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Community, Collaboration, and Connection with Danielle Desir

Even though I may host this podcast solo, this show is far from a solo effort. I’ve worked hard to surround myself with an amazing team and I know how incredibly valuable it is to connect and work with others who understand and support your passion and goals. Danielle Desir has successfully created a supportive online community and she shares tips for how to leverage your own online community, the power of organic growth, how to nurture conversations and connection within a community and so...


Leveraging Influencer Marketing with Nick Cooke

For better or worse, social media influencers are a thing and could very well increase your ROI. But how? Nick Cooke joins me to explain just want influencer marketing means for businesses, the value of finding impactful influencers, questions to ask influencer marketing agencies, The Goat Agency’s unique marketing strategy, and how LinkedIn helped expand their brand to what it is today! In this podcast episode, we share: How Nick got started with his agency working with influencersThe...


The Velvet Machete of Branding with Amber Hurdle

You want to be recognized. You want to be known. You want to have success. The foundation of all of those things is branding. And when social media and branding collide, magic happens. Today on the Savvy Social Podcast, we have special guest Amber Hurdle on to talk all about branding with what she calls the Velvet Machete. In this episode, Amber and I dive into the importance of branding by talking about: How to have a clear brandThe importance of making yourself differentWe dive into...


Social Media and Amplification Method with Annie Franceschi

Does social media marketing make you smile or make you stress? If you’re stressing, you’re definitely not alone and thankfully, there’s hope! Annie Franceschi shares how she makes social media work for her, the value of telling your story, why word of mouth referrals are gold, and why it’s important to include some fun in your strategy! In this podcast episode, we share: How Disney helped Annie learn how to navigate Corporate AmericaAnnie’s experience of leaving the film industry to...


Planning Your Social Media Posts

If you’re a pro at social media, then you can just hop onto Instagram or Twitter and post without giving it a second thought. But not everyone is a pro. Beginners need to take the time to plan out what their posts are going to look like. I like to compare it to walking into the gym for the first time. You can’t just jump up to the 100lb weights. First, you have to start with that 5-10lb range. Today we’re going to talk about how to successfully create that 5-10lb social media post. In...


Social Media Mindset with Jen Conger

Even though social media use has spread like wildfire across the world, social media marketing is still a fairly new approach to how we do business and can be difficult to navigate for those new to the scene. It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap or experience impostor syndrome, so I asked Jen Conger to join me and explain the importance of listening to your audience, the value of understanding your mentality around social media, and how to get past your fear about posting and...


Summits and Social Media with Krista Miller

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve probably heard that it’s super important to narrow down your niche. Having a specific niche can help build your audience and your offering, but you may not know that it can also open the doors to hosting your own online summit! I talk with Krista Miller about how she got started in the world of summits, the value of knowing and understanding your niche, how live videos can encourage engagement, and how she uses Facebook Groups to build a summit...


How Social Media Fits Into Your Marketing Plan

When you think about where you are in your business, are you in the short term, medium term, or long term? Whether you’re in the short term “seedling stage”, or have grown roots and successfully reached the long term stage, this episode focuses on how to incorporate social media during all three phases of your business, when you should consider advertising, how much time you should spend on social media, and more! In this podcast episode, I share: What the seedling stage or “short term...


The Power of Intuition Marketing on Instagram

In this podcast episode, we share: How Kessley got into the intuitive life coach path How Kessley helps clients tap into their own intuition to create a life and a business they loveKessley’s strategy for nurturing your Instagram inbox and reaching out with intention Why you should let go of any fear about Instagram’s algorithms and focus on the endless possibilities Instagram provides How to create a message that resonates with your audience based on what excites you Tips for managing...


Awkward Marketing: How to Bring Comedy to Social Media with Rachael Kay Albers

Online marketing, email marketing, social media marketing—it can all be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur or business owner! Rachael Kay Albers from Awkward Marketing joins me today to share where the best content comes from, what tools you need for your online business, how to repurpose and share your episodes on social media, and the value of getting your audience involved in your process! In this podcast episode, we share: Rachael’s background and...


Don’t delete your social media apps! Do this instead…

Chances are if you feel the need to delete your social media apps, it’s because you feel overwhelmed by it or think you’re spending too much time on it. The good news is you’re not alone! Research shows habitual social media use is common so I’m sharing 4 easy steps to help you reclaim your control over social media! In this podcast episode, I share: Step 1: Figure out your relationship with social media. Step 2: Turn off your notifications instead of deleting your apps.Step 3: Get in...


Using Brand Voice on Social Media with Helen Tremethick

Before anyone will actually buy your services, donate to your cause, or subscribe to your show or newsletter, they need to know, like, and trust you. Developing this kind of connection requires a strong brand voice and a clear understanding of your audience. Helen Tremethick talks with me about how to find your brand voice, using your brand voice on social media, inspiration for creating content your audience wants, and so much more! In this podcast episode, we share: What attracted...


Tracking Podcasting Insights with Sean Creeley

I put a lot of thought and intention into building the Savvy Social Podcast and I know other podcasters do the same, so I really love learning about new tools that can help my show grow in a way I feel good about. I talk with Sean Creeley about his history as a serial entrepreneur and about how his newest company, Podsights, helps podcasters gain valuable insights and data on whether advertising is working for their podcast! In this podcast episode, we share: Podsights’ background and...


Behind-the-Scenes with Social Report

No matter what industry you work in, transparency with clients can make or break your business. After a recent incident caused their users some understandable panic, the folks with Social Report made time to listen and respond to client concerns—including my own. I’ve invited Sam from Social Report on the show to discuss why no matter what happens your communication game is pivotal in keeping or losing clients! In this podcast episode, we share: What happened with the Social Report...


Launching a Book on Social Media with Jodi Brandon

Writing a book is one thing; marketing a book is a whole different ball game. Whether you’re ready to launch a finished book or looking for inspiration to finally put pen to paper, Jodi Brandon joins me to share valuable insight on how to reach your target market and increase your connections! In this podcast episode, we share: How Jodi got started with book marketing Advice for those thinking about writing a bookSuggestions for using social media to get feedback for your book The...


Finding Clients as an Introvert on Social Media with Heidi Taylor

Raise your hand if you’re an introvert! I’m actually a huge introvert so I know firsthand how difficult it can be to put yourself out there for the sake of connecting with others. Even if you’re not an introvert, chances are you’ve had your own struggle with creating meaningful connections. Heidi Taylor explains how really knowing your client makes connecting easier and she sheds some light on how to find your place in the online world! In this podcast episode, we share: How Heidi’s...


What I Learned at Podcast Movement 2019

Podcast Movement is the world's largest podcasting conference. Check it out here: In this bonus episode, I'm sharing my thoughts and what I learned while attending this event. Links: This Episode Is Made Possible By: Social Report: Savvy Social School


The Key to Growing Your Social Media Audience

Social media can show you all the love one day and make you feel ghosted the next. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever been frustrated with social media to the point of thinking it’s just not for you, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Thankfully, there is hope and I’ve got 3 key ways to grow your social media audience! In this podcast episode, I share: Key 1: You must have the right mindset in order to grow your social media audienceKey 2: Consistency, consistency, consistency; have good habits and...


Building a Niche Community on Social Media with Shayla Perry

From building your brand to growing a community, Shayla Perry understands how to use social media to provide real value for others. Rather than getting overwhelmed with posting and having the perfect feed, she shares tips for how to define your brand, how you can create value, and the best ways to showcase your community and so much more! In this podcast episode, we share: How and why Shayla became an entrepreneur Why Shayla started #BlackGrlBoss How Shayla differentiated her brand by...


Social Media Simplified with Ashley Gartland

As an entrepreneur it’s common to feel like you have to do everything yourself and that’s simply NOT TRUE! It’s so important to remember to avoid the comparison trap and to keep things simple. Putting systems in place for your social media by figuring out what gets you results and what you can release will help you streamline and simplify your life! In this podcast episode, we discuss: How Ashley got started as an entrepreneur and what clients she works with now Different challenges social...