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Tracking Podcasting Insights with Sean Creeley

I put a lot of thought and intention into building the Savvy Social Podcast and I know other podcasters do the same, so I really love learning about new tools that can help my show grow in a way I feel good about. I talk with Sean Creeley about his history as a serial entrepreneur and about how his newest company, Podsights, helps podcasters gain valuable insights and data on whether advertising is working for their podcast! In this podcast episode, we share: Podsights’ background and...


Behind-the-Scenes with Social Report

No matter what industry you work in, transparency with clients can make or break your business. After a recent incident caused their users some understandable panic, the folks with Social Report made time to listen and respond to client concerns—including my own. I’ve invited Sam from Social Report on the show to discuss why no matter what happens your communication game is pivotal in keeping or losing clients! In this podcast episode, we share: What happened with the Social Report...


Launching a Book on Social Media with Jodi Brandon

Writing a book is one thing; marketing a book is a whole different ball game. Whether you’re ready to launch a finished book or looking for inspiration to finally put pen to paper, Jodi Brandon joins me to share valuable insight on how to reach your target market and increase your connections! In this podcast episode, we share: How Jodi got started with book marketing Advice for those thinking about writing a bookSuggestions for using social media to get feedback for your book The...


Finding Clients as an Introvert on Social Media with Heidi Taylor

Raise your hand if you’re an introvert! I’m actually a huge introvert so I know firsthand how difficult it can be to put yourself out there for the sake of connecting with others. Even if you’re not an introvert, chances are you’ve had your own struggle with creating meaningful connections. Heidi Taylor explains how really knowing your client makes connecting easier and she sheds some light on how to find your place in the online world! In this podcast episode, we share: How Heidi’s...


What I Learned at Podcast Movement 2019

Podcast Movement is the world's largest podcasting conference. Check it out here: In this bonus episode, I'm sharing my thoughts and what I learned while attending this event. Links: This Episode Is Made Possible By: Social Report: Savvy Social School


The Key to Growing Your Social Media Audience

Social media can show you all the love one day and make you feel ghosted the next. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever been frustrated with social media to the point of thinking it’s just not for you, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Thankfully, there is hope and I’ve got 3 key ways to grow your social media audience! In this podcast episode, I share: Key 1: You must have the right mindset in order to grow your social media audienceKey 2: Consistency, consistency, consistency; have good habits and...


Building a Niche Community on Social Media with Shayla Perry

From building your brand to growing a community, Shayla Perry understands how to use social media to provide real value for others. Rather than getting overwhelmed with posting and having the perfect feed, she shares tips for how to define your brand, how you can create value, and the best ways to showcase your community and so much more! In this podcast episode, we share: How and why Shayla became an entrepreneur Why Shayla started #BlackGrlBoss How Shayla differentiated her brand by...


Social Media Simplified with Ashley Gartland

As an entrepreneur it’s common to feel like you have to do everything yourself and that’s simply NOT TRUE! It’s so important to remember to avoid the comparison trap and to keep things simple. Putting systems in place for your social media by figuring out what gets you results and what you can release will help you streamline and simplify your life! In this podcast episode, we discuss: How Ashley got started as an entrepreneur and what clients she works with now Different challenges social...


Email Marketing and Social Media with Maggie Frank-Hsu

Social media can be a game-changer for your business, especially if you understand how to build relationships with the right messaging. Maggie Frank-Hsu shares the power of using simple DMs and how email marketing relates to social media by creating those crucial connections with clients! In this podcast episode, we share: Maggie’s journey into the world of email marketing How Maggie uses social media to build relationships with clientsWhy Maggie only uses DMs to develop connections vs....


How to Reignite your Social Media Audience

Ever notice a dip in your social media numbers? Or wonder why you have less likes and less comments than you’re used to receiving? Today I share some tools to help understand your social media data along with creative ways to reignite your social media audience! In this podcast episode, I share: Why you should look at and be able to understand your social media numbersThe importance of being able to view your numbers retroactively The impact of Instagram stories, videos, and giveaways Why...


How to Making Money as a Blogger with Alex Nerney

It’s so easy to worry about your stats on social media and get lost in vanity metrics. Instead of worrying about how many likes or followers you’re getting, it’s better to just focus on taking action and allowing yourself to just “Create and Go!” In this podcast episode, we share: Why Alex’s first blog failed and the lessons he learned The importance of focusing on how you can help others through your businessAlex’s social media experience before and after using Pinterest Recommendations...


Social Media that Sells with Jereshia Hawk

We’re all aware just how hard it is to pinpoint where to focus your energy when it comes to online marketing and social media. Jereshia Hawk shares some incredible but practical tips for leveraging the tools you already have and using your own story to create valuable content so you can grow your business organically—without all the bells and whistles! In this podcast episode, we discuss: How Jereshia transitioned from the corporate world to the coaching worldWhy Jereshia believes it’s...


How to Know When to Invest on Social Media with Nechelle Bartley

Should you even spend money on social media? How do you know when you need to outsource social media tasks? And how much of your budget should go into marketing overall? In this week’s podcast, I sat down with Nechelle Bartley to answer some of these questions! We talked about: How to create a business planThe importance of knowing when to invest in marketingWhat your first business investment should beWhen NOT to invest in ads I also invite you to join me for my upcoming webinar: Why Your...


How to Network with People on Social Media (without Feeling Weird About It)

How do you grow your audience on social media without ads? The key is networking! I’ve used social media networking as the foundation of my social media organic growth strategies for myself and my clients over the years. The premise is simple: meet people on social media who would potentially give you money for your “thing.” Simple yet incredibly challenging to execute because as soon as we start talking about what we do, it can feel… icky. So how do we, as creatives and business owners,...


The Power of Personality on LinkedIn & Pinterest with Maddy Osman

A strong social media strategy involves more than just posting pictures. Maddy Osman shares tips and tricks for how to leverage LinkedIn and Pinterest to make sure you’re staying top of mind with your connections and potential clients. In this podcast episode, we discuss: How Maddy’s social media strategy impacted her freelance businessMaddy’s advice for getting testimonials on LinkedInTips for posting content and using direct messages on LinkedIn How Maddy balances being multi-passionate...


7 Ways I Simplified My Business This Year

For this special anniversary episode I’m coming clean: sometimes I get things right and sometimes I mess up. After all, I’m human and I’m constantly learning what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m excited to share how I’m taking a step back from trying to do all the things so I can be more intentional of how I use my time and energy! Here are the 7 Ways I simplified My Business: Reduced my client load Reduced the size of my team Outsourced my writingOutsourced some more admin tasks...


How to Showcase Your Brand on Social Media Alexa Taylor

Graphic design is a term you may not necessarily associate with social media. Alexa Taylor joins me to discuss how graphic design can easily elevate your brand and your business. She shares why consistency is key as well as simple strategies to help you connect with your clients! In this podcast episode, we talk about: What branding entails and the impact of graphic designHow to showcase your work on social mediaWhat it means to have a curated look and how to achieve this styleThe...


Using Social Media to Build Stronger Connections

I like to compare social media to dating because both require multiple steps before you can build a solid relationship. However, instead of taking baby steps, a lot of business owners often use social media to go straight for the final step of proposal or marriage—asking for money or commitment much too quickly. Today, I’m sharing why you absolutely shouldn’t skip those crucial baby steps—and what those steps look like— when building connections online! In this podcast episode, I...


How to Have an Outlier Marketing Strategy on Social Media with Jamie Palmer

I love talking with other online marketers to learn more about their strategies for how to best leverage social media for businesses. Jamie joins me to discuss her journey from web design into online marketing. Whether you’re a solopreneur or working with a team, she shares super simple and valuable ways to uplevel your marketing game! In this podcast episode, we share: How and why Jamie began her marketing businessThe challenges of transitioning from web design to marketingThe power of...


Social Media for Lifestyle Bloggers with Sarah Von Bargen

Some people teach, some hang drywall, and others—like Sarah Von Bargen—WRITE. I myself used to be a fashion blogger back in the day, so I’m totally excited to talk with Sarah about her inspirational lifestyle blog “Yes and Yes”, and how she manages to use writing to connect with others and share content that supports what she values most. In this podcast episode, we share: How and why Sarah began her blogWhy Sarah believes blogging works for her The power of having a mindset to “Keep...