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PR & Social Media with Brittney Lynn

When you think about PR, you might think it’s only for giant companies and well-known brands. However, Brittney Lynn explains how PR and social media work together and why connecting with the right people can really benefit your business! In this podcast episode, we share: How Brittney started her own PR business Advice for business owners to grow their connections with others through social mediaTips and tricks for getting PR and positioning yourself as an expert in your field...


A Quick Formula for Writing a Promotional Social Media Caption

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a solid caption might be priceless! Captions are a fantastic way to catch your audience’s attention, especially when you share a promotion on social media. Learn the ABC’s of writing a good social media caption and how to leave your audience wanting more! In this podcast episode, I share: The 3 W’s for Promoting on Social Media: What do you sell, Who is it for, Why does it matterThe ABC’s of a Good Social Media Caption: Attention grabber, Benefit...


Social Media Sales Funnels

Maybe you’ve already built a following on social media, but have you established a sales funnel you can confidently say converts your fans into paying customers? Believe me, a sales funnel is crucial to your social media strategy if you’re ready to increase your reach and your revenue. If you’re not sure where to start, have no fear! I explain what to avoid when creating your sales funnel, tips for how to prepare for a sales funnel, and the 4 simple phases of how to guide your audience from...


How to Become a Pinterest Rockstar with Cara Chace

Chances are you’re already using a digital platform like Facebook or Instagram to build your business, but if you haven’t considered adding Pinterest to your toolbox, you should! Cara Chace sheds light on where to start when creating your Pinterest strategy, how to consider your customer’s buying journey, the best types of Pins for online entrepreneurs, how promoted Pins can help you, and how data can show you what to Pin! In this podcast episode, we share: What you should understand...


Using LinkedIn Effectively for Sales with Victor Adefuye

Whether you love the sales process or feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, having strong sales is critical for any business to be successful. To help boost your sales game, I asked my client and sales expert Victor Adefuye to join the show and share what really makes someone good at sales, how sales and marketing play a role in your business, the power of LinkedIn to help close the deal, how to leverage your current connections for referrals, and how LinkedIN can play a role in your...


7 Reasons Why You Should Choose LinkedIn

LinkedIn is easily one of my favorite online platforms even though it’s not your typical social media scene. Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned the power in leveraging LinkedIn as a way to boost your business and if you’re ready to take advantage of its benefits, checkout my top 7 reasons why you should choose LinkedIn for your marketing strategy in 2020! In this podcast episode, I share: Reason #1: LinkedIn engagement is heating up while other platforms are fizzling out.Reason...


Audio, Podcasting, and Social Media with Travis Brown

Perhaps you’ve decided 2020 is the year you finally start your own podcast, and if that’s the case—go for it! Tons of amazing resources exist to make your podcast dreams a reality and one fantastic example is my own show producer and editor, Travis Brown. I invited Travis on the show and we discuss his history of working in the music industry and audio, how he organizes his social media content for success, how audiograms can increase your conversions, his new course and lots more! In...


Social Media for Virtual Assistants

Not everyone realizes the many unique opportunities associated with the role of a virtual assistant. Sandra Booker discovered it’s possible to go from being an online virtual assistant to owning your own business, so I asked her to share how she jump started her social media strategy, what she learned from working with a social media agency, how she really streamlines her social media today, and her tips for virtual assistants who want to get started on social media! In this podcast...


Using Social Media to Build a Side Hustle with Luisa Zhou

Whether you’ve just started considering the possibility of doing your own thing or recently left your 9-5 job to launch your own business, Luisa Zhou has walked a few miles in your shoes and is here to offer some solid strategies to save you time and energy. She shares tips on how to focus on the right things when you’re starting out, why some people fail before they even get started, her social media strategy and so much more! In this podcast episode, we share: What Luisa’s work/life...


Social Media Marketing: 2020 Predictions & Trends

2020 is almost here and the new year is a great time to really think about what’s working along with what new strategies you can try for your social media presence. Join me as I review my own journey through 2019 as well as social media marketing trends for 2020. Learn the difference between social media strategies and tactics, my predictions for overall marketing shifts in 2020 and 3 tactics important for those shifts, my Word of the Year and I how I plan to show up for my clients in...


Community, Collaboration, and Connection with Danielle Desir

Even though I may host this podcast solo, this show is far from a solo effort. I’ve worked hard to surround myself with an amazing team and I know how incredibly valuable it is to connect and work with others who understand and support your passion and goals. Danielle Desir has successfully created a supportive online community and she shares tips for how to leverage your own online community, the power of organic growth, how to nurture conversations and connection within a community and so...


Leveraging Influencer Marketing with Nick Cooke

For better or worse, social media influencers are a thing and could very well increase your ROI. But how? Nick Cooke joins me to explain just want influencer marketing means for businesses, the value of finding impactful influencers, questions to ask influencer marketing agencies, The Goat Agency’s unique marketing strategy, and how LinkedIn helped expand their brand to what it is today! In this podcast episode, we share: How Nick got started with his agency working with influencersThe...


The Velvet Machete of Branding with Amber Hurdle

You want to be recognized. You want to be known. You want to have success. The foundation of all of those things is branding. And when social media and branding collide, magic happens. Today on the Savvy Social Podcast, we have special guest Amber Hurdle on to talk all about branding with what she calls the Velvet Machete. In this episode, Amber and I dive into the importance of branding by talking about: How to have a clear brandThe importance of making yourself differentWe dive into...


Social Media and Amplification Method with Annie Franceschi

Does social media marketing make you smile or make you stress? If you’re stressing, you’re definitely not alone and thankfully, there’s hope! Annie Franceschi shares how she makes social media work for her, the value of telling your story, why word of mouth referrals are gold, and why it’s important to include some fun in your strategy! In this podcast episode, we share: How Disney helped Annie learn how to navigate Corporate AmericaAnnie’s experience of leaving the film industry to...


Planning Your Social Media Posts

If you’re a pro at social media, then you can just hop onto Instagram or Twitter and post without giving it a second thought. But not everyone is a pro. Beginners need to take the time to plan out what their posts are going to look like. I like to compare it to walking into the gym for the first time. You can’t just jump up to the 100lb weights. First, you have to start with that 5-10lb range. Today we’re going to talk about how to successfully create that 5-10lb social media post. In...


Social Media Mindset with Jen Conger

Even though social media use has spread like wildfire across the world, social media marketing is still a fairly new approach to how we do business and can be difficult to navigate for those new to the scene. It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap or experience impostor syndrome, so I asked Jen Conger to join me and explain the importance of listening to your audience, the value of understanding your mentality around social media, and how to get past your fear about posting and...


Summits and Social Media with Krista Miller

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve probably heard that it’s super important to narrow down your niche. Having a specific niche can help build your audience and your offering, but you may not know that it can also open the doors to hosting your own online summit! I talk with Krista Miller about how she got started in the world of summits, the value of knowing and understanding your niche, how live videos can encourage engagement, and how she uses Facebook Groups to build a summit...


How Social Media Fits Into Your Marketing Plan

When you think about where you are in your business, are you in the short term, medium term, or long term? Whether you’re in the short term “seedling stage”, or have grown roots and successfully reached the long term stage, this episode focuses on how to incorporate social media during all three phases of your business, when you should consider advertising, how much time you should spend on social media, and more! In this podcast episode, I share: What the seedling stage or “short term...


The Power of Intuition Marketing on Instagram

In this podcast episode, we share: How Kessley got into the intuitive life coach path How Kessley helps clients tap into their own intuition to create a life and a business they loveKessley’s strategy for nurturing your Instagram inbox and reaching out with intention Why you should let go of any fear about Instagram’s algorithms and focus on the endless possibilities Instagram provides How to create a message that resonates with your audience based on what excites you Tips for managing...


Awkward Marketing: How to Bring Comedy to Social Media with Rachael Kay Albers

Online marketing, email marketing, social media marketing—it can all be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur or business owner! Rachael Kay Albers from Awkward Marketing joins me today to share where the best content comes from, what tools you need for your online business, how to repurpose and share your episodes on social media, and the value of getting your audience involved in your process! In this podcast episode, we share: Rachael’s background and...