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SuperFlex Fantasy Draft Strategies, NFL injuries

Adam Ronis and guest Dennis Esser discussed their superflex draft results and their strategies used to select players. They also broke down NFL injuries to Ben Roethlisberger, Devontae Parker, and Cameron Meredith and how it can affect draft selections and analyzed the importance of fantasy mock drafts. #FNTSY #FNTSYSPORTS #steelers #benroethlisberger #devontaeparker #cameronmeredith #browns #nflinjuries #fantasydraft #mockdraft


Fantasy Preseason Notables, NFL Injury Updates and Flex Draft strategies.

Adam Ronis was joined by Matt Modica and explored 2 QB fantasy flex drafts and who to target at specific rounds. They also discussed some key injuries and how it can affect starting lineups when the season kicks off. They Also talked about key players such as Sam Darnold, David Johnson, Baker Mayfield, and Joe Mixon and break down the importance of watching the preseason. #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #NFL #FantasyFootball #FlexDrafts #2QBFlexDrafts #injuries #SamDarnold #DavidJohnson #BakerMayfield...


Derrius Guice and Deon Cain injured in the preseason, Njoku shows out and more

Adam Ronis recaps the first full slate of football and the fantasy impact it will have mid draft season. Derrius Guice thought he was fine after his injury last night but it turned out that he tore his ACL, a heartbreaker for fans of the talented RB. Njoku and others headlined the list of players that performed very well last night. Then, Shawn Childs of joins the program to talk preseason football with Adam. #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #NFL #DerriusGuice #Washington...


Preseason NFL Football: Avoiding the preseason hype for players

Adam Ronis is your host for Scout Fantasy Sports. Adam is live during the nfl preseason where Saquon Barkley took his first carry for over 30 yards. He warns you of the dangers of investing too much stock into preseason football. Then, high stakes player Mark Mitchell joins the show to talk preseason football. #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #NFL #SaquonBarkley #Giants #Browns #Preseason #NFL Preseason


Fantasy Draft Positioning, Best QB for #3 Pick, Wide Receivers & More

Adam Ronis brings in Michael Rathburn of to examine Wide Receivers as well as who should be targeted at the #3 pick between Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton, Mike Evans and other Quarter Backs. Then, they explore who would be best to draft in later rounds since many NFL teams have a Running Back by committee. #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #NFL #FantasyFootball #WideReceivers #QuarterBacks #AntonioBrown #TYHilton #MikeEvans #RBs #WRs #QBs


NFL Draft Strategies and who to watch for.

Adam Ronis and Bob Lung explored the RB position and who to lookout for early in the draft and in later rounds. They evaluated if Josh Gordon, Golden Tate, Jordan Howard, and Tyreek Hill worth drafting in the early rounds? Lastly with the Seahawks offensive line, would you be risking a pick drafting on Rashard Penny in early rounds?


NFL Drafts and who to target on Draft Day

Adam Ronis and Matt Modica evaluated the QB position and discussed if Aaron Rodgers worth a early round pick. They also weighed in on if Jack Doyle is still considered a starter with the addition of Evan Ebron to the team. Can Corey Coleman be effective in Buffalo with a new start and and is he worth drafting?


MLB Baseball, NFL Draft, Manziel starts in CFL

Today had special guest Brad Kruse join the show and discuss draft strategies and who to look out for. Also MLB injury updates and playoff bound teams and predictions. Stay tuned for more to come.............


NFL Antonio Brown injury, HOF game, and more.........

Adam discussed Antonio Brown injury and whether you should worry or not. Definitely keep a eye out for him. Also discussed concern in the Kansa City offense. Is there enough ball to go around to everyone? The Hall of Fame Game is upon us and the rest of preseason. Will Lamar Jackson take over the QB starting job? More to come and stay tuned.


Who to look out for in training camp, Doug Baldwin hurt, Rookie RB's and more

Adam Ronis is your host for a football themed edition of Scout Fantasy Sports. Adam starts with players to watch in training camp as the season rolls around. Then, Doug Baldwin is hurt so Adam tells you what he is doing with him in fantasy drafts. Rookie RB's have been a hot topic after last year where many landed very solid performances. Listen to where Adam is ranking these players this year. #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #DougBaldwin #Seahawks #NFL #RB #WR #Rookies


Fantasy Baseball Trade Deadline, Drafting Andrew Luck, Doug Baldwin has an injury and more

Adam Ronis is your host of Scout Fantasy Sports. Adam starts by telling you why he is currently drafting Andrew Luck in a lot of his drafts and why it will likely not be possible in just a couple weeks. Jim Daye joins the program and they talk about everything from Baldwin's injury at Seahawks camp and the MLB trade deadline. #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #AndrewLuck #Colts #NFL #QB #NFFC #Seahawks #WR #MLB #TradeDeadline #FantasyBaseball #Pirates


MLB Trades and NFL Draft tips

Adam Ronis discussed various MLB trades that involve the Yankees and Twins sending Lance Lynn to the Bronx. Also draft value on sleeper picks and upcoming Preseason Football.


Training Camp Reports with Shawn Childs & Baseball Trades with Mike Florio

Adam Ronis looks at the latest reports from NFL Training camps and how they affect his outlook on certain NFL players alongside Shawn Childs of Then, he is joined by FNTSY's Mike Florio to talk about recent MLB trades. #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #NFL #MLB #FantasyBaseball #FantasyFootball #Scout #Trainingcamps #Trades


Dr. Roto's Draft and Tennessee Titans with Greg Arias

Dr. Roto reviews his draft picks from the Beat Dr. Roto draft. Then, he breaks down the latest from the Tennessee Titans with Greg Arias from #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #NFL #FantasyFootball #TennesseeTitans #GregArias


Take a Shot on Luck, Attacking QB Position, Randall Cobb Or...

Adam Ronis discusses the latest NFL news including the good news surrounding Andrew Luck and why he thinks his draft price is worth taking a shot on. He is then joined by Matt Modica and the guys discuss how to attack the QB position and some of their favorite targets. Lastly, Mike Florio joins and the guys talk Randall Cobb and other players Ronis likes. #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyFootball #NFL #AndrewLuck #ChristianMcCaffrey #LeSeanMcCoy #JerickMcKinnon #RandallCobb #AllenHurns


Julio Not Reporting, Consistency & Draft Values w/ Bob Lung, Valuing QBs

Adam Ronis discusses the latest NFL news including Julio Jones not reporting to training camp and gives you the Fantasy spin that you need. Bob Lung joins Adam to discuss consistency in Fantasy Football and players who provide strong values in drafts, including George Kittle. Lastly, he is joined by Mike Florio to discuss QBs and how you should attack the position. #FNTSYradio #FNTSY #FantasyFootball #NFL #JulioJones #GeorgeKittle #ToddGurley #MattBreida


Josh Gordon Misses Start of Camp, RB2's to Draft or Avoid, Cooper, Trubisky and More!

Adam Ronis discusses the latest NFL news and notes including Josh Gordon missing the start of camp. He is then joined by Anthony Aniano discussing RB2's that he is targeting and avoiding. Lastly, he is joined by Mike Florio to talk Josh Gordon, Amari Cooper, and Mitch Trubisky. #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyFootball #NFL #JoshGordon #JordanHoward #RashaadPenny


Andrew Luck + Early Round QB's, Kenyan Drake and more

Adam Ronis gives you an hour of fantasy football content on Scout Fantasy Sports. He starts by looking at a risky name in Andrew Luck. Adam tells you the risk/reward involved in drafting Luck and if he is willing to pay for him. Then, Bill Enright joins the program to talk about his love for Kenyan Drake and other fantasy football strategies. #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #AndrewLuck #Colts #Chargers #QB #NFL #Dolphins #KenyanDrake


Indians land Hand, Injured NFL players looking to bounce back and more

Adam Ronis has all the MLB news and fantasy football information that you need. The Indians made a move to bolster their bullpen with the playoffs quickly approaching. Adam ranks players coming off of injuries such as Allen Robinson, Aaron Rodgers, and more. The Fantasy Taz Jim Day joins the program as well to talk drafting strategies in fantasy football. #FNTSYRadio #Fantasy #MLB #NFL #FantasyFootball #FantasyBaseball #AllenRobinson #Bears #AaronRodgers #Packers


Machado Officially a Dodger, Ricky Seals-Jones Arrested, where to Draft a QB and more

Adam Ronis is your host for Scout Fantasy Sports. Manny Machado officialy became a Dodger while Adam was live, he recaps what this means in terms of fantasy. Adam is joined by special guest Chris Vaccaro on to talk different strategies regarding drafting QB's in fantasy football leagues. #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #RickySealsJones #MannyMachado #FantasyBaseball #NFL #MLB #Cardinals #Orioles #Dodgers #QB