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The show where ignorance & intelligence don't just walk that thin line - they do the running-man.

The show where ignorance & intelligence don't just walk that thin line - they do the running-man.
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The show where ignorance & intelligence don't just walk that thin line - they do the running-man.




Episode 42 - Lewis Parker, Tony D, Mark Grist and Rowan from Don’t Flop

Sarah and Mysdiggi bring you some of the freshest tunes from Si Phili & Black Twang, Rustee Juxx Reks and more! The OG Lewis Parker is in the studio, and Mark Grist, Tony D and Rowan from Don’t Flop join Sarah and Mys to talk about the upcoming doc Mark Grist Battles the world. Mys investigates defining moments of adulthood. Sarah’s Big Up was heroes of Black History Month.


Episode 41 - Ramson Badbonez, Lefty, Dani Bliss, Mike Kalle & Watusi87

Mysdiggi and Sarah Love play some of the freshest new tracks from Termanology, Sheek Louch & Style P, Ty and Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Method Man. Ramson Badbonez is in the studio to perform some fresh tracks LIVE in the studio, Lefty and Dani Bliss from The legionnaires hit the open mic with Mike Kalle and Watusi87. Sarah gives big up to Rod Temperton original song writer.


Episode 40 - Ghostface Killah, DJ Kaos, Rhymeskeemz, Blackk Chronical, Mr Inglorious & Drizion

Sarah Love and Chiu Dat (Sitting in for Mysdiggi) are joined by DJ Kaos, Sarah has an exclusive interview with Ghostface killah. Chiu investigates how to stop people invading your personal space. Rhymeskeemz, Blackk Chronical, Mr Inglorious & Drizion hit the infamous open mic over Django mankubs beat.


Episode 39 - Rodney P, Conscious Poet, Slippy Skills and MacZee

Sarah Love and Mys Diggi were back with the freshest tracks from Ty, Mickey Facts & Nottz and brand new El Da Sensei. Rodney P was in the studio talking about his new BBC 4 Doc, Hip Hop World News. Conscious Poet. Slippy Skills and MacZee hit the open mic with Tuff Guy Don Reeva producing the beat!

Episode 38 - Dabbla, Delta Lima, Plain and Simple

Sarah and Mys are here with some of the finest hip hop tunes including Cappo, Alchemist and Lewis Parker. Mys investigates the unsung geniuses that make house hold items. Dabbla is in the studio. Delta Lima & Plain and Simple hit the open mic with Dabbla.

Episode 37 - Torae & Teeje

Sarah Love and Mysdiggi get in to the freshest Hip hop music! Torae joins Sarah and Mys live in New York. Teeje hits the open mic. Mys Investigates the crafty things cops get up to. Beat was provided by Keith Price.

Episode 36 - Funky DL, Micall Parknsun, Zeps & Ram

Funky DL chats about producing demos and his success behind dropping a whopping 15 albums. He was also once renown as being bigger than Jay Z in Japan too! We hear from Micall Parknsun about working with Big Cakes and the upcoming EP. Plus the epic OpenMic session with Micall Parknsun and Zeps! Beat provided by Dead Ott!

Episode 35 - The Hemp Clothing Company, Tone Coffee Shop & Tenchoo

Entrepreneur Gav and Ash join Sarah and Mys from the THTC Hemp Clothing company, Another Hip Hop entrepreneur Benji who owns the Hip Hop Coffee Shop. Battle rapper Tenchoo is in the studio and hits the open mic solo.

Episode 34 - Maseo & DJ Devastate

This week Mys is off and Chiu is back in the house. Sarah catches up with Maseo from Del La Soul. Demon Boyz producer DJ Devastate, is in the studio. DSOTM & Grezzer hit the open mic!

Episode 33 - Tor & Abakus

This week Sarah and Mys give a massive big up to the Tonga Flag Bearer and the Refugee Olympic Team. Mys investigates things that make you feel like a celebrity. Tor (Isatta Sheriff) joins Sarah and Mys as well as Abakus as they hit the open mic.

Episode 32 - Pharoahe Monch, FRSHRZ, Marv Radio, Phonetic Artist and Chester P

PACKED SHOW. FRSHRZ, Marv Radio, Phonetic Artist, ChesterP and the one and only Pharoahe Monch are in the studio!

Episode 31 - DJ Nu-Mark & Moose Funk Squad

DJ Nu-Mark from Jurassic 5 joins Sarah Love and MysDiggi for the show. Mys investigates the perfect job and Moose Funk Squad hit the open Mic All while the fire alarm is continually going off.

Episode 30 - John Minty , Verb T & Chillman, Khameleon, MC Subliminal, Gee Bag

Chiu Dat is filling in for Mys this week. John Minty from Splore festival, Chillman and Verb T are in the studio talking about their new Album, and they hit the Open Mic with MC Subliminal, Khameleon and Gee Bag – Chiu may spit some bars too. Beat was provided by Reyne.

Episode 29 - Ezra Collective, Krash, Elements and Ivan of Boom Bap Festival

Sarah Love is off this week, but MysDiggi is joined by Chiu Dat. They’re discussing Jesse Williams’ BET speech. Ivan of Boom Bap Festival chats about the upcoming festival. Krash and Elements are here for the #OpenMic and Ezra Collective are on the beats.

Episode 28 - Marv Radio, Three Faces of Death & Ash The Author

The best in hip hop music with Sarah and Mys, Marv Radio is in the studio talking about how his travels inspired his music. Three Faces of Death Hit the open mic with Ash the Author. All that and Sarah gives her Big Up to the Outlook Awards & Mys investigates worst personality traits.

Episode 27 - Sonny Jim & BoothBoxers

Mys treks fresh glasto mud in the studio as he investigates the craziest thing people have done at a festival. Sonny Jim is in the studio promoting album, and he and Boothboxers hit the open mic. Beat was produced by Mr Bigz.

Episode 26 - Ben Grymm & Gleem

Sarah Love and Mysdiggi are back for 2 hours of the best Hip hop music and chat. They give a massive Big up to Prince Be, vocalist for PM Dawn, who died this week, they spoke to producer Ben Grymm. Reggae/hiphop Mc Gleem is in the studio hitting the open mic. And Mys investigates who to spot a wannabe gangsta.

Episode 25 - King Underground, Erick Sermon, Elliot Fresh & Shape Shifta

Sarah chats to EPMD’s Eric Sermon, Elliot Fresh was in the studio talking about his album ‘Mirrors’ with the late Fish. Dan from King Underground also popped into the studio with some gifts for Sarah, and Elliot Fresh and Shape Shifta took part in in the open mic. They give a Big Up to Tony Benn, and Mys Investigates where the weirdest place you have made a friend.

Episode 24 - Big Daddy Kane, Black Milk, Lefty of Legionnaires, Witness MC and Ill Made

Sarah and MysDiggi chatted to Big Daddy Kane and Lefty of Legionnaires. Sarah played her interview with Black Milk. Witness MC & Ill Made joined them for an OpenMic.

Episode 23 - Micall Parknsun, Ezra Collective, Twisted Pennys & Jungle Brown

This week Sarah and Mys talked to Micall Parknsun and Curoc, and Ezra Collective came in for a chat and to provide a live beat for the open mic which Twisted Pennys and Jungle Brown spat some bars over.