says his survey shows that more than 2,300 cases involved at least one of the eight task-force officers convicted of corruption, and he has a plan for reviewing each one. It's part of Vignarajah's campaign pledge to restore faith in law enforcement after one of biggest scandals in...


Democrats like Hogan, but will they vote for him in November? (episode 380)

The latest Goucher Poll puts Maryland's Republican governor, Larry Hogan, in a strong position to win a second term. But while Maryland Democrats, who outnumber Republicans 2-1, widely approve of Hogan's job as governor, whether they vote for him in November remains an open question. Mileah Kromer, director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center at Goucher College, talks about the poll results.


Why old industrial cities are poised for a turnaround — particularly Baltimore (episode 379)

A follow-up to Dan’s Sunday column on a new Brookings Institution report, “Renewing America’s economic promise through older industrial cities,” with its lead author, Alan Berube, a Brookings senior fellow and director of its Metropolitan Policy Program.The report argues that Baltimore and other post-industrial American cities, large and small, hold great potential for more inclusive economic growth that benefits their states and regions. Cities are where the best jobs are going, and a new...


Dallas Dance was going places, now he's going to jail

In this extra edition of Roughly Speaking, Liz Bowie, the Sun's senior education reporter, talks about the Dallas Dance case. Today was the 37th birthday of the former Baltimore County schools superintendent, but it was hardly one to celebrate. A judge today sentenced Dance to six months in jail for failing to disclose nearly $147,000 he earned from part-time consulting jobs. Dance pleaded guilty last month to four counts of perjury related to the income he earned outside of his role as...


Ramped up for wild spring onions (episode 377)

Despite the late-arriving spring (or extended winter) in Appalachia, ramps have started to pop through the ground in western Maryland and West Virginia. The pungent spring onion grows wild in the region and, once harvested, becomes the centerpiece of annual church suppers and festivals.Dan and his foodie guests, John Shields and Henry Hong, speak with Maryland park ranger Caroline Blizzard about the annual ramps cook-off being held at Deep Creek Lake on April 28.John Shields offers a...


Trump, porn, playmates and prayer (episode 376)

Evangelicals and Donald Trump -- how the Christian right made a deal to overlook a lot of issues related to Trump’s character to support him, no matter what -- no matter porn star, playmate, nasty tweets, or arguably anti-Christian tax cuts for the rich. According to Newsweek, a new poll suggests that Trump’s base of white evangelical support has not been turned off by allegations of his affairs with Stormy Daniels or a former Playboy bunny. If anything, white evangelicals have come to...


Women in Congress: A former member and a candidate, Connie Morella and Allison Galbraith (episode 375)

1:52: Paula Gallagher has this week’s book recommendation, a new memoir about a young woman who survived a survivalist upbringing to earn a Ph.D. from Cambridge. The title is “Educated,” by Tara Westover.6:05: Allison Galbraith talks about her campaign to become the Democratic candidate to challenge Republican incumbent Andy Harris in Maryland's First District in November. Galbraith gives her position on guns, coastal oil drilling and the development of wind turbines off Ocean City. She...


Taylor Branch: King's legacy about the future as much as the past (episode 373)

Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian of the American Civil Rights Movement, talks about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in April, 1968, the riots that broke out in Baltimore and other cities after King's death, and where the movement went after that. This interview comes in advance of "King In The Wilderness," an HBO documentary film for which Branch, who lives in Baltimore, served as executive producer. The film airs on HBO for the first time on...


Do new starting pitchers change Orioles' 2018 outlook? (episode 372)

1:25: Librarian and book critic Paula Gallagher recommends, "Tangerine," a debut novel by Christine Magnan.4:59: The Sun's lead baseball writer, Eduardo "Eddie In The Yard" Encina, talks about the 2018 Baltimore Orioles, particularly the team's pitching staff. The Orioles open the new season at home on March 29 at against the Minnesota Twins.Links:


Potential Andy Harris opponent supports assault rifle ban, universal health care (episode 371)

Michael Pullen, a Democratic candidate for congress in Maryland's 1st District, has staked out progressive positions in a bid to win his party's nomination and challenge incumbent Republican Andy Harris. Pullen, who spent 24 years as the attorney for Talbot County, says he supports a federal ban on assault rifles as a way to stem mass shootings. He also supports universal health insurance, or "Medicare for all." Pullen opposes oil drilling off the Maryland coast, but supports the...


Listening to Lefty: A final interview with fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh (episode 370)

In what was likely his last recorded conversation, the legendary fly fisherman Lefty Kreh talks about learning to handle a fly rod, his experiences in the outdoors with his son, Larry, and his favorite spot on the Potomac River. Kreh, who died on Wednesday, was a Maryland native who became one of the best-known fly anglers in the world. He taught casting to hundreds of people, including Hollywood luminaries, and he wrote 32 books over a career that included 18 years as outdoors editor of...


Calling out BS, fake facts and fear-mongering (episode 369)

3:21: If you need help separating fact from fiction, solid news from what Donald J. Trump calls fake news, you can now take a course in discerning one from the other. It’s being offered at Anne Arundel Community College starting next week. David Tengwall, a long-time professor at AACC, will teach an eight-week course called, “Calling Out Bullshit.” It promises to be a fun course, Tengwall says, but the reason for it is serious: Americans have been inundated with BS, in politics and in...


Can the church use faith to influence eating and exercise? (episode 368)

Baltimore restaurateur John Shields joins Dan for a conversation with the Rev. Heber Brown III, pastor at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, about the Black Church Food Security Network. This is an effort to use churches to influence their members to not only eat healthier foods, but to eat what they grow or what African-American farmers grow. The network, with eight churches, is having its second annual launch event on Saturday, March 17 at New Creation Christian Church. The program hopes to...


A guide to church suppers, Baltimore's original pop-up restaurants

Baltimore has many traditions, and among them are annual church suppers. Some of the best known: The German sour beef-and-dumpling and beef rouladen dinners at Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, the weekly Lenten fish fries at Catholic parishes, the annual Polish festivals of Holy Rosary Church that require the production of up to 40,000 pierogies, and the ravioli dinners at St. Leo's in Little Italy. John Shields, a Baltimore native and proprietor of Gertrude's restaurant, calls these...


DMI and the roots of corruption in Maryland prisons (episode 366)

The Maryland prison system has had a long run of corruption, with dozens of correctional officers and others accused of helping incarcerated gang members continue their criminal enterprises behind the walls. From the Baltimore City Detention Center in 2013 to the Eastern Correctional Institution in 2016 and the prison in Jessup last year, investigations of those facilities have resulted in dozens of indictments, convictions and prison sentences. The scandal involving the Black Guerilla...


Oscars reaction: Will Hollywood's reckoning lead to lasting change? (episode 365)

Critics Linda DeLibero and Christopher Llewellyn Reed give their takes on the 90th Academy Awards, the first in the post-Harvey Weinstein era. Will #MeToo plus #TimesUp plus #OscarsSoWhite lead to a power shift and lasting diversity in Hollywood?Reed is professor and chair in film and moving image at Stevenson University. DeLibero is director of the program in film and media studies at Johns Hopkins University.


Hell on the half-shell: The oyster wars of the Chesapeake Bay

Once upon a time, Chesapeake oysters were good as gold — so plentiful and so valuable that men fought bloody battles over them. Greg Bartles, historian of the Maryland Natural Resources Police, tells of the bay's deadly oyster wars of the 19th Century, as local watermen put down their tongs and picked up guns to fight each other and invading "drudgers"over access to oyster beds. This month marks 150 years since the establishment of Maryland's "oyster navy," a forerunner of the Natural...


Ben Jealous rips Hogan, proposes reforms for police (episode 363)

Ben Jealous, the former national president of the NAACP, says Gov. Larry Hogan holds Baltimore in contempt and has done too little to help the city through its crisis in crime and police misconduct. On Wednesday, Jealous, seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Hogan's bid for re-election, proposed a set of reforms for Baltimore police and police across Maryland, including the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of misconduct.This is another in a series of...


To the fish market with Chef Michel Tersiguel (episode 362)

A visit to the wholesale fish market in Jessup, Maryland, with a chef who still does what a lot of chefs used to do: He gets up early in the morning to see what looks fresh enough to cook for his customers for dinner. And, while we’re shopping for seafood with Chef Michel Tersiguel, we’ll meet a man named Andy Foehrkolb, a cutter for Reliant Fish Co., who displays a fine hand at an old craft -- filleting one of the boniest of fish, the shad, a seasonal, but fading, tradition of the...


Can a Democrat flip the Big Red One? (episode 361)

Republican Rep. Andy Harris, one of the most conservative members of Congress, is seeking a fifth term representing Maryland's First District, which runs from Carroll County, through Harford and Baltimore counties, across the Chesapeake Bay to the Eastern Shore. Voters in the First went for Donald J. Trump in 2016 by a margin of 29 percentage points over Hillary Clinton.Can a Democrat flip the Big Red One?Until recently, no one considered the district a battleground, and many political...


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