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Episode 48- The Best SCERA Christmas Pageant Ever!

We have more brilliant artists for you to meet: Michael Carrasco has talent for acting, leadership for directing, and patience and nerves of steel for working with dozens of children! He brought his bag of tricks to SCERA's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever The Musical, this year's holiday show. On this podcast, we talk with Michael about his love for theater, and how his stage experiences have shaped his life. We'll also talk with Pageant's "Alice," Stella Parry, who very nearly steals the...


Episode 47: The SCERA Costume Shop (December 7, 2018)

The work of cosumers is so under-appreciated ... They toil for hours, custom-fitting extra-specialized clothing for performers that are going to put their clothing through a serious workout. They rush to meet deadlines, please everyone ... and suffer the occasional needle sticks, burns and glitter accident for their efforts. It's time you meet the magicians whose talent and dedication make it possible for you to see a colorful display of fantasy fashion in live SCERA performances...


Episode 46- She's a Wiz! (October 5, 2018)

It's the final weekend the Wizard is in town: Two performances remain for The Wizard of Oz at the SCERA Center. For the cast and crew of Wizard, their experience was largely shaped by the vision and energy of their director, DeLayne Bluth Dayton. It would take a lifetime to get to truly know her, but we'll give you a few minutes with her on this episode, and it will be a treat and an inspiration. Cover photo: DeLayne Bluth Dayton sneaks into a performance, surprising her cast and a few...


Episode 45- Bye Bye, Bye Bye Birdie!

We are SO excited for the great stuff coming at the end of The SCERA Shell's season ... and SO sad it's almost over! We'll review the great events you can still catch before we button-up for the winter, and ... If you spend even a minute with Becca Boberg, you will see why she is the perfect Kim McAfee in Bye Bye, Birdie! and also why she is a perfect addition to SCERA cast and staff. She's a born performer, but also a natural teacher whose enthusiasm for fun and showmanship is obvious five...


Episode 44- Independence Day 2018 at SCERA

We meet two of the cast members of Cries of Freedom, a locally-written and produced patriotic musical that celebrates the idea of freedom in the infancy of the United States, and throughout the world. We also talk about many of the activities you can find at and around SCERA this week! Guests: Spencer Baldwin and Presten Stevens Spencer Baldwin Presten Stevens Cries of Freedom runs July 2-3 at 1, 4 and 7 p.m., and July 4 at 1 and 4 p.m. Visit for more...


Episode 43- Oh My Heck, Here Comes Shrek!

It's opening weekend for Shrek The Musical! We've been eagerly awaiting Shrek and Fiona's return to SCERA for the last few years, and the wait is over! We'll introduce you to Josh Needles (Donkey), James Marden (Pinocchio) and Preston Harmon (Peter Pan), and find out how they found themselves at auditions, how they beat the heat, and 'What makes them special...' We also want you to meet Melanie Holdaway, our master of popcorn, churros, nachos and hot dogs. She takes great care of our guests...


Episode 42- The Sweet Sounds of Sister Act

On the last week of Sister Act, The Musical at the SCERA Center, we share with you a few conversations from the talented people behind the show: Cast members Becca Rose (Deloris Van Cartier), Cristina Bean and Deborah Bowman (Ensemble), and DeLayne Dayton (Music Director). Don't miss this fun episode, or this heavenly show! Guests: Becca Rose, Cristina Bean, Deborah Bowman and DeLayne Dayton Host: Quin Swallow Photography: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow Pictured, after a performance:...


Episode 41 The 2018 SCERA Star Awards (April 12, 2018)

We're BACK! After a bit of a break, we have a new episode for you this weekend, with the talented and generous SCERA Star Awards winners, including Lindsey Stirling and Ryan Shupe! We are thrilled that you get to 'meet' them! Here they are: Cries of Freedom Plus, we talk with master Gala detail organizer and general SCERA wizard, April Berlin (SCERA Operations Manager), and the evening's host, Brian Carlson of KTVX Television / Good4Utah. The Clarke Family Honorees Heber...


Episode 40.27 Marvelous Martha Glissmeyer

Martha Glissmeyer, wife, mother, SCERA performer and musical director, and a legend of the arts in our community, passed away on February 2. On and off the stage, she changed the lives of hundreds of people, through her talent, love, and joy. We had to take some time to remember our amazing friend, Martha. Today's episode is an informal chat as we talk about what we love ... and what we'll miss ... about this magnificent lady of the stage and community. Guests: Jerry Elison, Cristina Bean,...


Episode 39- Utah Dance Film Festival 2018 (Feb 22, 2018)

Today is a rather interesting day ... This is a recording we made one year ago, during the Utah Dance Film Festival. We meet Katie Bruce Sorensen with the Utah Dance Film Festival, taking place at the SCERA Center for the Arts February 23 and 24. Even if dance is already a part of your life, you may be new to this event and the work that is being exhibited here. Guest: Katie Bruce Sorensen Link: The Utah Dance Film Festival Program note: You have heard us mention we will be talking...


Episode 38- Right on Cue with Jeremy Showgren

FIELD TRIP!!!! We get to visit Right On Cue Services and meet Jeremy Showgren, stage director of many SCERA shows, and behind-the-curtain musical wizard. What exactly does he do? We can't possibly tell you here ... You'll have to listen to the podcast! Also, we have LOTS of news, including summer plans for the Shell. Finally, and most sadly and importantly, we would very much like to collect from you your memories of the remarkable Martha Glissmeyer, another amazingly talented SCERA friend...


Episode 37- Christmas at SCERA

Today's super-short episode has a quick run-down of the news, including films and concerts: Star Wars- The Last Jedi, Mark Masri, and A Crescent Christmas. We also have our final interview with cast members from Miracle on 34th Street. And Quin explains why SCERA means so much to him, and to his family. Music clips: The Crescent Super Band See them perform at SCERA December 22-23: Information about A Crescent Christmas Guests: Emille Moffitt and Jaron Young, of Miracle on 34th...


Episode 36- Mark Masri is Coming to Town

At SCERA, we love Mark Masri so much, we're having him back! Masri's stunning voice will be entertaining SCERA audiences for two nights next week, and we are thrilled to have him! Today, get a sample of his singing and learn why this night is going to be so special. Also, we talk to more folks from the Miracle on 34th Street cast, and we'll talk about Disney/Pixar's Coco, playing at the SCERA Center for one more week! Hosts: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow


Episode 35- Miracle on State Street (Nov. 30, 2017)

We do Christmas in a big way at SCERA: The decorations are up, the lights are lit, and our holiday show opens this week! On this week's podcast, meet TJ Thomas and Dawn Douglas ... two performers from the cast of Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical! Guests: Dawn Douglas and TJ Thomas, from the cast of Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical Hosts: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow


Episode 34- One Voice, Many McGees

The One Voice Children's Choir has over 100 members. On this episode, we offer you a close-up of three of them: Haven, Cairo and Avery McGee, together with their parents Linda and Bill. The McGees have been a 'part of the scenery' here at SCERA for five years, appearing in My Son Pinnochio, Tarzan, Mary Poppins and in SCERA's Acting Up group. We'll talk a bit about that, but we'll talk mostly of their life-changing experiences with the One Voice Children's Choir. Web Site: The One Voice...


Episode 33- The Casting Puzzle, Part 2 (November 9, 2017)

Today, we talk more about casting, from the would-be cast member's point-of view. In another edition of "Ask Kelsey," Kelsey Thompson shares some great wisdom on how to have a fun and successful callback audition, including some tips on how to succeed at your singing, dancing and cold reads. We also get real today, and talk about what happens when you don't get cast, because though it happens to everyone, it can be a very disappointing and lonely experience. We've been there, but it's...


Episode 32- The Casting Puzzle, Part 1 (Nov. 2, 2017)

It's often the most challenging aspect of putting-together a show, for creative team and cast alike: Casting. How does it work? What is the experience like for the creative team? How can wanna-be cast members make the best impression on a director, and increase their chances of being cast? What is the process like from the inside? In part one of our two-part series on casting, I was tutored and educated by the amazing Shawn Mortensen, Production & Programs Manager at SCERA. He has directed...


Episode 31- SCERA Scary Stuff (October 31, 2017)

This week, we give you a special Halloween episode, with a creepy play-at-home quiz, a guest review of our fall show "Captain Louie" by a four-year-old, some recommendations for theater-themed Halloween entertainment, and our best answer to the question, "Is the theater haunted?" To play today's quiz on your own, go to: and enter code 117208! Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelly Cook, Kelsey and Jake Thompson Guest game hosts: Bryan and Shaylia Johnson, and their son Levi


Fall Break Announcement (October 19, 2017)

Hey, SCERA Friends! We're taking a short break to enjoy a lovely Fall Break. However, this week's update will tell you what's ahead on the SCERA Spotlight podcast!


October Announcements!

We don't have a full episode for you today, but we do have a bit of news and a sneak peek at what's around the corner on SCERA Spotlight! We have a phone number now! You can call it at any time to leave us a voice message, and even contribute to the podcast! To leave your comments, suggestions, and great stories about your experiences at SCERA and in the arts, dial (385) 429-2787 or (385) 429-ARTS and tell us what's on your mind! We'll be back with a full episode next week!